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Chibi Homeworld Pearl Adopts (8/12 OPEN) by p0ssum-adopts Chibi Homeworld Pearl Adopts (8/12 OPEN) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 11 10 More Gem Adopts (16/18 OPEN) by p0ssum-adopts More Gem Adopts (16/18 OPEN) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 15 4 Extended Zodiac Adopts 3 by p0ssum-adopts Extended Zodiac Adopts 3 :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 4 0 Bismuth Adopts by p0ssum-adopts Bismuth Adopts :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 9 0 More Gem Adopts by p0ssum-adopts More Gem Adopts :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 13 6 Garnet Adopts by p0ssum-adopts Garnet Adopts :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 12 0 Pearl Adopts by p0ssum-adopts Pearl Adopts :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 10 0 Quartz Adopts by p0ssum-adopts Quartz Adopts :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 10 0 Agate Adopts by p0ssum-adopts Agate Adopts :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 12 0 Garnet Adopts (3/4 OPEN) by p0ssum-adopts Garnet Adopts (3/4 OPEN) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 16 13 Ultimate Sapphire Challenge (97/103 OPEN) by p0ssum-adopts Ultimate Sapphire Challenge (97/103 OPEN) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 33 33 Fusion Adopts (5/6 OPEN) by p0ssum-adopts Fusion Adopts (5/6 OPEN) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 21 14 Cheap Pearl Adopts (CLOSED) by p0ssum-adopts Cheap Pearl Adopts (CLOSED) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 20 24 Opal Adopts (3/4 OPEN) by p0ssum-adopts Opal Adopts (3/4 OPEN) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 14 5 Ultimate Pearl Challenge (60/72 OPEN) by p0ssum-adopts Ultimate Pearl Challenge (60/72 OPEN) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 33 39 Valentine's Day Adopts (6/7 OPEN) [REDUCED] by p0ssum-adopts Valentine's Day Adopts (6/7 OPEN) [REDUCED] :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 26 11
Hey just wanted 2... remind y'all that,, Commissions r still open always
Gem Mural CommissionsPrices:

No background: $20.00 / 2,000 :points:
With Background: $30.00 / 3,000 :points:
Extra Characters (IE, if the character is a fusion and u want their components, or if it's a Diamond and their Pearl): +$10.00 / 1,000 :points: each character
No background: $15.00 / 1,500 :points:
With Background: $25.00 / 2,500 :points:
Extra Characters (IE, if the character is a fusion and u want their components, or if it's a Diamond and their Pearl): +$8.00 / 800 :points: each character
Form To Fill Out:
Gem (Ref preferred, it makes it easier on me):
Background?: (Yes/No)
Lined or lineless:
PayPal or points:

PayPal Commissions OPENMore examples added, and edits available!!
So basically, I need money and I'd like some help!!
What I can/will do: 
Light gore (blood/cuts/cartoony limb-removal)
Shipping pictures!! (Within the rules of each category)
OC's!! (Within the rules of each category)
Anything in the categories, within reason!
What I can't/won't do:
NSFW/HEAVY NSFW (sex/genitalia/masturbation/full-frontal nudity/fetish art.)
Heavy Gore (Guts, etc)
Mecha/robots (really tough)
Gem custom: 
$10.00, plus 50 cents for each ultra specifics (for example, ask for a female bloodstone, with a short hairstyle, that's $10.00 BUT, ask for a female bloodstone, with a small chest, a specific haristyle [link a photo], and a gem shape and placement, would be $12.00!)



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32,533 / 1,000,000,000
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More Gem Adopts (16/18 OPEN)
Okay this is the last batch from the sheet I found,,
bases by artifizielle 
Points or PayPal, points price is higher to encourage paypal purchases! 

Mahogany Obsidian: Closed
Price: $5.00 / 600 :points:

Onyx: OPEN
Price: $2.00 / 300 :points:

Price: $2.00 / 300 :points:

Nuummite: OPEN
Price: $3.00 / 400 :points:

Black Tourmaline: OPEN
Price: $3.00 / 400 :points:

Black Sapphire: OPEN
Price: $7.00 / 800 :points:

Obsidian: OPEN
Price: $2.00 / 300 :points:

Magnetite: OPEN
Price: $5.00 / 600 :points:

Clear Quartz: OPEN
Price: $3.00 / 400 :points:

Moonstone: Closed
Price: $6.00 / 700 :points:

Pyrite: OPEN
Price:$3.00 / 400 :points:

Diamond (disguised as a White Quartz): OPEN
Price:$5.00 / 600 :points:

Silver/White Topaz: OPEN
Price: $3.00 / 400 :points:

White Selenite: OPEN
Price: $3.00 / 400 :points:

Kunzite: OPEN
Price: $3.00 / 400 :points:

Opal: OPEN
Price: $4.00 / 500 :points:

Smokey Quartz: OPEN
Price: $3.00 / 400 :points:

Hematite: OPEN
Price: $3.00 / 400 :points:

For an extra $5.00 / 600 :points: I can make the Diamond's undisguised/original form as well! 
Huge Gem Adopt Sheet (45/60 open)
There's 20 more on the post I found but I didn't wanna do em! Cause Im lazy and there's already 60
Gem bases by DominickLuhr , however a few of them I did edit

| Almandine Garnet | Pyrope | Cinnabar | Bi-Colour Tourmaline |

| Coral | Realgar | Rosinca | Spinel |

| Rubicelle | Sunstone | Carnelian | Padparadscha |

| Amber (Spider) | Desert Rose | Rutile | Jacinth |

| Tiger's Eye | Citrine | Diaspore | Andesine |

| Sphene | Heliodor | Viridine | Cleiophane |

| Demantoid | Epidote | Amatrice | Olivine |

| Prase | Vermarine | Bloodstone | Diopside |

| Triphane | Jade | Emerald | Chrysoprase |

| Sapphirine | Dioptase | Chrysocolla | Aventurine |

| Euclase | Aquamarine | Devilline | Larimar |

| Anatase | Topaz | Lavendulan | Celestine | 

| Moostone | Hauyne | Disthene | Chalcedony |

| Pleonaste | Covelline | Violane | Spodumene |

| Bismuth | Zircon | Iridot | Ametrine |

You can buy them in different packages! All packages include choice of gender!

Blind Package: $5.00 / 500 :points: 
Complete surprise!

Semi-Blind Package: $10.00 / 1,000 :points:
Tell me the placement, and one gem feature

Custom Package:  $30.00 / 3,000 :points:
Full custom!
Please fill out the form!

Form for custom
Body Type: (thin/buff/chubby/surprise me)
Gem location:
Specific outfit? (if yes, please describe!):
Theme? (if yes, please keep it simple/broad, like butterflies or Kfashion):
A specific hairstyle? (If yes, please link! If no, please try to say short/long/mid-length! If you don't have a preference, just leave this blank ♥):
Affiliation (Crystal Gems/Homeworld/Neutral/Purple Diamond's Court/etc):
Jasper Squad Adopts (5/6 OPEN) [REDUCED]
Jaspers!! base by sariasong64  / Buttsenpei 

All are $5.00!

Deathhawk Jasper: Re-Opened

Belly Jasper: OPEN

Chest Jasper: OPEN

Eye Jasper: OPEN

Arm Jasper: Closed

Leg Jasper: OPEN

If you buy them all together, the grand total will only be $2015.00 ! (That's $5 cheaper!)

Surprise Pearl: $4.00
Fully Custom Pearl: $13.00
Full ref sheet: $50.00 (includes character turnaround, hexcodes for colours, palette, and custom weapon)(+an extra outfit would be $5.00 more)


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Main account is p0ssum-boy, this is just my adopt account!

I love my friends so much I would die fr them!!!

Slytherin stamp by austheke

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