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BNHA OC: Ankoku Mayoi [2]

62K Views you probably can tell i can't write and/or make things brief LMFAO
anyway this is yet another doodle i got too excited with and ended up making a whole thing with it lol
this was really fun to do tbh <3 been wanting to do one of these omake pages for a while

    bnha - horikoshi
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Wow this inspired me to make my own oc. She's really so pretty. I really like the style. Might I ask what font you used for her name and the "shiketsu file" part? Cause I can't find it and I really want to make my own.

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If trained and developed right, her Quirk might as well be an invincible Shield against anything ;)
And nobody could imprison her anywhere - since she can teleport wherever she wants :XD: :D

Imagine she could even deflect a Quirk like Aizawa's(Eraser^^) - > nobody could stop her B-)
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She is just beautiful!Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1]  Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1]  Probably the most beautiful OC I've ever seenMonkey love Monkey love Monkey love Monkey love Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon 
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Como amo a tu niña en serio! tienes un talento increíble mujer. En serio, tu niña es perfecta ): <33333
Amo que cuentes cosas de tu niña preciosa, sigue hablándonos mas de ella, es super interesante
conocer a tu bella Ankoku <|3  
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She is so beautiful, i like her ;3
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She's so perfect ! QwQ
I lo-ve it !!! >w<
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we stan a fuckin QUEEN :heart: :heart:
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UGH you're too kind
p-ol's avatar
ay muchísimas gracias!!!! ;____; <3 la verdad que si!! como que en las páginas de omake horikoshi explicaba los quirks de manera "divertida" así que fue entretenido de escribir <3 y eso que no se escribir JAHADJSAJ pensaba hacer la shifuku también aunque me tiene que caer la inspiración jajaja y...pantalones? :eyes: preguntas por algo que escribí? quizás hay un error y no me di cuenta jajaja(?
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i'll never get over how gorgeous she is ;____;
she's so well thought out and her design is stunning
ugh ur ART 
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ahhh shes so pretty!! but i think you misspelled 'thicc'  Eyes 
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thank you so much!!! <3
LMFAO how could i make such mistake
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I love her so much, she looks super good here! Love all the extra info too 
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you're so sweet, thank you so much!! ;____; <3
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I love her so much, she is really pretty and interesting ;u;
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ahhhhh THANK YOU;;
i'm so glad you like her!!
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I love all the quirk info you put! And the full body looks like it came out of the manga. Great job :love:
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AHHHH thank you so much!!
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she looks so pretty!!! and your art looks really cannon ;o;
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thank you so much!! ;__; <3
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you're welcome!!! <33
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