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"Yesterday was history; tomorrow is a
mystery, and today is a gift, that is why it
is called the present."

❝ I'm so nervous ‼ Aren't you too ?? ❞

✧ Cheerful // bubbly // cinnamoin roll // innocent // no lyfe ✧

song tag

Mon Jul 24, 2017, 3:22 AM by P-inko:iconp-inko:

ok ok tagged by: XWesterners-aruX c;

this isn't gonna be hardsu
look at my fabulous username
so short *cheers happily*

but its not as short as nyo-tastic's k-kae'sand it won't get any shorteri feel like I'm just a top three which also means last place in the top *sob* ok i need to stop I'm breaking peoples eyes just by typing theseok ok


A - Always with you [ Hetalia Nordics ] ( tbh i can't find anything haha)
M - Mad Hatter [ Melanie Martinez ] <3
I - I still wait for you [ ??? i forgot ]
Q - ???
U - ???

that was pretty hard tbh hahahaah smh
and i thought i would be quick xD


u guys
dont necessarily have to do this
feel free to steal this ya thieves

100 truths that may hurt me

Sat Jul 22, 2017, 1:00 AM by P-inko:iconp-inko:

stolen from queen bun-niii ❤

001. Real Name : Moira
002. Nickname[s]: Mira, moi, moi moi, ate moi ( but im actually younger jkjkjk)
003. Zodiac Sign : taurus
004. Male Or Female : female
005. Elementary : donesu ( i realised im just a middle school student lol )
006. Middle School : yessu im here
007. High School : im coming for u
008. Hair Color : shady black with tints of brown sometimes smh
009. Long Or Short : medium lmao
010. Loud Or Quiet : I'm mostly quiet, but loud when i aint left out
011. Sweats Or Jeans : sweats man
012. Phone Or Camera : phone phone phone phone
013. Health Freak : *nods shamefully* 
014. Drink Or Smoke:  never pls
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: yeah, I'm surprised he lifted me up once otl 
016. Political orientation: none
017. Piercings: nooooo
018. Tattoos: neverrr ( im a good girl pls don't taint )

019. Airplane : yeah, two times i think
020. Car Accident : nope even thou my father is such a rusher
021. Fist Fight : nope c;;;

022. First piercing: never 
023. First Best Friend : i keep flipping my best friends but actually tbh when i was in kindergarten i was alone ;;
024. First Instrument played: the flute, i think
025. First award: winning a coloring contest in preschool :v
026. First Crush : a weird guy that i never talked to and will never talk to
027. First Language: english c; even thou I'm filipino yeah
028. First Big Vacation : Japan < 3 i miss going there *sobs*

029. Last Person You Talked To : my big brother
030. Last Person You Texted : ah … my sister
031. Last Person You Watched : no one wants to reveal that they have a secret stalker within *hides*
032. Last Food You Ate : corn soup :v
033. Last Movie You Watched : meet the robinsons i think
034. Last Song You listened To : soap c;
035. Last Thing You Bought : correction tape
036. Last Person You Hugged : my mom who just arrived recently c;;;

037. Food : shortcakes c; ( shush I'm not dedicated )
038. Drinks : hot chocolate <3
039. Clothing : soft colored, comfy, easy to wear, probably a sweater xD
040. Book : uhhhhhhh chicken soup ???
041. Colour : red white blue pink 
042. Flower : lily of the valley ? or maybe chrysanthemums or poppies
043: Music : Melanie Martinez and Poppy < 3
044. Movies : uhhh; this is the end ???
045. Shoes :  boots, flip flops, and flats 
046. Subjects : English / Science / T.L.E / Arts

047. [] Kissed In The Snow
048. [] Celebrated Halloween
049. [x] Had Your Heart Broken
050. [x] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone
051. [] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation
052. [] Came Outta The Closet 
053. [] Gotten Pregnant
054. [] Had An Abortion
055. [x] Done Something You've Regretted
056. [] Broke A Promise
057. [x] Kept A Secret
058. [x] Pretended To Be Happy
059. [x] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
060. [] Pretended To Be Sick
061. [] Left The Country
062. [x] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it
063. [x] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
064. [x] Ran A Mile
065. [] Went To The Beach
066. [X] Stayed Single

067. Eating : *tries to reach for strawberries*
068. Drinking : dry drool *wink wink*
069. Getting Ready To : finish coloring an art work
070. Listening To : my parents chat over a game
071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today : draw, go to church, paint, try to improve
072. Waiting For : dinner xD

073. Want Kids : maybe, so i can finally be proud of someone genuinely irl
074. Want To Get Married : probably
075. Careers in mind : graphic artist, programmer, baker ?

076. Lips Or Eyes : eyes
077. Shorter Or Taller : taller; but can be shorter, they'll grow taller soon ( I'm shrinking tbh )
078. Romantic Or Spontaneous: both
079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms :  nice arms to lift me up !! //jkjk
080. Sensitive Or Loud : sensitive 
081. Hookup Or Relationship: relationship
082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant :  both

083. Lost Glasses/Contacts : nope !!
084. Ran Away From Home : never
085. Held A Weapon, For self defense: probably
086. Killed Somebody :  wha-?! no no no frickin way !!
087. Broken Someone's Heart : hopefully not; 
088. Been Arrested : never c;

090. Yourself : sometimes ...
091. Miracles : uh probably
092. Love At First Sight : for some ppl but nah ( i believe that this love at first sight thing says that this person is in love with their looks which kinda makes me a bad person for believing this lmao )
093. Heaven : yes ; u ;
094. Santa Claus :  no ...
096. Magic : sometimes heh

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now : *breaths* yes
098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life : maybe, but would've been better if I were american *sob*
099. Do You Believe In God: yes < 3
100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag five People: @/fivepeople i tag u guys if u guys dun mind

naughty or nice ?

Sat Jul 22, 2017, 12:09 AM
originally stolen from Angelinia <3


- Tag people!
- No lying!
- If people do it without being tagged, don't get mad!!
- Name this journal ____ Antics! e.g. Furea Antics!

[X] if the question/statement applies to you, leave blank if it doesn't.

ROUND 1 - Naughty~

[x] You sleep a lot. 
[x] You don't sleep whatsoever! 
[  ] You have/do take drugs
[  ] You have engaged in illegal activities
[  ] You currently engage in illegal activities 
[  ] You are mostly angry all the time
[  ] You tell people to shut up a lot
[  ] You are quiet, but brutal 
[  ] You smoke
[  ] You drink 
[  ] You're seen as a 'rebel' ( i dunno why but they think I'm miss responsible ?? )
[  ] You're seen as the 'bad friend' to parents . 
[  ] You swear a lot 
[  ] You laugh at others getting hurt

ADD 'EM UP (2/14)

ROUND 2 - Nice!

[x] You're shy and innocent ( not shy much if i get used to a certain person)
[X] You look after animals and those close to you
[x] You're seen as the 'good friend' to parents
[X] You despise drugs/alcohol/smoking
[  ] Your room is clean all the time! 
[x] You listen to your parents
[x] Your personality is 'normal'  (but people call me weird since i speak english, how awful ;; )
[x] You take care of your friends when they're sick
[X] You listen to calming music 
[  ] You're very self confident 
[X] You'll never hurt anyone intentionally
[X] You try not to lie to anyone close to you 
[X] You've never committed a crime on purpose
[X] You compliment people and use kind words
ADD 'EM UP (12/14)

FINAL ROUND - Random!~

State 10 random facts about yourself!

let's see … umm…
1. I crave for art supplies 24/7
2. but sulk whenever i find out that most of these can't be sold in the philippines
3. i love sweets
4. mainly shortcakesu
5. strawberries are bae
6. so are bunnies
7. i can be lifted by a smol guy from my class
8. but i can't lift him
9. i strangely attract boys with glasses mostly
10. and i try no t to flinch whenever they get too close to my face *sob*


1-3: Not naughty, but not completely innocent! 
4-7: In between, but more nice than naughty~
8-11: In between, but defo more naughty than nice~
12-14: Go to prison you naughty creature!!~


1-3: You need to work on being more sweeter! 
4-7: Not absolutely sweet, but it's there.. I guess.
8-11: The cuteness is there! I can sense it!~ 
12-14: You are utterly innocent and adorable!

Your theme songs! (copy and paste links):
*soap ; Melanie Martinez
*Mad Hatter ; Melanie Martinez
*Hurt by you ; ??? ( what was her name again ?? )

I tag anyone who wants to do it ! ; 7 ;</u>


Tue Jul 11, 2017, 1:46 AM


stolen from Angelinia lmao


[x] You tilt your head when you’re confused.

[x] You love sweets and cute things.

[x] You are often confused and lost in conversations with your friends.

[x] People often call you cute.

[x] You care a lot about your friends.

[x] You embarrass yourself a lot with silly question or statements.

[x] You like bright, soft colors.

[/] You enjoy listening to cute, sweet, gentle songs.

[/] You add things to the end of your friend’s names.

[ ] People often say “aww” when you’ve done something clumsy/silly.

[x] You like anime/movies about romance, love and friendship.

Total : 9


[ ] You come off as tough and confident on the outside, when you are actually soft and emotional on the inside.

[x] You often hide your true feelings for someone.

[x] You are caring but deny it when someone tells it to you.

[x] You are protective.

[/] When someone bugs you, you tell them right away strongly, but are still on the inside worried that you’ve hurt them.

[x] You are easily embarrassed.

[x] Compliments make you feel awkward and you always deny them.

[/] You tease and bully the one you love to hide your feelings.

[/] You can be violent at times.

[x] You may hurt people a lot, but regret it right away.

[x] You never cry in front of others.

Total : 8.5


[x] You are often loving, caring, sweet - until someone upsets you badly.

[ ] When angry, you normally hide it until the time for revenge is right.

[/] You can at times, be obsessive.

[ ] People have said you are "two-faced".

[ ] People tell you that you’re nice, but can be creepy at times.

[ ] You scare the crap out of your friends when you get upset.

[x] People find it weird to see you anything other than gentle and smiling.

[x] When you’re upset, sometimes you still smile, even when saying something harsh.

[ ] You can get very violent.

[ ] You love to help people, but often love to help yourself more.

[ ] You like colors like dark blue or light red.

Total : 3.5


[ ] You don’t show your emotions to others.

[x] When you become close to someone, you slowly open up.

[ ] Although you don’t show it, you are easily made happy.

[ ] You care for others a lot, still you don’t show it.

[ ] People think you are mysterious.

[x] You can be shy.

[x] You aren't very loud, rather silent.

[x] You know who to trust and who not to.

[x] You choose which friend you can trust wisely.

[x] You like simple colors, like light purple or white.

[ ] You are rather mature.

Total : 6


[x] You are a shy person.

[x] You are quiet and don’t speak up for yourself.

[x] You look down instead of straight forwards when walking.

[ ] You sometimes go to extreme levels just to get out of public speaking.

[x] You have stage fright.

[ ] You are stoic and not very open.

[x] You hide yourself with your hair at times.

[x] You speak very quietly in case you say something silly or you sound weird.

[x] You are afraid of meeting new people.

[/] You are a hard worker.

[x] You do not have as many friendships as others, but those you do have, you'll cherish it very much.

Total : 8.5

Lmao huhhHH loLI
*blushu* asdfghhh
And also a Dandere ??? Aa *ded
heyo guys wassup
im gonna be gone for a teensy bit of a while and a slightly inactive due to school hitting me with homeworks and cousins hitting me with house chores :iconlazypoolplz:

Oh yeah, and, anything you are waiting for from me may be delayed oopsies
hopfully you guys will understand ; u ; but I'm sure you do !! 
Anddd,, uhhmm good luck to ya'll and have fun in vacation/school/home !! :icontinoplz: 

random question for today,
" what do you think about marriage and stuff like that, like your future and stuff ??? "

uh and buh bye im sure none read this lol

First of all, I wanna thank my lovely friends ( and watchers : D ) that greeted me for my birthday ~ < 3 ( your greetings is already a pleasant gift to me < 3 ) Another thanks to the people who made a gift for me ! It makes me happy that you guys made some time for a lowly person like me ~ 

Here are some of the gifts I received < 3

Happy Birthday Mira! by JADKiwi by JADKiwi :heart:

Happy B-Day Mira!! by k-kae

By k-kae :heart:

Happy Birthday Amiqu ! by Pugishka
by Pugishka :heart:

I couldn't get the others cause I was too lazy trying to fix things perfectly in this Journal, but all of you should know that I love them all < 3 3
I mean, all of em are made with love, so I'm glad < 3 3 cause I don't deserve them aaAArGh

Now, nobody should feel bad for not making a gift < 3 like I said earlier, your greetings and care is already a gift to me ! So don't be upset ~ ( so there is no need to make a late birthday gift ? )

Or just send me a gif of pizza or something that's a great gift x'D

and once you send that gif I can make you a welcome gift and grant you a membership in our pizza fleet For you to join the forces of Pizzaland and become one with the great mother Pizza dough :iconbigheplz:

Again, I thank you for your time and greetings !! *bows*

tagged by :iconengwand: *rolls away to questions*

1. Because?
• — Because I'm just that glorious that way—

2. We are-
• too dank for you to know—

4, did you notice anything wrong 
• maYBE Britney Spears Are you suuure? 

5. Hamiltrash?
• Suspicious Kirito  nuh-

6. Cory in the house-
• wOW
7-  fav fusion in SU
• that giant woman :bademoticon:  no wait, wrong pic— :bademoticon: 

8. Lucky number?
• 7 or something lol

9: I went to-
• a resort where there are too much waterslides T v T

10- horror or Romance 
• Horror—

11. Germanic or Romance?
• germanic lol xD

12.  Where the memes at

im not tagging nor making questions cuz I gotta sleep now, boi

" Just a simple painting can express a thousand words that the artist truly felt as they painted it "

Tagged by k-kae <3

this was totally unexpected ??? But whatever, im bored anyway haha—

Since I just revealed my real name a few days ago, it's Moira~ but you may call me by my alias Mira or by my nickname Moi. Emoji32 

height: 144 cm ?? / 4'8.5 ( yes im a giant lol ) weight... I forgot amg Emoji06 

that's for me to know, and you guys to find out! 

May 11th~ Emoji13 

The very important person:
Emoji35  Uhuhu?~ it may be the rest of the people in the HetaliaTrashSquad , nyo-tastic , Nekochea , xXKitsuneGalaxy606Xx ( a former member in the squad, but I still love her <3 ofcourse I meant platonically ), ofcourse my brotato k-kae and so much more hehe Emoji29 

My <long time> sisters: 
My brotato k-kae Emoji17  and maybe Angelinia ~Emoji31 

 My <long time> brother:
i don't have one Emoji26 though it'd be nice to have one ??

My lil sisters :
ufufufu... Emoji07 Angelinia ? And maybe xBlueBerrii and AikaChan06 ~ <3

 My lil bro-bro:
Emoji33 None...

Other Wonderful Friends:
Anyone I mentioned earlier lmao

It's a guy irl but we can be even and we all know I love Alfred~ Emoji41 

Ever fall in love?: 
Emoji04 I'm tired of doing so, and yes, I do. Emoji28 Now he's ignoring me ever since someone spilled the beans! Emoji42 

Last Text: 
"He will, just wait." / "You're gonna waste gas if you drive here just to fetch me, I'll just walk there."

Longest Relationship: 
me and my irl brother who have been chilling like we're a pair of twins lel Emoji08 

Battery %:  

Eye color: 
black? Brown? And a hint of grey?

Hair color: 
Brownish black Emoji12 

Drawing Emoji31 

Fav food: 
cake, tiramisu, ice cream cake, basically anything sweet since i kinda have a sweet tooth haha Emoji05 

Fav song:
Maybe 'Something just like this' by The Chainsmokers and Cold Play ? And maybe all The Chainsmokers' songs bc my sister is a fan and their songs are quite catchy hehe~ or maybe all That Poppy's songs~ and specially Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez. Emoji07 

Fav Animal:
Hamsters? Cats and more cute animals! *squeals*

Fav Subject In School: 
I like Science, but it never was my best subject *face-palms* and English, I'm the best in English in my class~ I even became the Top 3 in my class!~ *puts a confident face*

Fav sport: 
maybe Soccer lol

One wish: 
I wish I wasn't like this, even if I'm smart and kind, everyone here judges a book by its cover, so they just seem to bully me for being like this. Cause they think it's funny. But if it's them being tortured, they'll know what I exactly feel.

Best time in your timeline:
Going to Japan, and seeing so much beautiful things! Especially Disneyland! And Singapore with Universal Studios~

Country you live in: 
Philippines~ Free Emoji 2 


None.. Free Emoji 1 

Turns on: 
... Switch? *covers face in shame*

Turns off: 
... Emoji20 Everyone I hate???

Relationship Status: 
Single forever~ Emoji17 

First Kiss: 
A small boy (kid) who kissed me but that was on the forehead. Atleast that counts as a kiss from someone not related to my blood. I didn't even know the boy's name! 

Ever self-harmed: 
NEVER. I'm so greatful for my life~

Someone you love: 
S B C <33

Someone you miss: 
A friend who was English in my previous school, returned to England. Oh damn I fell inlove with his accent~ <3

Biggest fear:
Spiders, Donald Trump's hair Any pests actually except for ants.

Something you hate: 
Being touched :0 I have a weird personal space like Japan ahah...

I like Hetalia, Show By Rock!, and maybe a few more others like Osomatsu-san :0

Fav TV show:
Idk maybe The Walking Dead or The Simpsons

Fav movie: 
maybe Zootopia haha or maybe Big Hero 6 or maybe many more haha

Fav book: 
Maybe Divergent and its other books but I never read em yet heh..

Fav thing about yourself: 
Being Corny lol

Jealous of:
My one classmate who's perfect af with her looks and grades! She's bascially the Top 1! (i'm only top 3 //cries) but I don't like her personality :^( she bullied a few people in our class...

Star sign: 
Taurus? :>

100% Filipino ( but I wish to be half Canadian since I have a relative in Canada~ )

Middle name: 
something close to Barcelona but remove 2 letters :0

Worst habit: 

Best Friend Ever: 
... I never had anyone who stood by my side for so long. I had one in my previous school, but she was basically downright insulting me to make herself look good. And I knew that moment is the time we were just friends. Even though we've been friends for 2 school years, I guess I'm disappointed in her...

Embarrassing moment: 
My whole life in Preschool in Kindergarten //covers face

OTP (One-True Pairing): 
Anything as long as it makes sense or is cute~

First fandom: 
Uhh... i think it's Pokémon or Fushigi Boshi No Futago Hime.

Books or wifi: 
Wifi ~ 

Indoors or outdoors: 

Don't have one~  

Other (specify):
Uh ask me if you want—

nyo-tastic minteali TomatoAndPasta 

( sowwy guys Emoji30 just ignore this haha-- I understand if you cant do it~ )

[ Raffle !! ] not mine~

Sat Mar 18, 2017, 5:15 AM

[ Raffle Results!! ]

Tue Feb 21, 2017, 4:56 AM

. • Results !!! • .

Thanks for joing my raffle, it means so much to me !! :bademoticon: :bademoticon:
:bademoticon: even though my works really aren't the best,, im so glad you guys watched me !! :bademoticon: Wiggly text - Thanks 
:bademoticon: So I decided to do the results, its kinda late, ikr, its supposed to be yesterday but... Yeah :bademoticon: you know what i mean, being lazy and all haha —//shot

 The people with the following numbers will win my little raffle yo! 

3rd= 85 | 2nd= 165 | and the 1st place goes to... 23 !!!

I have searched over and over the comments, and the following numbers happened to be ... 
At 3rd place = XWesterners-aruX 
2nd place= CrayCrayVanessy 
and 1st place goes to Angelinia !!! Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 

Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 

Congratulations winners !!! I hope I can do the prizes on time ~ <3Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 

tagged by nyo-tastic <3

.: RULES !! :.

1. You have to post ALL the rules 
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves 
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer 
4. Choose 13 people 
5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags (or can I? //lenny face intensifies//
7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED ( only bc im bored af rn )
8. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks ( ohoho--)

.: some facts yes?:.

1. I am proud of my works, but I point out my mistakes and my pride down to 0%
2. I am childish =w=
3. I like to blackmail sometimes lol
4. I like to clean but you can only see me imagining that I'm cleaning
5. I consider myself stupid and dumb because I think my parents think lowly of me
6. My lowest grade is in Math //sulks
7. I pity and feel bad for ppl too much tbh
8. Kind of a softie lol
9. may seem like a clingy person
10. but is only following someone without touching them
11. has that personal space bubble and doesn't like being hugged to death
12. it makes me feel like Im AmeriPan's love child //more sulking
13. is very protective of phone and gadgets ( although dropping them a gazillion times already )

.: nyo-tastic 's questions ! :.

1. Are you listening to a song ? If yes, which one ?

nope ;^)

2. Cats or Dogs ?

both! ;v;

3. Whats your favourite season ?

either spring or winter if thats what you're talking aboot =w=

4. What country would you like to travel as soon as you could ?

... England ! I heard that it rains often which makes me wanna go there~ and it connects to all of Europe sO I can go to the other countries as well >:3

5. Do you prefer your irl friends or your internet friends ?

both??? i luv them all equally =7=

6. Do you like ice-cream ?
YES.ALL THE WAY YES. When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 

7. What is your zodiac ?
Taurus ( the one that eats too much like rumors ;;; )  Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 

8. Do you believe in love at first sight ?
no? but I believe its first sight makes you like their looks better? geez im harsh-- :foreveralone: 

9. What language would you like to know ?
:bademoticon:  ... ALL OF THEM.

10. Favourite character from your favourite show ?

ahm... idk theyre too many lol

11. Do you have a sibling ?

yEP ! kari is! along with my big bro ofcourse >:33

12. What colour are your shirt that you are wearing right now ?

brownnnnn =w=

12. What colour is your bedroom wall ?

baby blue or cerulean blue ??? they used to be vanilla thoooo

.:mY questions !!:.

1. are you taller than me? Steven experiences a seizure. 
2. do you like receiveing lenny faces?  :bademoticon: Happy Lenny Emote (Small) :lennyface: lenny face Yes Booty (EMOTE) :bademoticon: 
3. how dank are you?
4. how would you rate your art from 1-100 uwu?
5. do you get awkward?
6. aRE you cute?
7. Lenny Face Sans  are you sure you are/aren't ?
8. do you like mary-sues? ( ik what your gonna say )
9. what character am I most like ? +w+ sour cream lenny face 
10. is it better if i stop being so dank and be the nice af person?
11.Cold Egg - Gudetama  what do you feel about gudetama?
12. simple minded or not?
13. did you do this cuz you're bored?--

lol i'll tag later

Created by KathleenMitch

[ some journal for safe keeping of codes]

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 18, 2017, 7:17 PM
hey wazzup ;^) I finally made a some-what decent code so I will decide to keep the link here since I will delete it later orz

yes, its ugly af but this is my first time (/w\) ...



and I found the way to paste my code ;v;"

I'll add others if I can~ bc this coding thing is so hard orz-- btw the things i used for the code?? credits to the owners and owners of the stuff used can take it down immediately ;v;

.: 95+ Watchers raffle~ :.

Fri Feb 10, 2017, 11:19 PM

Hello ! Good day to you all !! (◕▿◕✿)

(〃‿〃✿) Hehehehe~ <3 As you can see, I have reached 95+ watchers!
(♡´艸`) I'm so glad, maybe one day it will reach 100+ and I couldn't get any happier ~ (●´艸`)ヾ

Back to the point here, This is a 95+ watcher journal (˶◕‿◕˶✿) I don't care what that hater says, because that hater will reveal theirselves if the fight to me to delete this journal (◕‸ ◕✿) Say, I can't let anyone's hopes down by just one hater, m'right ? (◕ㅅ◕✿) Oh and this is the first time I did a raffle, please don't hurt me if I get wrong ! (Ŏ艸Ŏ)

(人◕ ω◕) Admit it, one of you must have watched me because of my Fab page, right? (▰∀◕)ノ Or maybe one of you guys watched me for my art, thank you so much <3 (ㆁᴗㆁ✿) 

.: smol rules that has to be followed !! :. (〃艸〃)

• (〃∀〃)ゞ You have to be a watcher ! (( New watchers are welcome <3 but please don't un-watch me after the raffle, that's just plain rude ;;; ))
• Make a journal/Poll or status update about this raffle xD 
• Comment below to enter <3
• Use a japanese emoticon that expresses your mood at the moment! (◕ ω ◕✿)

.: Extra Tickets ? :.

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Remember, this is an art raffle! 
(≖ᴗ≖✿) Not a points raffle, sorry ! I'm not rich in points orz—

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ ) Hopefully, you guys will join this raffle !! (♡´艸`) It means a bunch if you guys do <3

.: PRIZES :.

1st place- Two half body drawing [ no bg ] three little cheebs [still no bg] and a lil gif animation 
2nd place- One half body drawing  [No bg] one little cheeb
3rd place- One little cheeb [no bg]


Please take note that I only draw humans! I can't draw furries, and etc. No r18 or gore too! I'm sorry ;;;

The date the raffle results will be announced on a day when nobody else would want to enter >:3

EDIT: The ending day of entering is on February 15 but you can be a late comer on Feb. 16 ^.^ but you aren't allowed to join once it's Feb. 18 The results will be announced on Feb. 20 ~ <3 ^.^  thanks for your interest~ 

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Journal Entry: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 7:36 PM

Tagged by my good 'ol brotato : k-kae :iconk-kae: <3


*Tag 8 or more people you want to get to know more using this meme.
*Answer the questions.
*Have fun! 

Name: alias?lol Mira ^.^

Star sign: Taurus >w<

Average hours of sleep: about 9 or more hours of sleep, but still needs waking up by someone :V

Lucky numbers: 5 ;v; 1 ;; 7 ye..

Favorite fictional character(s):
Pffft a'ight, if ya say so.. they are Aph America from Hetalia, and Homura from Osomatsu-san =w=

Fave color: blue, white , red <3

Current Attire: my school uniform :V imma go to school againnnnn...

When did you start this account: a month ago, but I've been here for 6 months ^v^

Number of Watchers: 72 ???

What do you post?: I post ALOT of fanarts, and some personal art and gifts and all 'v'

Other blogs: my tumblr, but I dun wanna tell my username since most already knows x3

Do you get a lot of comments?: I think I do?? I'm so happy every time I get them ;;w;; <3

Why did you choose this username?: because it starts with letter 'm' and well, using letter 'q' is rare <3

I tag the following:

i'll edit this later after school  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

w00000W whut man

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 23, 2017, 6:45 AM

Tagged by : Pugishka  =v= yo ~

.: Pugishka 's questions uwu" :.

1.  Do you know any Russian words :3 ?

Ah well ,,, Privet maybe ? I know very little since I'm not learning this language much :0 sorry ! Eh ...

2. What country would you like to go to ?

oh that's hard >:3 I really want to go to other countries so bad D": but I can't decide one =w=" if I were to go to Europe, I would go to various places since they're all connected >:3 but America...

3. What was your favourite cartoon, or tv show, or movie, that you were watching as a little kid ?

Ahm, :"DD maybe Monsters Inc. ? Or maybe .. Disney ? X3

 4. Do you know Good Mythical Morning ?

Never heard of it : P sorry ;;w;;"

5. When you come back from school at the end of the day, do you first do your homeworks and then relax (drawing, playing video games, such things), or first relax and then do your homeworks ?

ahm,, shame me but I relax first and cram my homeworks :"DD

6. More introvert or extrovert ?

Ambivert =v=..

7. What's your favourite element : air, water, fire or earth ?

Earth ;;3;;

8. Do you have a favourite number :3 ?

Yep, its 150 the mixture of number 1 and 50 because.. Ahm the supposed number in the back of America's jacket and he proclaims himelf number 1 ?? Originally it used to be 5 =w=..

9. Do you believe in the horoscope ?

that's tough :000 ahm, probably I guess ??

Mein Questions !! >:3

2. Is there someone you like (( fictional or not )) ??
3. Don't cha think America is adorkable ? ;;//7//;;
4. What cha doin right now ? =w="
5. Simple minded or complicated ??
6. Can you understand this ? [ Mahal ko si Amerika pero hindi siya totoo, Pwede naman magdream di ba ? >:3 ]
7. Ahah, what did you recently eat ?
8. Where the bae at ??
9. I know, this was boring, right? =v=..

IM NOT GONNA TAG ANYONE = P unless ya wanna do this tho lmao xD

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