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Zorgoia for PieCreature of their little Dino themed pygmy.

This is a cute little babi
I still gotta design my pygmy.. might try for a hot cocoa or something to match with the little smores trio.maybe like a fire theme sweetie

Sorry I'm in networking class and the colors remind me of a circuit board<3

Zorgoia species is an open species owned by CorrieZodori. ( Pygmy zorgoia therefore are not open, usually by auction or trade.)
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AH MY GOSH!! thank you so much this means so much to me!! your style is precious and i always loved how you drew zorgoias!! I love how you did her face and fluff ahh and the pose is so nice too!! ahh gosh my precious baby ;A; I really have to give her more attention she means so much to me jfc thank you so much for the time you put into this for me!!
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I'm glad I had the opportunity to draw her! She was really fun to draw, esp the little fluffs of fur!

I do love drawing zorgoias<3
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ahh im glad ;A; thank you!!