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The Heart

By p3p574r
This was originally a pic for my boyfriend, but we broke up before I finished it. I intended to finish it, but then my tablet broke. I don't know whether I'll still have the drive to finish this project by the time I get a new one or not. :\ Ah well. Still love this one. I think this one would top the tarot one if I finished it.
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Really glad you did finish it. I truly love it. And I know how you must have felt. Way to go on getting it done 
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I really like this one! Immediately reminds me of Myrrha, from Greek mythos! Heart  One of my published plays is a recontextualization of said mythos, and it does not end like this for Myrrha. : )  Anyway, I don't know of the exact context of your art, but would like to. : )
Fernezco's avatar
how i love it!!!
mangamax7's avatar
this is so cool
TerraScents's avatar
STunning piece of work!! Absolutely gorgeous.
I don't know what you have in mind to finish it but please do .
rjannelle's avatar
Holy crap I've been looking for this picture for a whole day!! I really fell in love with this image years and years ago. Then I stopped perusing deviant art and kind of forgot about. But now that I've begun submitting art I remembered this photo and had to find it!!

I hope you did end up finishing it, but either way it's still lovely :D
Fantasy--Queen's avatar
Absolutely Gorgeous! So Inspirational! I am completely in love with this piece! Your art just amazes me! :heart: :happybounce:
Starrydance's avatar
I almost love the energy of it unfinished. Wonderful!
saramuffin's avatar
This is beautiful! Love the concept
Yoshiko-86's avatar
I think it´s amazing! You should defenately finish it someday!
Cerru's avatar
Really pretty - nice shading/lighting. Maybe it wasn't meant to be finished - I like the emotional effect it has as-is.
Lady-Blueberry's avatar
this is just amazing
Sgt-Sahara's avatar
Rin-Uzuki's avatar
Wow! This is quite amazing...!
And you present the sad facts surrounding it with such straight-forwardness...! ;A;
Amberrant's avatar
This is just so beautiful. Lovely idea and I love the mushrooms that grow upon the sides of the semi-tree lady. She is pretty :D
Misanthropictear's avatar
Wow this looks amazing. <3 and the light looks so real, i love it.
Koukyo's avatar
It is really nice! I love it. I like the idea too. amazing coloring!
00atoms00's avatar
realmente muy ermosa
k-deliriummz's avatar
this is very stunning and beautiful! :D
ellobunny's avatar
like the hearts hanging ^^
Niss-Ana's avatar
This looks stunning, the coloring is amazing and everything looks so magical and beautifull.
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