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New T-Shirt Space Cowboy!

Journal Entry: Sun May 15, 2016, 10:24 PM

I consider space the final frontier for human exploration. This is why I am very fond of anime that depict space travel as commonplace as driving on the highway. As beings whose identities are very much tied to our home planet, I can't help wondering how differently we will think of the earth and ourselves when it becomes just another destination.

The design is printed on 100% cotton American Apparel T-Shirts

A bespoke hem-tag featuring the name of the design, artist, and design number.

Cosplay America 2015

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 25, 2015, 2:03 PM
One of the most memorable experiences at a convention. A friend cosplaying one of my characters! She is cosplaying the character from my illustration Long Distance

A cosplayer we have met at few other conventions. She pulls off one of the best Levi Ackerman I’ve ever seen! She is also an amazing artist!

He picked up our original anime graphic tee “Ronin” at the convention. We love and appreciate these model shots! The T-Shirt is available for sale at Boomslank

A talented young artist we met at the convention! She is cosplaying Levy from Fairy Tail. I believe she is here on DA but I have not been able to find her ^_^"

Quite possibly one of the most elaborate cosplays at the convention! I believe these are from the Monster Hunters series! That sword!

A magnificent cosplay of Flandre Scarlet from the Toho Project game series!

A fan wearing our original graphic T-shirt "Tournament". Always appreciate allowing us to take these pics! Tournament is on sale at Boomslank

I have become a huge Fate/Stay Night fan ever since Zero and the absolutely amazing Unlimited Blade Works! This is an awesome cosplay of Tohsaka Rin.

Honestly if he did not move you may mistake him for statue! This cosplay was so insanely detailed!

This is a pretty freaking awesome cosplay from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road! The prosthetic left hand is awesome!

I must admit I don't normally do commissions at conventions but this was for a person that has followed us from our early beginnings. The surface of the purse was challenging to draw on XD

A sneak peek at some up coming art >_^
These are a few of the images we took at the convention there are more on our facebook

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 1:52 AM

Akemi Homura and Kaname Madoka  
Recently attended a Anime Triad Convention in Winston Salem NC in the dealer room. As usual we had a blast and met really neat people and saw some amazing cosplays which I'll be sharing ^_^


Kristoff and Anna from frozen!


Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Goul 


The original sailor jupiter and a very good pose too! 


Always appreciate those who wear our shirts they buy and let us take model pics! ^_^
He is wearing "Airport" available here


Kaname Tousen!! A fellow artist and awesome cosplayer!


He got one of our iphone case designs "Zero Frame" available  here

These are a few of the pics from the convention more can be found on our facebook


Journal Entry: Sat Dec 6, 2014, 1:14 PM

Wanted to share some of our experience at Aniwave 2014. I had quite a lot of fun (I always enjoys cons). As usual met very cool fellow artists some here on DA (will add after I go through the business cards ^_^". I will be sharing some of the pics I was able to take during the convention ^_^

I am not entirely positive on if this was a character or an original cosplay. Either way it was really pretty!

Now I know this one. It's the doctor!

Now I actually thought this was a pokemon trainer character but it was actually an OC! To me it the originality made this cosplay awesome.

Lord of the ring I believe.

Ah I think this character is fairly well known at this point THE COLOSSAL TITAN. It was a really well executed cosplay. The person told me the body suit was actually for something else but I think the combination was excellent!

Now I must confess I don't entirely know who this character is ^_^". If anyone knows feel free to comment.
The cosplay frightened me a little for some reason.

We always appreciate when people allow us to take model pics of them wearing our anime tshirts!! ^_^

ANother awesome person we met at the convention. She was nice enough to model multiple shirts for us and quite well at that!! ^_^. She wearing the shirt "Car Wash"

Here she models "Ronin"

And here she beautifully models "Zero"

Cosplay America

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 4:36 PM

Jasmine And Beauty
We recently attended the inaugural convention for Cosplay America. It was a fairly small convention as expected of a first time run but I really enjoyed myself and met a lot of really neat people and saw amazing cosplays. I will be sharing some of the pics I was able to take during the convention ^_^

Boba And The Stormtroopers
Ha! I was really blown away by these cosplays. Not only were the costumes insanely amazing but they even had a speaker that modulated their voice to sound like the stormtroopers!

Another awesome cosplay (I am a sucker for nostalgia). Their costumes had lights and everything!

Kiki And Lightning
I have actually met the cosplayer for kiki before and she always has an amazing costume. After seeing that lightning I started to think Lightning would have been even more cute if she wore glasses ^_^"

Monster Hunters
Arguably one of the most elaborate cosplays I saw during the convention! I LOVE the swords they were even cooler in real life.

We always appreciate when people allow us to take model pictures of our shirts they picked up at the con. Actually the guy on the left is the blue cosplayer above he is really cool we met at a few other cons as well. As always all our shirts are available on our site

An artist I've come to know through several conventions. I finally made sure to have her sign her art for me *___*. She is here on DA so do check out her gallery She is an awesome artist and person.


Journal Entry: Tue Mar 18, 2014, 5:14 PM

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns (Contest)

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 21, 2014, 1:28 PM
A quick entry for the Lightning Returns - FFXIII contest. Submerged with other projects and work I almost missed this contest ^_^". My outfit for lightning is called Camelot, and her weapon is a large blade named Stonehenge. As a huge Final Fantasy fan this contest was very exciting for me. This really gives fans the opportunity to practically be part of the development of such an iconic title. As always thank you Deviantart for the opportunity ^_^.

Here is the entry


Journal Entry: Mon Jan 6, 2014, 11:04 AM

Custom Converse!

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 29, 2013, 7:53 PM
This custom converse was created by :iconapeanutbutterfiend: 
I commissioned these after I saw a pair she had designed apeanutbutterfiend.deviantart.…
Now part of a small family of items with our brand.
I absolutely love these shoes ^_^

Also! I want to use this journal to feature some of the art I bought at this years amazement which I had not got around to! O_O"
man..I am running out of room ^_^"
but some of the artists here include 
:iconchiou: She did the harry potter art! Do check her out she is just wonderful second time meeting and I always get something from her ^_^
:iconkevinbolk: He did the Avengers in a hilarious parody style! XD I think I got that last year but did not do a feature so making up for that now! Again very cool artist and person do check him out.
:iconyuki-chan2: she did the Stocking with Garterbelt fan art! Awesome awesome person very friendly and cool and a hell of an artist!! I went with my brothers and we each got something from her I kept this and my brother got her Evangelion fan art I think.
More artsys! XD
umm now i was not able to id all the artists for all the art which is unfortunate as they are all amazing as u can see!
The Menma fan art is from none other than the amazing :iconchiou:
The kingdom hearts fan art (that would be the one with sora & riku) was done by the equally amazing :iconyuki-chan2:
 But yea I could not track down the other kingdom hearts artist, if anyone knows her (I remember it was a lady XD). Please let me know so I can feature her properly.

P.S We are going to attend anime expo in LA on the 4th of July so if anyone is going definitely drop by and say hello! ^_^

Artists' Alley Animazement 2013

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 2, 2013, 11:30 PM

Animazement was truly an amazing and rewarding experience this year. My brothers and I participated in the artists alley once again like last year. Just like last year we met a bunch of awesome people and some we met last year which was super cool. I wil upload a few pics in this journal for more pics feel free to browse my Flickr ^_^.

The Artists Alley was a great success! We would love to thank every one who purchased any form of my artsys, be it a T-shirt, Posters or Phone case; very much Appreciated. And a very special thanks to those who allowed us the chance for some pictures! ^__^

We reprinted this design on a darker shirt which really brought out the details and included a hem-tag to increase quality.

I absolutely love when people get creative with our stuff. This is one of my favorites! I love the stitching around the neck and shoulders very beautiful!!

Some people are just really photogenic love this pic! ^_^

We also reprinted this design on a blue shirt which really strengthened the details in the art

One of my personal favorite designs so far ^_^. As always all shirts, posters and phone cases  are available at boomslank. Also feel free to follow us on facebook

Of course it just wouldn't be an anime convention without amazing cosplays and there certainly were a lot of awesome cosplays this year. I will post a few but feel free to browse more pictures on my Flickr

Odin's sphere I believe...well in any case two lovely ladies in awesome cosplays!

Ohhh I do love her work! We have met her in 3 conventions I believe and she always makes a show stopper of a cosplay very amazing work!

Cosplaying a character from one of my favorite games FFX absolutely awesome ^_^

I really love when cosplayers get into character really adds a bit of depth to the coplay very nice!

Speaking of getting into character I really must highlight this one. She absolutely nailed her Loki cosplay not only was the cosplay spot on, but her mannerisms, even when she walked it was slow and menacing. Honestly my words don't do it justice she absolutely knocked this cosplay out of the park! Also she was a fellow artist in the alley so if anyone knows her on DA please please do link me she was an awesome person I regret not getting a business card.

Ah, the lovely Pendragon! Saber has to be one  of may favorite anime characters I am a sucker for the strong female character type.
I don' t like the damsel in distress archetype and with saber its usually her opponents that are in distress. But yea a lovely cosplay indeed.

Oh an Alice Madness Returns cosplay I really liked this one! She goth the gothic style down very nice indeed!

I also met other fellow artists in the alley really my favorite part of the con! I will actually add more to this journal when I put up all the posters I purchased and take pictures (moving a little slow swamped with work for Anime expo next month).

We met at first in a different convention. A very talented artist in his own right and has his own manga! I will add his DA when I go through my business cards from the con.

Ah, another amazing artists! Second time meeting once again. He has a very awesome western style! And I actually have his DA so certainly check out his awesome work

Another Artists I met last year. One of the few fellow t-shirt designers I got two of his shirts absolutely love them ^_^. I am not sure if he has a DA account but he does have a facebook page so certainly check out his stuff there!

As stated earlier I will be highlighting more artists when I put up their posters I purchased, and sort through my pile of business cards ^_^

Now for the dealers room! Where hard earned money goes to die XD

The highlight of this years Loot has to be the two final fantasy plushies, Tornberry  and Cactuar. Anyone who knows me personally knows I LOVE final fantasy so it really was love at first sight with those two. I also love my gundam figure! It is not one of those master grades but the detail are absolutely insane. It will make a good mecha reference item for drawing ^_^.

But that's all for now. Like I said earlier will edit this journal later to highlight more fellow artists and of course if you attended the convention definitely give a shutout and say hello XD. We took a lot more pics they are on my Flickr feel free to check them out. We would also be mentioning this convention again on our facebook so do check that out also. Thanx for reading ^_^

Animazement Artist Alley

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 30, 2012, 12:55 PM

Some pics from my experience at artist alley in Animazement Raleigh North Carolina. I will be uploading more to this journal but gotta run to work for now T__T

This blog is a little late (actually really late >_>")...
This is the first of a two part journal entry about my Animazement experience (actually went with my big brother Kevin lots of help!!).

We participated in the artist Alley (more pics to come) But I really want to highlight some of the OMFG amazing talent of the other artist there!! O__O"

Needless to say I paid homage to these masters! purchased their beautiful work and adorned my room with them. I love the feeling in here and the inspiration I get from them.

Here are some of the artist we met
Donald T. McCullough Very friendly dude and amazing artist!
Coey Kuhn Amazing... Just Amazing
Solestio Fellow T-shirt designer!
Garth Graham Western style was a refreshing change of pace!
Danielle Marciniak Her work was featured in ImagineFX nough said!
Chiou Her work is simply some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. My brother and I both bought from her!
Danielle Sylvan Dernoga saved her for last on purpose. She was like our neighbor in animazement. Easily
one of the coolest people I have ever met. Her art style drop dead gorgeous!! (I got three of her work)

I met many other artists I wanted to highlight (but I have lost a few business cards) if you see your art in the photos please contact me thanx! ^_^
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Art Contest

Journal Entry: Sat May 12, 2012, 1:01 PM

Hi hi ^_^
It's been a while since I posted to DA. Just wanted to make a quick journal about our ongoing monthly art contest for facebook fans. The contest has actually been active for a while and we have seen some amazing work! some seriously OMG stuff! But yea we would love more participants (the more the merrier!).  The voting is done by facebook "likes". The top five entries will receive prizes.

If you would like to participate simple join our facebook page and submit some artistes.

ok some house keeping I have not been on DA for sometime and messages have really backed up I will do my best to get to them ^_^"

  • Listening to: Ayaka (Konya Mo Hoshi ni Dakarete)
  • Reading: The Godfather
  • Watching: Durarara, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
  • Playing: Final fantasy XII
  • Eating: more fish and less meat
  • Drinking: green tea
  • Listening to: Ayaka (Konya Mo Hoshi ni Dakarete)
  • Reading: The Godfather
  • Watching: Durarara, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
  • Playing: Final fantasy XII
  • Eating: more fish and less meat
  • Drinking: green tea
I am sorry to waste your time. I just wanted to share this amazing video. You wouldn't believe what this lady can create with sand! ^__^…
  • Listening to: Ayaka (Konya Mo Hoshi ni Dakarete)
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  • Playing: Final fantasy XII
  • Eating: more fish and less meat
  • Drinking: green tea
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