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"He hasn't been doing well..."
 "I check on him everyday, he hasn't been sleeping..."
 "he has nightmares of that place... "I hope he gets better soon...."
 That's all I hear nowadays. Before the mansion no one even knew he was there! Only me! I might sound jealous, well I am but I'm mostly mad! I'm so pissed off about how only now they start caring for him! Ugh... 
  "(Y-Y/N)? A-are you okay?" Matthew called from behind me.
  "Yeah Mattie, get some sleep okay?" He looked like hell, he had bags under his eyes, his eyes looked dull and had no energy in them. He's my best friend and it's killing me seeing him like this.
  "I-I'll try but Alfred said to not sleep because of my nightmares..." I sighed at that reply, I'm going to kick that American's ass when I see him!
  "How about this, wait until I finished my paperwork and I'll sleep with you, that sound okay?" I looked at him as I suggested that. His face turned red and shyly nodded, oh how I love him. I smile and turn back to face my mountain of paperwork, curse you Ludwig for making me do it in one night...
  "O-okay... M-may I help you?" He asks shyly. I nod my head and pass him a fraction of the paperwork but he takes some more. "I-I'll do most of it, you seem tired." So sweet... I nod again and hand him my pen. Our hands brush as he takes the pen, his face grew into a darker shade of crimson. He's adorable... and I love him... I sigh quietly so he doesn't hear me and my eyes start to close as I drift off into slumber.
 Screaming... blood... pain... demons... the mansion. Why am I here?! I want to go home! I want to be safe on my couch,  Matthew and I eating maple candy while watching Jim Carrey films... but while we were here that wasn't going to happen. My gun in my right hand, and Matthew's hand in my left... we were going to fight that damn demon for the millionth time. I lift up my gun as the demon is about to attack but Matthew pushes me out of the way and takes the hit. I scream out his name as Alfred starts shooting the demon... I crawl over to the injured Canadian and place his head in my lap. He smiles at me sadly... his eyes dull.... he's dying... I've seen him like this before... I failed to save him... again... tears run down my cheeks as I run a hand through his golden, blood soaked locks... I hold him close as his eyes shut. I cry in heartbreak.... he's gone... the demon turns to me and strikes.
 "(Y/N)!!!!" I get awoken by Matthew's pained cries. I pull him close and start humming a lullaby. His eyes snap open as he clutches my shirt. "(Y/N)... you're still alive... you're not dead... I saved you... I'm so happy...." He chanted as he cried into my chest. But what he said next worried me... "I'll get stronger, I'll get tougher.... and I'll murder ANYONE who even THINKS about touching you!!" He exclaimed with a slight anger in his voice, I flinched at his tone. "Sorry maple leaf..." He apologises as he strokes my hair. "I didn't mean to sound so violent..." I kiss his cheek and fall back to sleep... this time it was just darkness... apart from a voice... it sounded like Mattie's but... darker... rougher... eviller.... You're mine maple leaf... 

--time skip--

I'm honestly worried about him... he's grown his hair... he hasn't slept... he's gotten violent to everyone. Even me... I wonder what's happened to him. I sigh and sit down in my chair in the conference room. I was the first one in, as always. Next comes in Arthur, planning to do something to Alfred's chair... again. Then Matt- Francis? That's odd, he's usually one of the late ones. All the regular people come in at their usual times apart from Matthew... what's happened to him? Where is he?
  "Looks like ve'll have to start zhe meeting vithout Canada zhis time" Ludwig started... so begins the 7 hour long meeting of people sleeping, drawing, fighting and being bored. BANG! The meeting room doors fly open to reveal Matthew... in Mountie uniform? He didn't have Kuma with him... he never goes anywhere without his bear...
  "Yo Mattie! Where ya been?!" Alfred shouted with a happy tone, he had clearly missed teasing his brother...
  "None of your damn business shit head." Everyone gasped at that. Matthew walks up to me, picks me up, sits in my seat and puts me on his lap. "Don't you think about moving." His voice... like the one in my dream... evil and rough... my thoughts were interrupted by someone kissing my neck. I flinch at the contact but slowly turn my head to see a smirking Matthew, his eyes darker than usual and they look even darker thanks to the bags under his eyes... he looks so much older now and I don't like it. "You're mine maple leaf." Maple....
We all gathered around the body. It was a human... but they where beaten to death... it was brutal... several of the people around me threw up... Arthur... Alfred... Francis... Ivan... Lovino... everyone... they looked angry yet horrified...
   "Who could've done this....?" Alfred asked sadly... the human had been American seeing as we were in New York at the time.
    "Hmm... a 2P?" Arthur suggested, Alfred scrunched up his nose in the same way he does when he's confused. "A 2P is a alternative version of ourselves, they're things we want to hide from the world. But they can show themselves and come out in several ways, through mirrors, when a nation becomes too emotional over something or when we choose for them to take ourselves over." Arthur explained earning horrified faces from the other nations. "We don't remember what they're doing or what they have done. They seem to be able to block the memories at their will so we don't become affected by them. So the killer could be anyone of us and no one would know." No one would be able to tell who was innocent and who was guilty... not by looking into their eyes or looking at their expressions that is. I sigh and lean against a wall. I notice a scrap of cloth stuck between two of the bricks... red plaid... 
  "Hey look the killer left a message aru!" Yao pointed to some writing on the wall behind the body... in blood... 'I'm coming for you feuille d'érable' ... feuille d'érable... that's French for maple leaf... Matthew!! Matthew... why... I know you've been getting into fights but... I won't tell them it was him. He's my best friend and I love him...

My first reader insert, enjoy.
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BlueWoundedWolf Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
is there gonna be more too this
it's amazzzinnnnggg!
P-Paradox Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! And maybe. I was planing for this to be just a oneshot thought..
BlueWoundedWolf Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
darn it hah
guardianarchangel Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
wow this is intense and epic at the same time
P-Paradox Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really? Thank you!
guardianarchangel Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
your welcome
both canada and 2p canada are my favorites
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