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elementary Lion for XFCE

Requested by nekron29

Original: [link]

Cheers :D

Changelog (10/21/2011)
* Fixed button offset in maximized window (thanks gabeweb :D)
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this is a good theme do you mind if I redistribute or include your theme in a Linux distro I am starting up? ([link])
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I'm happy with this comment! :D

You can redistribute.

Cheers :D
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how to get buttons on right side?
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Using the button_layout option in the themerc file (/home/user/.themes/xfce-theme-name/xfwm4/themerc). In this theme the arguments are C, H, M, | and O.

C - Close
H - Hide
M - Minimize
| - Text area (title)
O - Menu

More: [link] :D
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Thx. Elementary Lion is IMHO the best lion mimic.

But could you please change the *.png to *.xpm instead.

XFWM uses *.png (only) as transparency layer. At least with XFCE 4.6 the buttons flicker and are very hard to click ...

(Btw. where did you find the *-prelight option, the official XFWM Theming guide doesn't tell a word about it)
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Thanks for the comment!

I'll make these changes. This theme was made in XFCE 4.8 and I don't knew it.

About the prelight option I see in some default XFCE theme.

* sorry for my english :D
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thanks so much for porting this theme :) i could never get the panel looking right with the original
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you're welcome :D

panel in xfce never work as in gnome :'(
As always very nice themes for XFCE and openbox! :-)
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hi okraits! thanks for the comment. i'm glad you enjoyed :D
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