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[Design] Windows 9 Professional - Final

Hi everybody,

This is the final version of my Windows 9 Professional design (see the Preview for the previous version).

4 screens are avaiable in the archive to download :) (Smile)

Features :
- a new logon screen reimagined for more simplicity and light blue colors;
- new Windows theme with the Start bar and menu at the top of the screen;
- including a notification bar and new transparent buttons;
- the Welcome Center is back;
- musics can be played in the music folder of the user, ditto for pictures, videos, documents..;
- prefered programs and apps can be snapped to the 'Favorites' list of the Start menu;
- selected items and window become in highlight with a soft white halo;
I love be an artworker Giggle  
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So fresh, so cool, and the glow makes my mouth water. I love glow and blur and you can ask one of my other buddies how much I love blur and their scream "Royce is obsessed with blur!" Knowing this image is not based on blur, but glow reminds me of blur, and the backgrounds have a bit of blur to them. Those backgrounds you use are nicely selected for the purpose and feeling of the desktop interface.

Just today I watched the entire unboxing video of a brand new Mac Pro, the shiny new Apple computer that looks like a trash can. I saw it's interface and how it starts up...It's rubbish! Windows8 already starts up faster and nicer than a Mac. ALSO, the Mac needed a firmware update right as it started up haha. 

I hope microsoft is reading this because they NEED to use your theme elements in Windows9, Windows10, etc! 
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Ohhh it's a so nice comment ^^ I love blur too and Aero this is so fabulous and delicious ^^

I dislike Mac interface, it never changes.. :D

Softpedia said about one of my previous design that Microsoft must use my concept ideas to the next Windows version LOL xD
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Apple is great for some very simple Photoshop and Audio/Video Editing. BUT it's not flexible, it doesn't evolve, it doesn't have ANY sort of A.I. system. It doesn't offer anything resembling a vision for the future. Apple and Microsoft have many of the same issues, as does Linux, but they each have their own strong point. Personally I've had bad experiences with Apple and I would NEVER spend money on an Apple computer. Apple's Mac Pro is THREE THOUSAND dollars to buy, and it's extremely proprietary. I'm happy for Apple but they go against my opensource soul. 

Microsoft has a lot of decisions to make, and I don't know if their brand-new CEO has the power to make big changes at all. He's worked for Microsoft for many years and may be too SOFT. We shall see. :)
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I love Photoshop my friend <3 It's so powerful, amazing, incredible ^^ Apple : powerful, stable but too restricted ^^

I don't know this CEO, I think Microsoft needs a New Look, A CEO with young and fresh ideas :D :)