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Sketch Dump

By p3p574r
Just a compilation of sketches from the past few years, hence the differences in quality/anatomy/structure/design in some of them. v_v;;
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i really love this!
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These are so cool!
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Yep. T3h p3p got skillz. :wink:
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Wow these are amazing. The anatomy is fantastic.
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You're very welcome, and very talented. I love pretty much everything you do.

And I agree, thighs suck! Or maybe... that's just my own thighs.
p3p574r's avatar
Thank you! Yeah. Legs in general can be annoying, they're awesome and lovely when done right, but when done wrong they can be oh so frustrating. v_v
doktoroesperanto's avatar
I feel like a lot of your expressions are pretty subtle. I'd like to see you experiment with more drastic faces.
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I know, one thing I'm terribly guilty of is doing the 'blank-staring-off-into-the-distance' face. With some of my more recent paintings I've been trying more expressions, but I haven't really done any practice sketches of them.
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Heh. Sausage arms.

And you're right. Thighs DO suck. But, in all honesty, the woman just above and to the right of the cowgirl? That's some fabulous shading and rendering. Awesome. :)
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That was the base sketch for The Heart. [link]
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I thought it was familiar! Very fabulous. In both forms. :)
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