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[Design] Windows 9 RTM

This is my new concept of Windows 9 RTM !

The archive contains :
- 2 different themes : peaceful blue and green (inspired of Windows XP theme) and redark.

Features :
- 1 sidebar at right of the desktop - with user's avatar and time/date;
- added a YouTube widget, the recycle bin icon and notification icons to the sidebar;
- the ability to attach tiles and programs to the taskbar;
- tabs in windows;
- virtual desktops;
- new the Start menu with transparancy and meteo gadget integreted - added My apps and This PC (detailed) to the list;
- apps run directly on the desktop and can be suspended in background in the desktop (3D graphics);

I hope you'll like it and share this art Love :happybounce: 
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Let's hope they'll realize the folly of the flat, 2-dimensional look and perhaps get back to something that has a better looking ui.
I mean, I can live without the start-menu (in fact, I rather like not having the stupid rectangle in 8+)....But this whole flat, artsy-fartsy
thing, and start-screen tiles that look like coupons....Sucks. Big. Ly.
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fantastic design
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This link represente my first concept (and actually my batter) already publiseh in the Softpedia webiste too :)
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Wow! is a great work Derpy Emoticon Clap very good
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All your encouragements inspire me to create :D
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Looks great best concept so far
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Thanks you for your com :)
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