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Garnet Adopts (3/4 OPEN) by p0ssum-adopts Garnet Adopts (3/4 OPEN) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 16 13 Ultimate Sapphire Challenge (100/103 OPEN) by p0ssum-adopts Ultimate Sapphire Challenge (100/103 OPEN) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 27 20 Fusion Adopts by p0ssum-adopts Fusion Adopts :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 17 8 Cheap Pearl Adopts (CLOSED) by p0ssum-adopts Cheap Pearl Adopts (CLOSED) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 19 24 Opal Adopts by p0ssum-adopts Opal Adopts :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 12 0 Ultimate Pearl Challenge (60/72 OPEN) by p0ssum-adopts Ultimate Pearl Challenge (60/72 OPEN) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 30 39 Valentine's Day Adopts (6/7 OPEN) [REDUCED] by p0ssum-adopts Valentine's Day Adopts (6/7 OPEN) [REDUCED] :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 24 11 Mystery Pearl Adopts by p0ssum-adopts Mystery Pearl Adopts :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 11 0 More Gem Adopts by p0ssum-adopts More Gem Adopts :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 16 0 Diamond Adopts (5/6 OPEN) by p0ssum-adopts Diamond Adopts (5/6 OPEN) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 24 4 Gem Adopts by p0ssum-adopts Gem Adopts :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 19 5 Bender Adopts by p0ssum-adopts Bender Adopts :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 11 0 Sapphire Adopts (18/25 OPEN) by p0ssum-adopts Sapphire Adopts (18/25 OPEN) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 41 50 Diamond Court Gem Adopts by p0ssum-adopts Diamond Court Gem Adopts :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 28 0 Spider OC Adopts (2/5 OPEN) by p0ssum-adopts Spider OC Adopts (2/5 OPEN) :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 17 25 Peach Pearl by p0ssum-adopts Peach Pearl :iconp0ssum-adopts:p0ssum-adopts 7 2


Rose Quartz Adopt (CLOSED) by AlyOnyxTwo Rose Quartz Adopt (CLOSED) :iconalyonyxtwo:AlyOnyxTwo 36 12 my human base pack!! $5/500 points by cueen my human base pack!! $5/500 points :iconcueen:cueen 113 55 second base pack! $5/500 points by cueen second base pack! $5/500 points :iconcueen:cueen 80 7 [A] Gem Gacha (OPEN) by mbugarin [A] Gem Gacha (OPEN) :iconmbugarin:mbugarin 28 19 Court Adopt Base by Tia-Moon78 Court Adopt Base :icontia-moon78:Tia-Moon78 209 18 [Adopts] Amethyst and Peridot CLOSED by DualJewels [Adopts] Amethyst and Peridot CLOSED :icondualjewels:DualJewels 29 5 [A] Onyx Adoptables OPEN by DualJewels [A] Onyx Adoptables OPEN :icondualjewels:DualJewels 30 4 Sapphire Linework P2U by TheMaskedMare Sapphire Linework P2U :iconthemaskedmare:TheMaskedMare 12 4 Pumpkin Base (P2U) by flowerier Pumpkin Base (P2U) :iconflowerier:flowerier 91 22 Resale Discount 19 / 31 OPEN by TheBunnyPrincess Resale Discount 19 / 31 OPEN :iconthebunnyprincess:TheBunnyPrincess 34 17 50 point Jasper Adopts OPEN (1/4) by BrenonaRR 50 point Jasper Adopts OPEN (1/4) :iconbrenonarr:BrenonaRR 6 9 random mix auction adopts OPEN by MeowTownPolice random mix auction adopts OPEN :iconmeowtownpolice:MeowTownPolice 39 27 Semi-Corrupted Quartz Adopts *CLOSED* by Conspivacy Semi-Corrupted Quartz Adopts *CLOSED* :iconconspivacy:Conspivacy 57 16 sniffles by astralalien sniffles :iconastralalien:astralalien 3 0 [TDC] Sapphire Application by DualJewels [TDC] Sapphire Application :icondualjewels:DualJewels 17 6 P2U- Pearl Base by BLUEFRENCHTOAST P2U- Pearl Base :iconbluefrenchtoast:BLUEFRENCHTOAST 17 0


Hey just wanted 2... remind y'all that,, Commissions r still open always
Gem Mural CommissionsPrices:

No background: $20.00 / 2,000 :points:
With Background: $30.00 / 3,000 :points:
Extra Characters (IE, if the character is a fusion and u want their components, or if it's a Diamond and their Pearl): +$10.00 / 1,000 :points: each character
No background: $15.00 / 1,500 :points:
With Background: $25.00 / 2,500 :points:
Extra Characters (IE, if the character is a fusion and u want their components, or if it's a Diamond and their Pearl): +$8.00 / 800 :points: each character
Form To Fill Out:
Gem (Ref preferred, it makes it easier on me):
Background?: (Yes/No)
Lined or lineless:
PayPal or points:

PayPal Commissions OPENMore examples added, and edits available!!
So basically, I need money and I'd like some help!!
What I can/will do: 
Light gore (blood/cuts/cartoony limb-removal)
Shipping pictures!! (Within the rules of each category)
OC's!! (Within the rules of each category)
Anything in the categories, within reason!
What I can't/won't do:
NSFW/HEAVY NSFW (sex/genitalia/masturbation/full-frontal nudity/fetish art.)
Heavy Gore (Guts, etc)
Mecha/robots (really tough)
Gem custom: 
$10.00, plus 50 cents for each ultra specifics (for example, ask for a female bloodstone, with a short hairstyle, that's $10.00 BUT, ask for a female bloodstone, with a small chest, a specific haristyle [link a photo], and a gem shape and placement, would be $12.00!)



p0ssum-adopts has started a donation pool!
32,233 / 1,000,000,000
Pay for adopts here!

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Fusion Adopts
Hand-drawn this time, no base!! 
$14.00 / 1,400 :points: each, and for an extra $10.00 / 1,000 :points: I can make their components!! 

Kyanite: OPEN
Harlequin Opal: OPEN
Moonstone: OPEN
Rhodolite: OPEN
Smoky Quartz: Re-Opened
Cinnabar: OPEN

Tagging JRATMAIN and Sweerlix bc they suggested them!! 
Gem Chart Adopts [Set 1] (10/11 OPEN)
So I found this huge gem chart (Like 142 gems!!) n I decided to make adopts out of all of em! They come in rows of 11 on the chart so I'm making them 11 at a time!
Bases by artifizielle which you can find on their Tumblr!

For the garnets, you can buy the unfused components for double the price!

Almandine: OPEN
Price: $4.00 / 400 :points:

Sard: OPEN
Price: $5.00 / 500 :points:

Ruby: OPEN
Price: $4.00 / 400 :points:

Mexican Cherry Opal: OPEN
Price: $3.00 / 300 :points:

Hessonite: Closed
Price: $5.00 / 500 :points:

Carnelian: OPEN
Price: $3.00 / 300 :points:

Lepidocrocite: OPEN
Price: $4.00 / 400 :points:

Orthoclase: OPEN
Price: $3.00 / 300 :points:

Garnet: OPEN
Price: $5.00 / 500 :points:

Goldstone: OPEN
Price: $3.00 / 300 :points:

Pyrope: OPEN
Price: $4.00 / 400 :points:

These ones are a little cheaper than my normal adopts because there's going to be so many!
Ultimate Sapphire Challenge (100/103 OPEN)
taaffeiite Ultimate Sapphire Challenge !! 103 Sapphires... Oof. This took about 3 weeks,,, 
I can provide a picture of the gem cut upon request!

base by serenamidori 

All are $6.00 or 700 :points: (The points price is higher to encourage PayPal purchases) 

  1. Alexandrite Sapphire
  2. Australian Sapphire
  3. Batu Padparadscha Sapphire
  4. Bi-Color Sapphire
  5. Black Sapphire
  6. Black Star Sapphire
  7. Blood Blue Sapphire
  8. Blue/green Sapphire
  9. Blue/purple Sapphire
  10. Blue Sapphire
  11. Brown Sapphire
  12. Burma Sapphire
  13. Cab Yellow Sapphire
  14. Canary Sapphire
  15. Ceylon Lime Green Sapphire
  16. Ceylon Padparadscha Sapphire
  17. Ceylon Sapphire
  18. Champagne Brown Sapphire
  19. Champagne Sapphire
  20. Chatham Padparadscha Sapphire
  21. Cognac Sapphire
  22. Color-Change Sapphire
  23. Cornflower Blue Sapphire
  24. Dark Blue Sapphire
  25. Dark Green Sapphire
  26. Dark Pink Sapphire
  27. Dark Purple Sapphire
  28. Fancy Sapphire
  29. Golden Olive Sapphire
  30. Golden Sapphire
  31. Gold Sapphire
  32. Gray Sapphire
  33. Green Sapphire
  34. Honey Sapphire
  35. Hope Sapphire
  36. Hot Pink Sapphire
  37. Indraneelam Sapphire
  38. Kashmir Sapphire
  39. Lavender/pink Sapphire
  40. Lavender Sapphire
  41. Light Blue Sapphire
  42. Light Gray Sapphire
  43. Light Gray Star Sapphire
  44. Light Green Sapphire
  45. Light Pink Sapphire
  46. Light Pink Star Sapphire
  47. Light Purple Sapphire
  48. Light Purple Star Sapphire
  49. Light Yellow Sapphire
  50. Lilac Sapphire
  51. Lime Green Sapphire
  52. Maroon Sapphire
  53. Mayuri Indraneelam Sapphire
  54. Mekon Whisky Sapphire
  55. Midight Sapphire
  56. Mint Sapphire
  57. Neelam Sapphire
  58. Olive Sapphire
  59. Orange/yellow Star Sapphire
  60. Orange Sapphire
  61. Padparadscha Sapphire
  62. Peach Padparadscha Sapphire
  63. Peach Sapphire
  64. Peacock Blue Sapphire
  65. Periwinkle Blue Sapphire
  66. Pink Burmese Sapphire
  67. Pink Sapphire Hybrid
  68. Powder Pink Sapphire
  69. Purple Sapphire
  70. Rainbow Sapphire
  71. Raspberry Sapphire
  72. Red Sapphire
  73. Rosey Brown Sapphire
  74. Saffron Sapphire
  75. Sea Foam Green Sapphire Hybrid
  76. Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire
  77. Sri Lankan Brown Sapphire
  78. Star Blue/green Sapphire
  79. Star Blue Sapphire
  80. Star Brown Sapphire
  81. Star Cab Yellow Sapphire
  82. Star Dark Blue Sapphire
  83. Star Dark Green Sapphire
  84. Star Gray Sapphire
  85. Star Green Sapphire
  86. Star Honey Brown Sapphire
  87. Star Lavender Sapphire
  88. Star Light Blue Sapphire
  89. Star Mint Green Sapphire
  90. Star Orange Sapphire
  91. Star Pink Sapphire
  92. Star Purpe Sapphire
  93. Star Red Sapphire
  94. Star Violet Sapphire
  95. Star White Sapphire
  96. Star Yellow Sapphire
  97. Teal Sapphire
  98. Turquoise Sapphire
  99. Verneuil Sapphire
  100. Violet Sapphire
  101. White Sapphire
  102. Winza Sapphire
  103. Yellow Sapphire Hybrid
Custom Slot 1: OPEN
Custom Slot 2: OPEN
Custom Slot 3: OPEN
Custom Slot 4: OPEN
Custom Slot 5: OPEN
Custom Slot 6: OPEN
Custom Slot 7: OPEN

Form for custom
Homeworld or not?: 
Gem location:
Specific outfit? (if yes, please describe!):
Theme? (if yes, please keep it simple/broad, like butterflies or Kfashion):
A specific hairstyle? (If yes, please link! If no, please try to say short/long/mid-length! If you don't have a preference, just leave this blank ♥):


p0ssum-adopts's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Main account is p0ssum-boy, this is just my adopt account!

I love my friends so much I would die fr them!!!

Slytherin stamp by austheke

icon by undercoverghost

AroAces aren't inherently LGBT

Bi as fuck, trans as fuck, angry as fuck

♥ TERFs and transphobes can fuck off I'm proud 2 be trans and I love myself ♥

Black Lives Stamp by BurntMilk ew by Squids-Stamps Animal rights group? More like animal abuse group. by World-Hero21 Pro Self-dx by babykttn Stamp: Whites aren't oppressed by Riza-Izumi Stamp: Cis oppression by Riza-Izumi Stamp: Heteros aren't oppressed by Riza-Izumi Respect All Pronouns Stamp by oceanstamps Neopronouns Are Valid Stamp by oceanstamps cant believe this needs to be said by 1nklash not a ally if you call lgbt people snowflakes by lgbtqia-stamps Stamp: Anti-SJWs are trash by Azrael-Legna Feminism Stamp by StampMakerLKJ

Mature Content

cisphobia stamp by NeoTabu
12283 by arcadepxl terfs are gross by amekin Forgiveness Isn't Required Stamp by oceanstamps Otherkin Safespace Stamp by babykttn Heterophobia by babykttn Fictionkin stamp by babykttn ADHD stamp by babykttn Otherkin stamp by NeoTabu [stamp request] psychotic by amekin Neighborhood Antifa Stamp by Spikytastic Nazi Punks Fuck Off - stamp by piranhapunk BLM (commission) by deadstamps 105 by s-k-i-e-s Pro-Choice (Stamp) by ELLlOTT M.A.Ps Are Pedophiles by Gay-Mage-Of-Space MAPS by gillcat 06 by grassdemon Punch More Nazis Stamp by Gay-Mage-Of-Space end cringe culture by gothicwaifu Read the description by stamping-hammies idgaf about nazi 'free speech' by king-homo Good Night White Pride Pink Vers. by crystalstamps Antifa Stamp by sootyjared antifa stamp [PINK] by hirquiticke

yeah I overreact quite often by JustYoungHeroes


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