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BNHA OC: Ankoku Mayoi

here she is,, again lol
bio is a big wip because i'm a slow writer but i'll just share what i have so far :')

— Basic Information

Name: Ankoku Mayoi        (間宵闇黒, Mayoi Ankoku)

Name Meaning:
  • "Ma" (間) can be roughly translated as "gap", "space", "pause." It also suggests interval.
    This kanji is present in the japanese word for teleportation, 瞬移動 (shunkan idou.) "Yoi" (宵) means "early night."
  • Her given name, "Ankoku" (闇黒) means darkness.
Kokurin (by her mother)
Zankoku (during middle school)

Gender: Female

Age: 15                           Birthday: October 31th (Scorpio)

Hero Name: Void

Background: TBA

— Appearance

Hair Color
: Dark blue, with a naturally white streak on the left side

Eye Color: Light blue, with pinkish hues

Height: 158cm | 5'2"

Description: One of Ankoku's most striking features is the white streak that differs from the rest of her dark hair; a section of hair that naturally lacks pigment. This genetic mutation runs on her mother's side of the family, and although it was never clinically proven, it seems to have a connection with the family's teleportation quirk, as most wielders of said ability were born with this characteristic.


— Personality

Positive: Ambitious | Brave | Determined | Faithful | Hard-working | Independent | Witty
Negative: Detached | Unruly | Hostile | Stubborn | Moody | Harsh

Ankoku feels her emotions intensely, though she's not one to show it overtly. Preferring to hide herself behind a mask of indifference, she likes to pretend nothing ever fazes her. 

She developed this callous attitude as a defense mechanism during middle school, where she was a subject of gossip due to her being rumored to be a popular pro hero's illegitimate daughter. As a child, realizing her father had abandoned her made her feel unlovable and inadequate – something she'd always bottled up inside herself, as she hates being perceived as weak – and the fact everyone around her seemed to be aware of it was incredibly embarrassing for her. A mixture of shame, anger and pride made her build walls around herself and react aggressively at everyone who tried approaching her. This aloof, irritable character of hers earned her the nickname "Zankoku" (酷, cruel) that her classmates called her behind her back.

Upon maturing, she's no longer as snappy and sensitive as she used to be, now choosing to use humor or indifference instead of hostility. She, however, is still quite cloistered. Her stand-offish demeanour still remains, usually keeping most people at an arm's lenght. While she usually keeps her thoughts to herself as she sees no point in sharing them, she's not afraid of speaking her mind in the slightest, and, if provoked, can be harsh and sharp-tongued to the point of being incredibly hurtful.

Ankoku is very diligent and goal-focused. Pragmatic and determined, she's confident in her own skills and truly believes she can do anything she puts her mind into, willing to cast aside her feelings and using whatever means necessary in order to secure victory in all aspects of her life. This, however, can be a double-edged sword for her. While she often succeeds due to her being incredibly headstrong, she tends to exert herself to the point of overworking and burning herself out. 

She's also very free-spirited to the point of being disobedient, often disregarding rules and doing as she pleases in a sneaky, sly way – as evidenced by her using her quirk on a daily basis despite the notion that quirks shouldn't be used in public, and also her open mind to dating despite the fact her school forbids relationships. She also doesn't like being ordered around and prefers to act on her own, which makes teamwork with her quite hard.

Despite her tough, seemingly unwavering persona, Ankoku can be pretty selfless and sympathetic. Her loved ones are precious for her; she's extremely loyal, protective and attentive towards those she cares about, always willing to be there for them in time of need and put their well being before her own – as she did when she decided to move out of her home because, on her eyes, she'd always been a burden to her mother. With those she's truly close with, she occassionally breaks and shows vulnerability, although due to her having trouble to open up to others, not many people get to see this soft-hearted side of her. Ankoku is picky of who she allows into her heart, as she's terrified of being betrayed and abandoned.

✔ Likes: coffee, sweets, soft drinks, fashion, rainy days, cats, snow
✖ Dislikes: noisy people, being ignored, children, cowards, romance movies, summer
- Hobbies: bass guitar, trying new café & dessert places

  • Drinking coffee throughout the day.
  • Rarely uses bags or backpacks, and she tends to use her quirk to store her belongings– a bad habit she needs to let go of.

— Relationships





Power | 2/5
Speed | 3/5
Technique | 3/5
Intelligence | 4/5
Cooperativeness | 2/5


  • Ankoku's favorite drink is coffee.

  • She loves all kinds of food and could be considered a bottomless pit not only because of her "void." Sweets and desserts are her favorite thing to eat. She's especially fond of desserts with red paste bean such which is coincidentally called "anko."

  • Despite her love for takeout and eating out, Ankoku is surprisingly good at cooking – a skill she learned when she was little. Kouyou usually worked very late shifts and came home exhausted, which pushed Ankoku to start doing a lot of chores on her own to help her mother, amongst them, preparing meals.

  • While her surname "Mayoi" is a combination of "Ma" (間) and "Yoi" (宵), it's also the pronunciation for 迷い ("mayoi") which means "astray." It can be considered quite unlucky, hence why she plans to take her spouse's last name when she marries.

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I am trying to become like her becuase I like this false chracter. Thank you for this article.

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Tengo exactamente la falda q lleva en la ropa casual JAJAJA

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The you oc is amazing I loved it

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Why does she dislikes child. She had some in the future
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Arty z nią są przepiękne, zazdroszczę takiego talentu. Chciałabym zobaczyć moją OC z Todorokim trzymających się za ręce 😍

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wait are these drawings or designs on an app??

Hello, good morning, I wanted to ask if you can please make a drawing in that style of an Oc of mine? I really would like it to look like this in that design style, please if you could do it ?, I beg you please ...

Hello, good morning, I wanted to ask if you can please make a drawing in that style of an Oc of mine? I really would like it to look like this in that design style, please if you could do it ?, I beg you please ...

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what is the drawbacks for her quirk?

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what did u use to make that, like what software

she reminds me of esdeath, from akagame ga kill

Esdeath is a good waifu :>

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She reminds me of that girl from incredibles 2 her power (or quirk wateva u wanna call it ) is portal and her hero name is voyd

Can I be your friend? :3

hello i'm new to deviantart can you tell me which editing site you use for your fanart thanks

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Awesome character and congrats I was on facebook a few days ago and found a anime top list where people give thumbs up and down on whether they agree and this lovely lady was sitting at the top. The list? 14 BNHA OCs we wish were real.

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Oh my god its wraith from apex legends in BNHA thats so cool
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Ooo she looks badass

Lmao in my second language (chinese) “酷” means cool. It even sounds like 'cool'. Japanese is quite different, it means cruel there. Interesting description and personality she has! :heart:

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