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Paradox and British Refs by P-Paradox Paradox and British Refs by P-Paradox
I thought it was a good idea to make refs for these two. Being the creator of one and the co-creator of another.
Paradox is my mascot while British is the mascot of my Dork. 

Space Creature
Like 3 ft of something
Made of matter
Anger issues
Doesn't care what pronouns gets used
Sounds British

Bio:  A small ball of matter that's pretty much just sass and sarcasm wrapped up with a whole load of stubbornness. A creature from space which spent thousands of years hopping between universes and dimensions until stumbling across the Earth. Curious about this blue and green planet, they decided to watch it to see if it was any worth exploring. This matter creature watched humanity grow and invent. Upon realising that the version of the world he was watching wouldn't accept them they searched the multiverse for the correct version to inhabit. It wasn't long before they stumbled across one that looked perfect, they were also pretty sure they spotted a floating eyeball and a wooden box with a face hanging out somewhere. 
   After a few years of hanging out on this version of Earth, they were beginning to feel a bit under-dressed, so they decided that they'd make themselves some clothing, starting and ending with a simple jacket as they got too lazy to make other pieces of clothing.
   It took them a few more years to run into a slender creature with a flag face, as intimidating as the suited creature was meant to look, Paradox just ended up clinging to them because they were bored. Despite how different the creatures might of seemed they quickly became best friends. It's often noted that if you spotted the tall creature the smaller one wasn't too far behind.

Extra Trivia
-Tiny by choice (can manipulate his and other's sizes, although the amount of people that can be manipulated is limited due to a draining effect on their energy)
-Hair tips can end up a bright blue
-Glows blue when in space (and just glows in the dark)
-Can turn human but that form drains Paradox greatly
-Can create shadow arms (typically uses them than normal arms because they're lazy)
-Despite a goopy mouth, Paradox isn't goopy, more squishy than anything else
-Eyes and mouth glow
-Can shapeshift
((A creature called Blinky was Paradox's precursor))

Mr BritishFace: 
Flag faced humanoid
Really tall
Looks posh, doesn't sound it

Bio:   No one is quite sure about the origins of this creature, he just showed up randomly. As a tall and slender creature he often gets compared with Slender Man, and at this point he's just used to it. He's typically found with his friends, with a certain small ball of matter floating around him. If Paradox was to describe their best friend, they'd have to describe him as very friendly and welcoming and extremely polite. But boy does he have some bad puns. 
   Want dad jokes, dirty limericks or just bad puns? Just talk to this guy. Unfortunately for Paradox, their usually around when it happens, they admit they enjoy them, they just make them at times.
   Don't take his kindness for granted though, his patience doesn't last forever. Also, he's rather strong and his claws, while not looking like claws, are sharp and they will hurt.
   There has been times where he and Paradox have needed disguises, Paradox shape-shifts, British has a stick-on moustache. Much to Paradox's annoyance and confusion, the moustache actually works while their shape-shifting doesn't. British just finds it a laugh.

"Clark Kent be dammed, this man has a flag for a face and can hide his identity with just a bloody sticker!" - A very annoyed Paradox

Extra Trivia
-Wears a top hat for fun (but usually Paradox or a certain red panda not in his anthro form can be found sleeping in it)
-Really sharp teeth
-Has no facial features unless his mouth opens
-No one is really sure why he has a monocle
-Wears gloves for no apparent reason (he thinks it just suits the outfit)
-If he needs the time, he'll just get Paradox to shape-shift into a timepiece (mostly a fob watch) 
- "I don't have a shadow, I have Paradox. They're like a shadow, but much more sassy."
-If you hurt Paradox you'd better make sure this guy never finds out
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