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Hi! I am Derpy! - Wallpaper

Hi all,

I was searching for pony shirts, but I didn't found one in my country that looks good and is not so expensive :(
Because of that I made my own motive for printing my own pony shirt. :)
I mad also a wallpaper of it for private use, but I ask for a permission to share it with you :squee:
Its a simple Wallpaper from Derpy.

Hope u will like it :D

Used vectors:
- Infinitoa [link]
- BlackGryph0n [link]

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On my screen right now! March Derpy!

P.S. If you get on my screen i'll give you a muffin :3

P.P.S. Awesome wallpaper ^^. Using it
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:iconhappyderpyplz: : Muffins <3

And thanks :meow:
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You exploded twice?
Oh... sorry for that ^^
but I'm really glad that you like my work, thanks :3
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is that even possible...exploding twice?
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But what, if she exploded... and exploded again... and than... :O
AND YES! :D found something:
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Your welcome! They are two of my favorite mlp characters! :3
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OMG that's so cute! There should be one for every pony! Or I could make them :) I'm totally adding this to my favorites.
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Thanks :3
Glad that u like it :squee:
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Soooooo cutttteeeeee!!!! :squee:
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ты права это мило
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Yep :D
Thanks for ur reply :3
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