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[reference] Storm

perfectperfection made an addict out of me. I am really not to blame. <3
Anyway, this is Storm. One of my human-character I never really given enough attention, but loved right from the start. Since I am writing again I decided to see if I could deep him out a bit. And since I am - apparently - in love with this reference sheet I also decided him to give him a nice shiny horse-coat. As he is originally created as a shape-shifter who can turn into a tiger, I thought the stripes ought to be quite fitting. Aside from that he is quite a 'plain' palomino, because how can you possibly not love that color?! Last but not least: his eyes are green. With golden sparks. Yes, I suppose I have a thing for gold. ~
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Credit to perfectperfection for the beautiful reference sheet
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UHHH HELLO THERE. I don't remember seeing this character before, he's super pretty ahhhhhhh!!! -drools-
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Yay, I am happy you approve! ~
& No that is because you haven't. ^^ This is the first time I created him in a horse-form and I never used him in a RP c: But he is an old part of a new story I am writing and will belong to the Katar / Ruya and the thieves-group.
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Well, he's super gorgeous if I do so say myself. Palomino + thieves group = phan's weakness hehe. ;D
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Thank you! & & Isn't that everybody's weakness? It is a miracle this is the first palomino I ever created (I think)
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Palomino and buckskins were my favorite coat colors for the longest time, hehe. 
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Don't give me any ideas about making him a buckskin brother, hihi ~
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Ahhhh do it! <3
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N--- Okay. Yes. I will do xD this weekend probably. But now I need a name and character and stuff :( WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME <3
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