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[Design] Windows 9 RC2

The new release of my second concept, Windows 9 : the Release Candidate 2 preview. 

Features :
- task bar on top;
- new version of Aero with a new theme;
- transparancy of windows;
- the Start menu (not presented);
- added detailled folders list on windows (new);
- added the Start menu in a Y axis app bar (new);
- added apps run on the desktop (new);
- added a music widget attached at the taskbar (new);
- virtual desktops (new);

I hope you'll like it and share this art Giggle 
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can i download this os
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Sorry but it's just a interface concept made with Photoshop.
this is copy of unity in ubuntu o.O 
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Maybe you think it but it never have been copied from Ubuntu Unity.
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why don'y you use linux, you can make this theme real there =p
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I don't like the Linux platform, it's for a special using.
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", it's for a special using." what ?
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I use Linux for specific reasons. BackTrack to do network hard operations for example. :)
this look very similar to the linux OS
not creative if you steal ideas from concept design linux OS
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Sorry if you think it's not creative but Linux and Windows are very different platforms and this design can be usefull and beautiful for Windows OSes. 
hey guys,i don't know how to apply it for my windows,can you tell me?i like your concept very much
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I'm sorry, I just created this concept with Photoshop, it doesn't exist in a theme for Windows. It's a concept of the next version of Windows. But thanks you to like it ^^
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