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M- E, R, C, Y.

Don't cry mercy, there's too much pain to come.

Poor sad sack unicorn.

Redraw of:
  Sad Sack Unicorn by p-ond

I'd love crit on this if anyone has it
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transformation tuesday had me like
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Gorgeous work, lady. I love primarily-dark pieces, and you nailed this one. It's like the contemplative sadness that comes before rage, visualized. Love this so much. :heart:
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Thank you so much!! <33
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Miss seeing this kind of art from you <3
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I miss making it bruh i rly do
Will hopefully be back to making nice pieces like this soon :>> Thank you!
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i know this is from a while ago, but i have to say-- this is too gorgeous! i love the details in the highlights especially and the shine in the coat. and it looks super realistic. i can't imagine how much time you put into this! i'm super impatient most of the time and i can't even finish a sketch! the hair is so nice because you didn't paint every strand yet it looks very real.
i think there are just 2 things w/ this: 1 is that the lower right leg seems kind of disconnected to the hip (or whatever is the hip in horses) and that the pose is a little off. here: <- i know that that pose isn't really what you were going for... maybe the horse seems a little unstable so both feet should be on the ground? i can't exactly pinpoint it. but you did a super great job and i srsly hope i can paint like this one day!!!! 
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Thank you so much! This piece by far is one of my faves and I'm so happy it's gotten such a good reception!
I've been irritated p/m since i drew this thing about those far legs tbf, i could not sketch them right no matter how much I tried x)
I had originally had a much larger crest muscle like that but on inspection it seemed like her neck would just be wayy long the way i drew it so I shortened it down a tad. One of my friends had nudged and nudged me to keep her back rounded but i kept it curved for aesthetics; a bad move probably because I agree, she looks so unnatural and contorted looking back xD
Thank you so much for the comments and redline! I'm absolutely not making the same mistakes again pfftf
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this is adorable!!!
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wow. since when did you get to like professional masterpiece standard? because damn
because you wanted critique ill say a few things. basically I don't see whats wrong with the neck I think its a beautiful piece of work also that sneaky eye there oh my gosh I love it. I really like the way you've got a light source and reflected highlights :D
although, if you may, the pose does seem a little bit static? it might just be me but idk it looks like it should be a really dynamic pose but the overall art doesn't seem that fluid if you get me? I think maybe its something to do with the hind leg on the floor but i'm not too sure. besides, I wouldn't change anything because FRICKING AMAZING
and holy shit shitmer you can art
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u, u , u youuuuuuuuuuuuu

yeah ugh i see what you mean though like the old one has 100x more movement but 100x more gross anatomy, such dialemma, 
idk what it is, i think it probably is the leg it's kinda awkward out there anyway

but UGH thank u so much you sweet sweet poflo
my favourite poflo

the best poflo

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This is just amazing! omg, literally dying, the way you have done the lighting, and the movement, and that expression

ughhhhh it's perfection!!!
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Oh gosh thank you so much!
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no problem! But seriously, this is stunning!
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this is stunning!
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Thank you aaa!
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booty so fly
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how to heck
i want 2 tell you to stop being so amazing but i want to keep seeing pretty art it'S A DILEMMA HELP

idk art terms but i love how the eye is like the focal point and my eyes are drawn to it
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tell me to keep seeing pretty art

best of both worlds



Thank you man! That wasn't even intentional but now that I look at it, dang, i am drawn to it
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is hannah montana ur fave singer she's def mine!!1!!11!!1!

you're welcome! c:
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your so perfect. 
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