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After The Rain

After a heavy rain...

EDIT: Whoops, I forgot to share the story behind this shot. My brother and I were having supper (as one might in the evening). It had been absolutely pouring, but when we started to do the washing up the rain lessened and the light looked mesmerizing. I went into that photography frenzy because I new the light wouldn't stay for more than and hour. I grabbed my camera stuff and we jumped into his car. We drove for about 10 minutes and saw a good spot... but didn't know where we could park. We found a little side road a little way on. By this time God thought it would be a funny joke to start the rain again but even harder. It then occurred to me that I had nothing to protect my camera from the element. I grabbed the car windscreen shade thingamajig in my little hope that would suffice. Then started our sprint towards the above field. Have you ever tried to sprint holding a tripod/camera with a heavy lens covered by a long flat piece of material? It is not too easy. The shade thing clearly wanted nothing more than to fly away due to the wind. By this time I was sprinting a long the side of the road (a main) road looking entirely manic in my desperation to catch the last golden light.
We reached the field and turned to see a spectacular rainbow arching across another field. But I had nowhere to rest my tripod (except the middle of the busy road) so I hastily ran toward a sloping bank into a smaller field.
Now, by some strange desire of mother nature, the vegetation (that I had oh-so gleefully trodden upon at great speed) turned out not to be a solid floor. It was actually a mass of deep weeds and stinging nettles. Yay. You know what is feels like to walk up some stairs in the dark and you think there is one more than there actually is. That happened. So I began my fun descent... Everything in my mind slowed down (like in the Matrix film. That's right. The one Matrix film. There were never any sequels!...) and the first thing that I thought of was the expensive equipment in my hand. I thought, "well, my body is getting hurt no matter what. Might as well save the camera". So I reenacted a classic ballet trick. You know; the one where they fall flat on their face but keep one arm high above them in the air. But my camera was safe! My face wasn't. But I didn't have time for my face, I waded through the plants into the field. I set up the tripod just in time to capture the rainbow disappearing..... What luck.... Never mind. I ran back across the road and managed to get this shot. About 10 seconds before the sun went behind clouds.

Have you ever hurt yourself to save your camera?
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Aug 11, 2008, 7:13:23 PM
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