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i really wish i could find some users to help me out with my Pokemon project. right now, i've only really got like 4 or so helping me out, which, while it works, i kinda feel like i could use more assistance.
i don't think i'm going to use this site much, asides from responding to notes. i'm just... really stressed out.
tbh sometimes i wish i could commission some people to sketch out some of my character ideas. then again, i've got no idea how i would use them, asides from writing.
honestly, this is just well said. god, i hate hypocritical users like them...
You wanna know what you do? Ship a pokemon with a human, ship a teenager with an adult ghost, ship someone with a robot, was pregnant with a 25 or 26 year old man while you were 15 or 16 (if that's your real age), fell in love with a 20 year old alien while you were 16, and you currently think you date a mentally unstable kangaroo. You're not one to talk when it comes to inappropriate fantasies. Screenshot was taken by Crimson-Angel-66

embedded_item1545352118970 by xXInkyd00dlesXx
so... DA Eclipse. i suppose most of you already heard the news about it, and if not, here's the link to it:

i'll be honest but i don't have much to say. i mean, sure, they probably had good intentions with this, but i think scrapping literally all the page layouts everybody has on this site for this update when it rolls out to everyone seems like a douche move to do. at least they warned us about this, unlike other updates... speaking of other updates, this is only one of many controversial updates i've witnessed on the site, all of which had varying amounts of people either loving it to hating it or anywhere in between, but after all these updates and people saying their comments on what they like and don't like about it, you think that the staff here would have learned something by now, but... well... it's DA. i'll put it like that, since it doesn't seem like they learn from much of anything in the long-term experience. i guess it makes sense considering the many, many jerky users here, but i don't really want to get onto that topic now.

my comments are mostly based off of a journal HuniiTea posted about Eclipse and what to expect from it. might as well link it for those who haven't seen it (it's a good read):
Eclipse: What to expect, and some screenshots

So, I'm seeing a LOT of negative feedback and biased opinions going around. Since I feel like it's being judged a bit unfairly and no one's giving real insight on how the new site will look, I wanted to make a journal and explain everything going on and what to expect!

PLEASE remember that the site is still in Beta mode!!! It's apt to change quite a bit over time before it's fully released, and so nothing is set in stone just yet.

First off, they now have a Night and Day mode, one of which is a more green-and-white scheme in more vibrant colours, while the other is more black-and-green. Honestly, as a bit of a personal opinion, I'm glad they're removing the pale green seen all over DA and replacing it with more 'modern' colours. Seriously, that green constantly clashed with and sometimes even downright ruined the aesthetics and presentations of my profile during coding. And speaking of which... quell some panic going around, you may still be able to customize your profile!! It is definitely not going to be to the extent as what you can do to your profile now, but there is still wiggle room in how you set up your profile and what aesthetics you'd like. In the 'About' section, there is a large, open space right under your username!! The edit button says 'Coming soon', so they're still working on it. BUT, chances are you can STILL customize and decorate your profile to how you'd like.

Further into the profile, they have now somewhat updated your profile to make everything that was once in the background (watchers, watches, statistics, your commissions, etc) now very easily accessible without overshadowing everything else. It's very easy to navigate through someone's page and see everything they have to offer, rather than having to track down their commissions, prints, etc...

They also added the introduction of a Cover image for your profile! This gives a lot of freedom to how to decorate your page and help either show off some favourite art you created, or just add in an aesthetics image. You can upload a cover image via your own gallery or through your!

Another thing you'll notice in the screenshot below is the new way they are showing notifications. It reminds me a lot of facebook, and honestly is a lot easier to keep up with your notifications without constantly having to go into the notification page! You can also now Like and even very easily save any feedback messages!! They even hold onto any feedback you deleted for 30 days before it gets officially deleted. I believe they'll have a way to trash comments earlier than that, but it's still a neat little feature in case you accidentally delete a comment you didn't intent to remove.

NEXT, is the Watch page! This is actually not too different from the current Watch page in the original DA, and actually is much more clean and easier to roam around in in the newer version. You can also now save any posts here as well, and it also saved any images you removed by accident (in the top right corner). You can also see your notifications and notes here as well. This honestly gives a bit more organization towards where everything is and keeping up with both new posts and any new feedback you receive.

And finally, the front page. A LOT has changed here. Not only is everything much more organized, you can now easily access various pieces of art and even pick a few of the most popular tags on DA at that moment and search through new pieces! You can also find the most recent status posts, journals, etc... from the entire site! This can help if you ever want to see the entirety of DA at that time and what's being posted.

So far, the only complaints I have for this site so far is the fact that it sometimes just doesn't respond. When I hover over some drop-down menus, such as the submit button, it will show up for a moment then disappear before I can click anything. It usually goes away when I change pages or refresh, and I can't be too mad since this is still in the beta stages, but it definitely got annoying a few times. The site also takes a few minutes of clicking around and discovering things to really get the hang of, but is super easy to master after maybe 15 minutes. With any site, you should have a bit of trouble getting around, so cut DA some slack.

And as a bit of a ramble, I'm genuinely glad and a bit excited that DA is finally trying to update the site to keep up with the times. I have been on this site for 6 YEARS now, nearly 7. I joined back in December 4th, 2011, and in those nearly 7 years, the site has NEVER changed anything. They added a few more things, sure. But other than that, they haven't updated in nearly a decade. Everyone has been complaining about how DA is slowly dying, and I can't really agree. DA has been around the same, but people are moving on to other sites. Updating the site and giving it a fresh, clean new look is honestly probably going to make this site better, and hopefully bring a bit more life into it and let old people who have once left return once more. It's a breath of new life into the site, which it DESPERATELY needed after not changing for nearly a decade or more. So, give this site a chance. It could be the start of a new Era, and not all is bad. It definitely seems to be changing for the good so far, but we'll see. It's still in beta mode, so there's a lot more to come and a lot of things that will be changed around. Hopefully this helped out some users who are confused/panicking over what Eclipse is, and hopefully this gave a more 'neutral' perspective on what's going on with the site.

We'll see what the future brings us, and I hope this gets others more excited for what's to come.

as she says, the layout is just in a beta stage, so things can likely change. from what i've seen though, it definitely looks a lot cleaner and easier to navigate than the current layout. the only real complaint i have is that i'm not really the biggest fan of the whole giant images for the notifications page, and i'm hoping they'll include an option to change their size, but again, it's just a beta so they might include it later on. besides that, i'm glad that they're getting rid of the puke green color scheme or whatever kind of color it is. i think black and white are more natural kind of color schemes for most sites, and i think just looking at that color DA currently has is just... ick. it also clashes rather badly with some art pieces that are posted as it detracts from the art itself, so to speak, although i'm hoping they give out an option to change the gradient of the scheme (without the use of other addons to change how the site looks) so you can have a greyish background or anywhere in between. i'm mostly indifferent about it, but i do think that the update could have been implemented in a more gradual state as to ease in users on the whole new layout for the site, as despite its simple UI, i expect getting used to it will take quite a while for all of us. another thing i've seen some major concern is if the custom boxes will make a return for it, and... well, they better be, because i imagine if they didn't, there's going to be a large outburst over it, sort of like what's going on now. speaking of which, seeing the reactions people here is kinda comical for me because of how wildly varied they are. i've even seen some people wanting to leave due to it, and... well, i don't really want to sound like i'm encouraging it, but if you want to leave the site, go for it! i don't think it really has much going for it any more and i don't think it's really going to vastly improve over its mistakes (not to mention many of the more toxic users and fetishists have tainted its reputation), but i guess only the future will show what'll happen here.

so, there's all there's all the comments i've got about it. it's just my opinion on the whole thing and i'm aware that most people reading will not likely share the same view i have of it, so take what i said about it with a grain of salt, i suppose.
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United States
hey hey hey
i'm Pixus, welcome to my page
i was on here although i moved accounts, wanted to get a fresh start here
i typically privately riff some shit and like to joke about stuff


these are my friends. fuck with them and you'll fuck with me. (and before you ask, no, not in the "Meet n fuck kingdom" kind of way.)
if you don't see yourself on there, send me a comment or note or something

these are my idols... uh... i'll probably add something here later i guess but here it is, go check em out or something:


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np. the whole drama with 707 is just gonna backfire right in their face. hell, i know somebody who acted a bit like them (at least with the whining with everything part), but guess what? HE CHANGED. he willingly looked at his mistakes and made actual ATTEMPTS to stop doing them, unlike them.
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