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Chapter 4: A 'Unique Meeting' with Mr M. Holmes
     It took a couple of weeks for me to settle into the time zone difference, moving and buying things in the flat as well as adjusting to my new job. Lucky for me only John and Mrs Hudson helped, Sherlock was too busy in his mind palace. 'A mind palace. He thinks so highly of himself. A mind mansion is more practical, especially with modern times. He must be very creative though… I wonder what it is like in his mind.'
     Upon making my way back from the shops, since Sherlock wouldn't do it and John always had arguments with the self checkout machine, I volunteered as tribute to collect the shopping for both flats, well technically just the one flat as there's still a ton to do with mine, like buy a fridge and freezer… John let me share his room with him. I stopped and looked to my left to see the car that had been following me for a while slow down to a stop. The window rolled down and a woman simply stated. “Get in the car.” I raise my eyebrow.
“I'd really rather not.” I say with a small smirk as I continue walking once again. I chuckle to myself and stop in front of the building I now call home. I unlock the door and put the bags inside and to the side of the door before closing the door and turning towards the car again to find the woman had stepped out. She grabs my arm and pushes me into the car. 'Rude.'
The car drove for a while before stopping in front of an abandoned warehouse. The rude woman grabs me again and drags me inside. 'She's not worth my time to deduce.' I thought just before I was lead to a slightly plump man, to put it nicely. “What is your relationship with Sherlock Holmes?” 'Really? This is about Sherlock? How dull… but this man appears to know more than what his body is telling me.'
“Just an acquaintanceship. We share a mutual friend and we live in the same building, I'm also staying in his flat until my flat is fully furbished. Anything else you'd like to ask?” And now he's curious.
“Who exactly are you?” 'Hm… ah… I know who he is. Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's elder brother by roughly seven years… he's smarter than Sherlock, by a lot… he clearly surpasses my mental abilities.'
     “(First) (Last), a childhood friend of John's. I'm a blood analyst, I work for the Yard, I'm a sociopath and I know for a fact you can deduce this from me Mr Holmes. What's with all the questions?” Now he looks really surprised.
“Very well. I want to ask you to give my information on my brother, I'm worried about him. In return you'll get money.” 'Is that all? Then again we could have some fun with this…'
“Fine, I accept your offer Mr Holmes.” And with that we shook hands and his 'charming' assistant takes me back to Baker Street. Upon the car driving away from the building of 221, John and Sherlock rush out curious as to where I have been, but of course Sherlock soon deduces that I met his brother.  
Sorry for the short chapter, just didn't have it in me to write a long one, my dog is going through an emergency spey right now.
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