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Yann Tiersen



The most amazing musician that has ever walked the earth. This crapfest I call a vexel does him no justice. I'm definitely rusty, seeing as poor Yann here is riddled with flaws. Oh well.

I luffs him <3

Edit: I was looking at this on a different monitor and couldn't even differentiate the background from the hair. So here is a super-light version (at least on my monitor) for all you dark-monitored peoples :)

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I love Yann Tiersen. Imean I love him AND love his music. Mostly his music. Yeah. Okay the point is, I cannot comprehend. My mind does not reach the intelligence neccessary to understand how a man , how one single man can produce such beautiful things over and over again. Never getting them wrong. Never missing a note or a silence. His music is perfect. I admire him. His music protrays so much emotion, I can bring me to tears or make me smile or both at the same time. The wide range of meaningn captured in his music is something words cannot signify. That is why I love him. And here I find this Wonderful picture of him! Congrats!! It is awesome!! :clap: