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I added the other 5 prints I'll be selling! (Note: The Heart and #10 are WIPS in the thumbnails, you will recieve the finished versions.) Also the updated numbers for the prints I have left are under the thumbnails.

I'm selling signed prints of 10 paintings of mine. There will only be 10 prints of each, on high quality semigloss photopaper, and each will be signed and numbered by me. And there is a bonus, each print you buy will get you one spot in a raffle for a Full Body Painterly Commission from me! When all of the prints are sold, I'll use a random number generator to see who wins! I'll also include a free set of stickers with one of the prints in each set, it'll be random who gets that as well.

I'm offering a choice of having them printed with a wide white border, suitable for matting and hanging on a wall at, or 1/4 inch borders for putting up without matting them at. Send me a note, or an email at with your order. Here are the first 5 prints available.

Paypal the money to after you note or email me with which prints you want to order and your shipping address. If you're in the US shipping is $1.50, anywhere else and I'll have to check ups to figure it out.

Commission: Lorana and Xavier by p3p574r Headshot for Kochi by p3p574r
9/10 left .......... 9/10 left
First Acrylic Painting by p3p574r Mister Magoo by p3p574r Naita's Character: Endia by p3p574r
9/10 left .......... 8/10 left .......... 9/10

First Watercolor Painting by p3p574r Desert Sunrise by p3p574r
9/10 left .......... 9/10 left
Mekania by p3p574r The Heart by p3p574r 10th print WIP by p3p574r
9/10 left .......... 7/10 left .......... 9/10














By buying one of my current prints, you'll earn one spot in a raffle to win one free Full Body Painterly Commission from me! This is a great bargain, because even if you buy one of each of the prints and you win the raffle, you'll still have paid $20 less than you would have if you commissioned me regularly. Here are the people entered in the raffle so far:

















So since I'm so addicted to my zune and making backgrounds for it, I was wondering if you guys had any input on other background sets you'd like to see! For example, more painterly ones, more structured pattern ones, minimalistic ones, textured realistic ones, ANYTHING. Let me know!

Also, I'd love to hear your opinions on these two polls as well.……


























Currently working on...
Karl (Custom Order) 50%
Jeni (Painterly Torso) 10%
Dino (Realism Full Body) 10%
Doji (Full Body Painterly) 10%
Dave (Website) 5%

Waiting list...
Dave (Bouquet)
Manda (2 Person Painterly Bust)


























My family and I are starting a company together and pooling all of our artistic abilities. We'll be selling clothes, accessories, home furnishings and accessories, art, and much more. Check out the website, I'll be gradually adding each member of the family to it.

I got a new host because my other one was a jerk, so here's the new commission site.

I also have a shop on etsy where I'm selling lots of things that I craft, go check it out!…













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