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  Chapter 7: A Day with Johnny
     Paranoid. That's how I spent the last few weeks. I didn't know when or if Mr Magpie would make his first move. I've been waiting on his call and I think Sherlock has noticed how jumpy I've become over the time period after the murderer got a taste of his own medicine, he's been keeping an extra close eye on me, so has Mycroft, it's getting annoying. At least Mycroft has decided that it was inconvenient to continuously 'kidnap' me and take me to some abandoned building, now he actually arranges visits. “(First), you okay?” Sherlock spoke up, destroying the silence suddenly causing me to jump. “Clearly not… why did I bother asking?” He asked himself before shaking his head and walking over to me. I was sat in John's chair in my thinking position and Sherlock, before walking over to me, was in his chair watching me. He pushes away the hair covering my eyes and looks at me, those gorgeous eyes full of concern. “Do I need to get John…? …I'm going to get John…” He says as he walks towards the door.
“Sherlock?” I say out of the blue.
“Thank you for bring there for me these past few weeks, you didn't have to...”
“I… wanted to be there for you, and I… I… um...” 'That's odd.'
“What's wrong?”
“N-nothing… nothing at all. Want some more tea?” 'Liar… something is wrong.'
“Yeah, thanks.”
“No problem.”
“I thought you were going to get John...”
“…I am…” 'He doesn't want to get John… why?'
And with that… he left. Not too long after, John walks in. “Hey Shortcake.” He says with a smile.
“Hey Johnny.” I reply, opening my arms to which he responds by hugging me.
“I'm glad you're okay Shortcake, but would you at least tell me what you're shaken about?” 'I have to tell him.'
“I-it's- you know the murderer that was found dead?” 'But I can't.'
“Yeah, at the crime scene that Sherlock and I weren't called to...”
“He was after me...”
“So this is all shock?” I reply with a nod. I couldn't bring myself to tell him… I don't know what Mr Magpie would do to him if I told him… I'm not risking it. “Hey lets go get some ice cream.” I look up at him with a grin on my face. 'What can I say? I love ice cream.' He chuckles and stands up. “Let's go!” He exclaims, grabbing his jacket and walking out of the door, I run after him grabbing my jacket and hat.
The day was filled with Johnny and I messing around like we did as children, even scaring pigeons. Scaring pigeons. How childish yet fun! We had three cones of ice cream each before he ended up with a brain freeze and he gave me a quick tour around London and telling me of all the things that had happened in his time as Sherlock's friend. Including a certain dominatrix, after hearing what she was like with Sherlock I quickly changed the subject, and now, here we are, sitting in Speedy's having a nice coffee. “So… what's with you and Sherlock?” John asks after placing his cup down on the table between us.
“Nothing as far as I'm aware of. Although we're certainly not just acquaintances any more. I'm just not sure what it's changed into...”
“I think it's cute that you finally have a crush on someone, but Sherlock? He's...”
“Married to his work.” We say together.
“I don't have a crush on him, where did you get that idea?” 'LIES'
“(First), you're my friend, I know when you like someone, also I listen in on when you mumble as you're thinking, it's hard to know what's going on in your head sometimes… I feel left out. But I'm glad we got to have this time together, and act like a couple of morons in the park. I missed doing things like this.” He says with a smile and I return it.
“I'm glad we did this too, you're an awesome person and I doubt I could find a friend like you!” I grin and him and he replies with his own grin.
Several hours pass and we were still chatting away that we didn't even know Sherlock had walked in and took a seat next to us, or should I say me. “Hello.” His voice chips into the conversation causing me to jump.
“Oh bloody! Don't do that Sherlock!” I say with a laugh. He chuckles slightly and… blushes? 'Seems like you're not the only one who has a crush~' 'Shut up.'
“Sorry lo- (First).” 'Holy shit he was about to call me love.' John looks between us, his knowing smile grinning, feeling smart as he realised something the two sociopaths refused to, and to prove this he grabs both of one of our hands and cuffs them together. My right and Sherlock's left. We look at him confused as he stands up and leaves.
“Have fun you two!” 'THAT EVIL SON OF A BIT-'
Here's a small, more dialogue based slice of life chapter. I felt the reader could use a bit more interaction with John. 
*psst* *psst* Hey, can you keep a secret? I actually make the story up as I write so continuity is not going to be the best. 
Any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment!
Sherlock and the cast belong to the appropriate owners.
You belong to you.
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