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Alfred, my best friend since I can remember, school's star baseball player, wannabe hero and all round adorkable idiot. What wasn't to love about him? Yeah... I loved him. From his aviator jacket to his glasses nicknamed 'Texas' to his cowlick and adorable smile. We'd always spend hours and hours playing video games or watching horror movies, although I'm pretty sure that the girl is meant to be in the boys lap, hiding in their chest NOT the other way around. But... something's different with him now... I don't know what it is, but he went somewhere with his other friends, when they came back they were covered in cuts or large wounds. And to be honest the sight scared me. I tried asking but he'd just shrug it off... and now... we're not so close.

I waited at my locker, leaning against it. It was the end of school and we'd always meet here... but lately he wasn't shown up. 'Maybe he has homework or a game? No that was last week...' I waited for ten minutes before deciding that he wasn't coming, and left. As I got towards the front doors I could hear something that sounded like fighting. 'Not again Alfred!' Yeah, Alfred's been getting into fights... something completely out of his character, unless it was between him and Arthur but that was usually verbal or between him and Ivan, but they kept their distance from each other. I run outside to see him fighting with... Matthew! Matthew seemed to be defending the others. "Alfred! Leave them alone!" I shout out running between him and Matthew, getting a 'be careful!' from the others, only to get a baseball bat to the face. "ow... That hurt, you dick!" Regret flashed through his eyes, he tried stepping forward to comfort me but Matthew just shook his head and took me to the hospital to see if I had a broken nose.

Some other things have been going on as well... his skin has darkened, his eyes have somehow become blood red... his cowlick faces the floor instead of pointing backwards like it always does, his hair is now a red/brown... and... he's not the hero any more, he's the villain he hated so much... he's a heart breaker, a player, a bad boy, whatever you want to call him... Arthur just calls him a self obsessed man whore... "Hey doll~" Oh great he's flirting with the cheerleaders again... not like they complain, they loved attention. "Doll you there?" 'Heh... they must've stopped noticing him...' "Can you take your eyes off that book for a minute?" Book? They don't read... oh.. I look up to see him smirking. "Finally! You notice me!" No shit... "So prom's soon~" Ah... prom... a time where people can spike drinks make a party more interesting... and also the time where a girl gets to become royalty for a night. "So what do you say?" Huh? "Prom? You and me? C'mon doll we're meant to be best friends! And I'd love to see you in a dress! Make it a short one 'kay?" With a kiss on the cheek, he leaves. I guess I have no choice now...

Everybody was in shock as the news spread throughout the school. The leader of the bullies had been brutally murdered! Well they were bullies to one else... reason why they bullied me? Because Alfred was my best friend. Stupid reason really... It happened after prom ended, she was still in her prom dress with tons of make up on. How could anyone wear that much make up and not be irritated? Anyway... apparently her skull had been cracked open and some other things but they're a bit... too gruesome. Since prom Alfred, now wishing to be called just Al, had become my personal shadow. Not that I minded that he wanted to be friends again but... it was a bit creepy... and the things he says.... "I won't ever leave you again doll... you're mine..." they send a shiver up my spine... but I love him... I can't live without him... not again... He's mine.
I'm making this a series.
Suggest which character I should do next!
blue-yellow-cloud Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014
please write one with France (2p Frane) love the storyexcited 
P-Paradox Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll try to write it! And thanks for reading!
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