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To be honest... I don't know how we became friends. We worked in the same office, sure. But I never though Francis Bonnefoy, the office flirt, would be my friend. I'm not exactly the social type. I'd rather be at home on the computer like I was in my teen years, but here I am, 26 and in an office and friends with the popular guy. Although he's popular for all the wrong reasons. He's both famous and infamous here. Famous for his food and high moral grounds and genuinely because he's a nice guy. But he's infamous for his sleeping around or as some put it 'raping' but they have no proof he's raped people, he's not a rapist! He's just a flirt. That's all. I mean, who wouldn't fall for him? His lovely wave blonde hair with that one pesky curl hidden within. His sapphire orbs capturing anyone that looked in them. His stubble that just seemed to add to his handsome look. On top of all that? He has an amazing fashion sense. I guess you could say I liked him... hell you could say I love him. Both are true. He caught my attention when I first saw him... I'm surprised he doesn't notice how I feel... seeing as he's proud about being from the country of love that is France. Despite everything... despite me being anti social and caught up in work... I still notice when he wasn't in for ages... then... he came back....

He walked in, all cut up and bruised, he looked around. For what I didn't know, until he spotted me and walked over. Even though he was injured, he still was himself. At least that's what I thought. He hugged me and started to sob. I didn't know what was going on so I just hugged him back and tried to comfort him. Even though we were friends, he never got this close to me. He knew how awkward I was when it came to hugs, but seeing him like this tore at my heart... I had to do something. Then I noticed... his usual rose perfume was replaced with the smell of cigarettes. I asked him if he was okay but... he started to was as if he was being sarcastic. He pushed me to the ground and sneered at me. "You really think I want to be around the likes of you?" When he said that... I was crushed... I looked to the floor but he grabbed my hair and forced me to look at him. "Hm... you're pretty, I give you that..." A rough and disgusting kiss was forced onto my lips. "Nice lips... soft hair... bright eyes... No wonder-" he cut himself off and walked away. What just happened?

He still came into work but... it wasn't the same... he'd sleep with anyone... his hair became untamed and darkened... his eyes became a violent shade of violet and they became cold and tired... not the warm, caring and full of life ones I came to know and love... his stubble grew and all he wore was old clothing. It seemed as though he only wore one outfit... a dark purple shirt, a brown jacket, a pair of dress shoes and some trousers. Each time he came in, he'd be wearing that. He'd come in with a bottle of red wine as well. Not like that was unusual for Francis but... that stuff... it gets him drunk quicker than a normal beer gets our co-worker Arthur drunk, and that's pretty damn fast. I'm scared of Francis now... but I love him all the same... I can't forget the way he used to be...  I love him.... and I need him to come back! "Oh (Y/N)~" Oh no... I look up from my computer to see him.. the man I love... smirking evilly at me... "Follow me~ I want to show you something" Okay... this is bad...this could end in two ways, either he rapes me, or he kills me. I honestly prefer the latter in this case. I get up and follow him so he doesn't drag me by my hair. 

"You came willingly?" He asked with his eyebrow raised, how the crap is he still handsome?! I just nod my head. "And here's me thinking you were anti social" he stalks closer to me, I would move away but being the baka I am I was against a wall. And he pinned me. "Why can't I stop thinking about you? It's almost like I love you but... love is fake... just a device to keep the Earth populated... so why do I feel this way? I hate it..." he looked into my eyes. "Why do you do this to me? What have I done to you?!" He shouted at me, all I could do was hug him. "What..."

"You made me fall in love... je t'aime" I look up at him. He looks at me, smiles slightly and kisses me. He'll always be my Francis...
Here's a France edition, requested by :iconblue-yellow-cloud:
I think I failed on this one.
blue-yellow-cloud Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
yay it's fantastic! you did great!:clapping: 
P-Paradox Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I didn't really know what to write so I wrote whatever popped up in my head.
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