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Astral Borealis [Temp ref]

Finally got them done and approved!!

Personality: soft spoken, intelligent, sweethearts/kind
Essence's Comet dust
Likes: loves to sit out under the stars. Collects shiny objects moreso like small gemstones or globule like objects. Astrology and the science that comes with it
Dislikes: loud noises, bitter tastes

Interesting things to note: sprinkles glitter in gray colored fur/hair/inside ears to look like small star flecks. Natural light gray freckles across bridge of muzzle and in-between the eyes.

Eyes: Colored Pupils (Common)
Ears: Echo (Uncommon)
Sensors: Cheek (Uncommon)
Tail: Stylized Drape (Uncommon)

More to come!

Art by me!
Chirraks by RetroSpectra
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Sorry, I mean that I need to get one
I'm gonna buy the motherboard this month if I'm lucky
P1pM0nst3r's avatar
No worries! Best of luck!
Dan525YT's avatar
Nice design!
I really love astral/space themes and that those ones affect even the personality traits of the character.
One thing that I want to say is that they could had a little more detail on the fur, but that's just a personal thing.
P1pM0nst3r's avatar
Thanks for the response! I had thought of the idea and ran with it :3. I would have done more detail but it's just a temp ref, hence a sketch and not a fully finished piece that I really wanted to put a ton of detail on
Dan525YT's avatar
I see. I hope you'll get pretty creative with it!
Changing the theme, a small question.
Do you play Desiny 2 on ps4?
P1pM0nst3r's avatar
I do not have a PS4 sadly. I main on pc
Dan525YT's avatar
Oh shot. It's okay, thanks for answering!
P1pM0nst3r's avatar
Not a problem! But maybe soon though with the cross platform save they're coming out with
Dan525YT's avatar
Gotta get a pc for that xD
P1pM0nst3r's avatar
ehehehe,  I  had built mine :D
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