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Be careful what you wish for (Gorean TG caption)

It used to be my shameful little secret that I liked the books by John Norman set on the imaginary planet of Gor (if you don't know them they're easy enough to find - there are now over 30 titles). But as a man I could never identify with the dominant, macho warrior heroes of these books. I always identified with the slave girls; the best books were those half a dozen or so written from the slave girl's point of view. Where was the book about a man transformed into a woman who became a slave girl?

Well it seems I wasn't alone in thinking that Gor would be a suitable place for TG fiction. Over on Fictionmania, Olga Turlovna has posted a marvellous piece of 'fan fiction', 'Daughter of Gor' on just this theme (…) And now Cordellian is following it up there with a three volume work, the first of which, 'Mistress of Gor' is currently being posted there (…) Orthodox Goreans seem not to approve, but I think those two works, if not exactly canonical, are excellent additions to the ranks of tg fiction. This caption is dedicated to those two wonderful authors, Olga Turlovna and Cordellian. 

Another (probable) Gorean captiion:…

The picture is free stock provided by Marcus Ranum, who obviously owns the copyright to it… see also :iconmjranum:  and his Website
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Well, I almost envy Bina her fate.