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Half-Life 3

By P0nyStark
SFM + Photoshop
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I think that a gravity hand would be awesome just like this art.
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That would be awesome. So, plot is Gordon loses his hand/arm. Each HL game seems to have a signature weapon/device. HL1 was the crowbar, HL2-ep2 was the gravity gun so that valve could show off their physics engine. The prosthetic arm could be the new signature device introducing minor RPG elements with Gordon able to replace the prosthetic with what ever tool was required. Whether it be a gravity gun, a crowbar, an ice pick, a hacking tool; you name it.
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This is so cool! Is it based on this leaked concept art by any chance?
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I guess you could say he's SteamPowered.

Get it? SteamPowered.
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OMG, this is so beautiful! :heart:
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Glad you like it :)
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this is fucking amazing
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Awesome work, man!! :D
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Sweet design and art style. :D

Is the Gravity gun attached to the suit?
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That's actually really I awesome!

If I were to make a Half-Life game I would definitely go for that idea. ;) 
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Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] Oh mannnnnn Gordon Freeman in glorious detail!!! I love thissssss :heart:3:heart: This is amazing! The lighting. The tones. THE FREAKIN' DETAILS IN HIS ARMOUR. This looks real!! And I just. Dude. Beautiful, beautiful work!
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My pleasure. c:
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