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Fractal - Bubble Whirlpool

By P1-2004gsb
:postit: Sorry for the lack of render quality, this computer is starting to fail on me so i had to lower it.
:postit: A preview is required as the bigger image [viewable via download] is 12.9megabytes [how is anyone's guess]

Once again messing with scripts, and made this :B
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AeroGuardian's avatar
Reminds me of when I threw my camera in the washing machine in a plastic bag.
Woken-2010's avatar
This is AWESOME!
Gailrin's avatar
Though I do agree with the first part of the description, I'm still enticed to Favorite this, the motion is sort of mesmerizing.
Mack3r3l's avatar
How the fuck did you make this move?
P1-2004gsb's avatar
Apophysis, an animated render script and an application called unFreez to put all the frames together :dummy: At least that's my method
Feehily's avatar
I like it... I don't know why..
monori-lai's avatar
This is fuckin awesome :o
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
looks pretty cool. still am trying to figure out how to animate them though.
arcadian7's avatar
how do you do this? I want to try it!
P1-2004gsb's avatar
The animation was rendered by an animation script. The script by default is in the apophysis folder [or at least the older 2.02 version had it].

If you don't have it i can send it by note.
arcadian7's avatar
I do have 2.02 - how do you save the fractal so its animated? Do you use a certain file extension? I've been saving everything as png files with transparent backgrounds for post-processing.
P1-2004gsb's avatar
Well i use ifranview to batch convert the picture files to gif, and then use a program called unFREEz to make one animated gif, but that's my method.

It's best not to use transparent files for animation unless you're trying to make an animated png [that i don't know how to do]
Doran-Eirok's avatar
Oooooh, this one turned out really neat. :) I like when you animate 'em.
smev's avatar
wow thats great!
Markelows's avatar
Whoa, this is pretty cool. Nice job.
Oukan's avatar
Freakin Amazing!
*gives you more bacon*
P1-2004gsb's avatar
yay bacon! :icontardgrinn: *noms*
ryo-misama's avatar
:omg: cant look away.....
samjo27's avatar
another incredible one dakota :) keep up the good work... this is another fave
DrakeSavaan's avatar
thats so awesome! :D
Razur-The-Wox's avatar
Holey crap. o3o That is awesome. You should post instructions on how to do this because I need to find ways to apply this stuff to games...
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