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Red Dwarf Curry Carton

"Gimme breakfast..."

I recently heard, you could actually purchase 'Red Dwarf' curries at one point in Japan, and there may even have been a themed restaurant based on the show, too! I haven't been able to find any pics, so I made one instead. :D
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Of course it's not fit for human consumption. Thank god Lister's barely human.
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I don't know how you did this, but there must have been quite a bit of doing.... You could auction this off as a prop! I think it would sell well to any "boys from da Dwarf" fans!
This is awesome and should really be purchasable!! I'd definitely buy some lids...
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Now all you need is JMC Beer: the only thing to kill a vindaloo.  :D  Great item.  :D
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Now we got a meal fit for a king!
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could you post the cover image so we could make out own? have a friend who would get a kick out of it
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i need a scan of this for my new debit card!!!
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3 months and 3 million years past the use by. Prob'ly gone off, that.
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"Wich flavor?"

This is really cool. Since i know Red Dwarf i always want to try a Chicken Vindaloo XD
I wish Red Dwarf was more popular in Germany...

See my cute monster [link] vote if you like it
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So awesomely realistic!
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Not enogh chilli for Lister....
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you legend!!! this is truely EPIC
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I LOVE all the little extras... the dates, Listers number... Fantastic attention to detail from the show... I WANT ONE!
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haha... chicken vindaloo and a beer milkshake
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Love the dates and the nutritional information:lol: I could only imagine what would be on the menu; sugar-puff sandwiches, caviar vindaloo, Mamosian banquet, tank of live fish...
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I tried this stuff before. First meal I ever had where the container tasted better than the food.
Fruit: 0%--just the way Listy likes it! "Not fit for regular human consumption" ;D
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I love the time, effort & thought that has gone into this - especially the 'date of purchase' - excellent stuff!

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