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I've been planning on typing a journal entry up for a while. Guess now is a good time to do so. 
Anyway, hello readers. 
Um... I never know quite what to say... 

I'm Natasha but you can call me Paradox if you'd like.
I'm in my third year of college doing an IT course.
I'm in a serious relationship, it's currently been going on for over 2 years.
I like to believe I'm competent at art.
Writing and singing are my other hobbies. Tried learning guitar, didn't work out.
Um... I have an allergy to dog flea treatment... which isn't great because I'm a dog lover.
Sarcasm is like 90% of my personality. 
I love staffies, I think they're one of the best breeds of dog. 
I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. (I have a shelf on a bookcase dedicated to DW.)
I love Sherlock Holmes based things. (Movies, Games, TV shows and of course books.)
I adore chocolate.
I'm the baker in my family. (And we all bake so that's saying something.)
I have actually been compared to Sherlock Holmes. 
My "Watson" has been my best friend for roughly half a decade despite living in America (I'm English). 
I don't intentionally style jump, it just happens.
I love Bethesda games. Skyrim rules!

Any questions?