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:iconp-inko:P-inko posted a status
when I get too desperate and want to vent out some cheesy feelings:

》Roses are red, Violets are blue
He was my crush, and He never knew.
If I had a chance, I would say,
I love you so much, Why can't you stay?
Oh how it hurts, to see you there,
Smiling, Laughing, and wish I was there.
Yes I sound really cheesy, true.
but why do you make me not blue?
Your smile lights up my day, brighter than the sun,
it burns, it hurts, I wish this pain will soon be gone.
I hate being inlove, it just doesn't feel right,
He's too oblivious and uptight,
He'd never get what I'd say,
Not even in the end of the day.
One day, soon I will get over him,
but chances are so slim.
I think I'll never stop thinking of him.
I have low chances of having someone like you,
for there are tons of girls around me who could fit you.
The joy you gave me, I could never return them.
It will never be the same as then,
even when you gave me the least of compliments,
and as a scout, you stood up tents.
you never really knew that,
I cherished every time we spent and had.
I don't mean to be cheesy, you probably aren't into these kind of things,
And shame me for wishing we had matching rings,
With an carved mark of our wedding day, with your name on mine, and mine in yours,
Oh more shame for me for thinking that we'd travel around the world for wonderful tours.

I forget that it wasn't possible,
You could never love someone irresponsible,
Clumsy, and overally too sarcastic, now will you?
Not even I think I do.
It wasn't my intension,
To like you so much with passion,
But how could I not?
You're too perfect to be left to rot.
You're too good at math, tutor me one day.
You are somehow bad at English, I'll tutor you if that's okay!
I carry too much things, could you help me?
You could take my heart's key~
Do you want a pen?
I'd buy you one once the store's open!
Are you hungry?
I'll cook all the food you want if I could, so don't be angry!
You call yourself handsome,
I call you Awesome,
Though you are a handful,
It's kinda painful,
But I can endure it,
One day, we'll walk home, wearing matching caps of knit! 《


Ikr its too cheesy ;;;
I hate having something so one-sided //cri
//cough// bruh I feel awkward now...

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P-inko Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Tfw you accidentally posted this :V
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