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Kristen MK2


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Kristen MK2


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Poly P Staton

Console girls

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Belly dancer from Planet 51

Hula and belly dance

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Stellar hula dancing

Hula and bellly dance

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Characters by others

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Kita and mita:Arctic

Kita just made it to a human research facility. Worker:hey! What are you doing out here young lady? Kita: official business. Worker:what business? Kita:colonization. Worker:the only way anyone's surviving here is with these snow suits! Kita:actually, where I come from, this is normal temperature for us. Worker:wait...where is that? Kita:*realizes she probably blew her cover* uuuh..it's pretty far away from here. Worker:where? Kita:we're just used to it that's all! Mita:*walks up with a baby penguin in her arms*Hey sis look, I found a baby penguin! Who's that? Kita:this man wants to know where we're from. Mita(to worker):hi we are from the pla

Kita and Mita arc

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Dr Hughes

Obscure cartoons

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Mini:silent but deadly

Agent mini

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Ratchette reintroduction


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Sand sucking babe

Kita the beautiful

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Ginger Olsen


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Miko Kubota farts

fart drawings

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Kita and her samba bus


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Civilian Betty

Toon fan art

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A new swimsuit for Kimberly

Bikini girls

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Tiffany is fired

Katimon darkside

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Read the description

Kita's humor section.

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Human Cruz navel play

Humanized vehicles

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Gretchen's youngest rook

Gretchen's rooks

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Phoebe and Loretta:bounty evaded

Dimartino bounty

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The mom IS vacuulus

Body swap

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Quest for the car:forza horizon 3

We head to forza horizon 3 for a sure fire attempt to get ms solar a new car. Warren:why hello there you two. How's it been? Me:a struggle. Some dealers refuse to sell ms solar a car cause of what happened in the flower patch. Solar:uh..warren, do you have a car for me? Warren:*smiles*sure! Take your pick. *solar scrolls through the selections and finds a Enzo Ferrari* Solar:*smiles*oooh! That one! Warren:*smiles*excellent choice.*warren goes into the back and minutes later comes out with a red Enzo.*here you go miss. Solar:*excited*eeee...I love it! I love it! Thank you! Warren:you're welcome miss. Solar:*looks at me*come on p250! Let's go s

Quest for the car

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Rei hino request

requests for juju

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Kimberly has a family

Kimberly is in the more modern day bob the builder hiding. Then I walk up to her in bob's workshop. Me:*walks up to her*surprised to see this place is still standing. Kimberly:*turns around and sees me*you know for a reboot, it's not that bad. Why did you create me p250? Me:*sits down with her*when I came up with you I made you to specifically destroy bad cartoons. And judging by past results you've done what I planned. Kimberly:*sad*so, you, stellar, and gearmax made me to be a monster? Me:well...yes...we did. Kimberly:so my only purpose is destruction? I mean I...used to own a demolition derby. all I know is destruction. I almost ended one

Kimberly's story

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Please come back MrAcrizzy

Character changes

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katimon enforcer emblem

Character bios

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Interview with Kita

SECRET ALIEN RESEARCH BASE. 10:42 am INTERRIGATION ROOM Scientist is nervous and Kita is giggling. Scientist:alright. Let’s make this quick. Kita:is this a speed date? Scientist:*shocked*what?! No. Just stick with the subjects! KITA AND SCIENTIST Q&A S:what planet are you from? K:felonious 9. Six-hundred light-years from here. S:you got any special powers? K:the usual super hero stuff. Speed, strength to punch through and materia, and my skin is completely indestructible S:what does it take to kill you. K:I think you humans already made weapons that could do that. ‘S:riiiight... S:How do you expel gas.. K:*rubs her belly*ugh. Hold up! *lifts her thigh* hnng! *BRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPLLLLLRRRRBBBBBB*ahhh. oh, sorry. You were saying? *the scientist is passed out from the stench* *two minutes later* S:no then about your...mid-pouch? K:it’s where I keep my stuff. I’ve also drain bathtubs and swimming pools with it. I even suck up sand when I’m sunbathing on the beach. It’s pretty much a

Kita vs

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Ariel ocean suck

Midriff vacuum

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Pati kisses Gato

Pati and Gato

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Earth clothes redux

Past memories

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More to the v stone

NEW HANOVER, USA 11:51PM Layla and Molly have made the trip to red dead redemption 2 with the stone in their possession. Molly:so this stone grants the powers of navel vacuum and that’s it? Layla:I guess. Molly:why haven’t you been infected yet? Besides the whole...possession thing. Layla:I have no clue. But now I’m wondering what else this stone can do. Surely being a rock from space it can do much more. Molly:hmm...let me try. May I see the stone. Layla:*to v-stone*is it ok with you? *the v-stone flashes indicating a yes* Layla:it’s ok with her. Molly:*grabs the stone and starts glowing*now let’s see...*she co

Crossover stories

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Kidult ruby at hooters

What a hoot

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The black mamba

Grand theft auto

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