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Ok, I definitely CANNOT colour chibis!!!!!!!!!!!! X°DDDDDDDDD
Click here to view Original drawing by :iconladydarthorn:. I'm sorry, sweety, I had to do it! X°DDD
R. Daneel Olivaw and Elijah Baley, Asimov's Robot Series.
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D'awww... I think your coloring is really cute!
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AWWWWW! I love those too together. I'm so jelous of Elijah though! HANDS OFF MY DANEEL! >:O
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LoL! XDD They are a strange couple... and it makes them even more cute and exciting! XD
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I'm so pissed at Elijah in that picture....O..O i need to get a life O..O
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Yesterday I saw Sherlock Holmes... and I truly believe that Robert Downey Jr in that movie looks like Elijah. O.O (even if Elijah should have less big muscles ù_ù;) XDD
It was a lot of time that I was searching actors who could play in an hypothetical movie of the robot series, maybe just for an inspiration for me when I draw them, but they found him before me. T_T XD Now I need a Daneel!!! XD Any idea?
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Sorry, I'm terrible with things like that O..O though I always picture Daneel as blonde ((mostly cause he woudl look better that way....)) and in the last book he's in ((Foundation and Earth, i believe)) it says his hair is almost blonde.
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Lol, Daneel is a chamaleon... XDD He often changes eye and hair colour. (I wonder what Asimov was thinking about while writing those books. You cannot write that a character has dark eyes and the next book say that his eyes are blue!!!! XDD)
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OH! So I'm not the only one who noticed that!? kinda makes sense though. Daneel said ((I think)) that his hair doesn't grow. So Dr. Fastolf might have gotten bored with it every once in a while and changed the color and length a little. Maybe while he was doing that, he changed the eye color too.

Personally, I love my blonde haired, blue eyed, Daneel Olivaw ^..^
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LoL... It doesn't look like Fastolfe had much fantasy when creating the look of his androids. Daneel and Jander where identical. So I don't think it's Fastolfe's fault... ^^; Asimov, admit it!! You didn't even read what you wrote!!! (otherwise he could have noticed and removed the tons of hints to Lije/Daneel relatioship... XDD So better for us!)
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pucciosità a palate!
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OMG <3<3 that is so awesome I cant believe you coloured them <3
They look so much better now o_o
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It was so funny X°DDD I'm crazy ù_ù
Anyway you really should draw mooooooooore daneelxelijah >< and maybe colour them yourself, or, if you want, we can make collabs ^^
I think we are the only ones on dA (and of the whole internet xD) who draw this pairing... ^^;
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Believe me, I plan to <3 (just don't blame me if most of it is chibi XD when it comes to fanart I tend to prefer it for some reason) I'm not that good with colours but I'll give it a shot some time. Collabs would be fun ! =O I've never done a collab before.

xD It's a sad fact. that's why we must soldier on and DRAW AS DxE MUCH AS WE CAN 8D
(...I'm suddenly tempted to draw myself a chibi Elijah icon wtf xD)
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Don't know, what you're talking about, I think it's pretty cool ^^ and so cute XD
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Thank you! ^^
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