Would you be interested in buying original paintings from me?
6 votes
Yes, but only if they're framed or matted.
Yes, but not if they're framed or matted, that costs too much and adds to shipping.

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By p3p574r
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...Which reminds me that I need to draw these silly weapons references and give you the order. XP I've had all the info for a month, but got lazy about e-mailing you about it. I actually really DO want to commission you...
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Haha well, I'll be waiting! Just send it when you're ready.
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XD Aye. I'm forgetting one of the weapons here, I just know it... I'm at the scanner tomorrow night, so I'll e-mail the whole mess to you then.
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Ooh, weapons! Sounds like it'll be fun. I need to practice my weapon drawing skills!
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XP As if I can even draw them properly. I hope he doesn't mind that I changed his knife design--not that his was viable/realistic, but I actually forgot what it looked like before I scanned it! Not going bad and changing it at this point.

Sent... but let me know when the mess of text gets too bad. I wrote the first part in a hurry, but the rest was him. :D
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I'd love to buy them!
But I live in Germany and I'm kind of to lazy for the buying thing over a few continents!
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