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Heavy Shrek :D

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That Damn Spy mask xD Soldier tf2 
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:iconheavyplz: vs. :iconshrekplz:
Newest Death Battle
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heavy win :3We Like To Party! (TF2 Chat Icon) ..............Heavy Maybe 
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Heavy- I don't think this is.

Shrek- Sure it is
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My life......0_o........Its all ogre now....
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Everyone's fears in a nutshell
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But it looks so dang good
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shrek is love
shrek is life
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we need a new map called koth_swamp :D
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Man, shrek is my favorite class in TeamFortress 2!
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What if Shrek was the 10th mercenary? xD
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What if Spongebob was the 11h mercenary?
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That Spy is awsome! :D
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Misfortune approaches for the green one
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This looks great! :D
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That Donkey is a Spy!

:iconbluspyplz: :iconsaysplz: Sey!
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that's one smexxy shrek model! awesomesauce!
that donkey is a spy! D=<
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