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:iconp-inko:P-inko posted a status
i just finished a traditional drawing of the 1-A girls iwi
But when my father insisted to see,, he was all gushing and praising. ( i feel awkward lmao )
But then he was like;; "Where's her head????" Pointing at Invisible girl's body and i tried to explain but he was insisting i add a head. It was like tearing off a character's original design and adding your own design ?? But then i didnt do it but he suddenly acted like nothing happened.
But srsly though, hes still telling me to add Tooru a head and i kept telling him she was invisible.
I gosh im so triggered.
Tfw you drew an unrealistic anime's characters and your parents simply disagree bc they do not know the anime. Big Fool Emoji-03 (Creep Stare) [V2] Fool Emoji-01 (Crazy) Fool Emoji-01 (Crazy) Fool Emoji-39 (Too much feelz) [V3] Fool Emoji-17 (Cries) [V1]  Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 

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