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MLP OC - Lore/Lora Mage by P-Paradox MLP OC - Lore/Lora Mage by P-Paradox
Name: Lore Mage / Lora Mage
Age: roughly mane six age
Height: Slightly shorter than Rainbow Dash
Personality: adventurous, keen to learn, doesn't mind trying new things, stubborn, loyal 
Fear(s): Monophobia, Claustrophobia
From: Manehattan
Lives in: Canterlot
Occupation: Librarian/Adventurer
Like(s): Video games with a lot of lore, her job, theories, books, travelling, lore in general, learning new spells
Dislike(s): Large groups, being alone, spiders, small spaces
Poison Joke Effect(s): attracts spiders
Distinguishable trait: Lisp
Story: Lore was adopted into a pegasus family of archaeologists from fillyhood she found it hard fitting in being the only unicorn. While her brother and sister were off flying she was stuck on the ground and had nothing better to do than read. She grew an interest in reading that grew as she got older, she collected books and started off her own small library for her and her friends. Her magic was rarely used as she felt like an outsider when she used it. After her parents discovered a large rare gem they moved the family to Canterlot, because of gaining new friends who encouraged her to use her magic she found out her magic linked heavily to Equestria Lore and artifacts that the Lore contained. Deciding that she would use her skills on one of her parents excavations she found an ancient book which told of the secrets of dragons. She hid the book from everyone so she got a chance to try and read it or at least work out what to do with the book. What she didn't realise was that her cutie mark appeared, looking like the artifact that she discovered. After returning to Canterlot she decided to send it to the Royal Library, after which she was rewarded with a lot of bits for her discovery. She decided to open up a library which had a side business in recovering artifacts for the Princesses. 
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January 11, 2015
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