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All This Time - Mane 6 - 4k Wallpaper

Hi all,
I had the feeling to do a new wallpaper, also this is my very first Wallpaper for this year and also the first one for the complete mane 6. :squee:
I hope I catched my happy mood in this and hope you all will like it. :meow:

Feel free to give me a comment. :hug:

High Quality (4K) *.png: ~41,6mb All This Time Mane6 4k
Web Quality (4K) *.jpeg: ~3,74mb *click download on the right*
1080p (HD) *.jpeg: ~1,01mb All This Time Mane6 1080p

Mane 6 belongs to 
Twilight: The Adorkable Princess
Rainbow Dash: You should see your faces
Pinkie Pie: Vector 1: Pinkie Sky
Applejack: Applejack
Rarity: Vector 27} Rarity in Manehattan
Fluttershy: Fluttershy

Background objects belongs to
Sweet Apple Acres: Sweet Apple Acres
Basket: Basket o' Apples
Apples: Delicious Red Apple
Cloud: MLP Cloud
Grass & Flowers: Grass templates

Two textures from Sirius-sdz

Inspired by...
this awesome PMV: All This Time -… :D

Image details
Image size
4096x2304px 3.74 MB
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This image got me into the PMV, which got me into the song, which I'm now constantly playing. XD Well done.