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     Chapter 1: Prologue 
     Life is... unpredictable, to say the least. You never expect for things to change, that your routine is thrown out of line just by a simple string of events. You expect things to happen and make them happen to your expectations, or at least try to; it's a basic human way of living, but not as basic as fight or flight, I have a hard time believing that there is anything more basic than that simple set of instincts.
I'm getting ahead of myself, I'm (First name) (Last name), I analyse blood for a living! A bit like Dexter but less... murder, well at least from me that is. I currently work in the US but I'm moving to the UK to get back in touch with an old friend of mine, John Watson. I heard from his sister that he runs a very interesting blog, might check that out soon, and that he has a special friend I might meet once I move there. I believe his name is Sherlock Holmes, a 'consulting detective'. Apparently he made the title up himself. The cheek of it... anyway! Enough rambling, I should be getting to the good parts! The main reason why I'm moving to the UK is because Scotland Yard have called me in to help them with a recent set of murders, they have nothing to go on, nothing but blood. And I believe John just happened to mention that I was pretty good at what I do! That must be what happened, or someone has been keeping an eye on me... might have to look into that.
Guess I should inform you about myself... I'm not normal, never have been, my mind works too fast... freak is a common insult thrown at me, if I could even call it an insult, it's so weak. I'm a sociopath, because of this, my 'team' (Which I should just call my babysitters because, let's face it, I do all the work) keep an extra eye on me, possibly because they believe I might have murdered someone. Ha! I could murder someone and make sure no one finds out! I watched a lot of NCIS and CSI to say that. I'm proud of myself. I'm not really sure on what to call this... It's not really a blog... more of a forum... an email without replies? I guess that works...
Well I better be getting some sleep or I'll miss my plane to England! UK and new life here I come!
Two sociopaths, both friends with John Watson, one is a consulting detective and one is a blood splatter analyst who has recently been hired by the Yard. The two meet through a series of strange murders where there is no clues but blood. What will happen to these two perfect strangers? Love or rivalry? Read to find out. (Implied Sherlock x Reader)
Short first chapter but more on the way.
Any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment!
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Next Chapter - Recruited by the Yard
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The funny thing is my last name is Anderson.
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