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[BnHA] Hitomu Yumeko by P-inko [BnHA] Hitomu Yumeko by P-inko
u-u-umm okay this is my first (and main) oc for MHA or My Hero Academia, cause i love the adorable series from the bottom of my heart and from the moon and back ♡♡ , i hope she doesnt end up as a mary sue though... ;A;  I-I'm totally fine if someone wants me to take this down with a reasonable excuse! This is actually like a bnha persona so I guess thats already a bad thing, huh? ;;
Anyway, i hope you end up liking her... just a bit..? >// //< hnnhgh why do i feel like posting ocs is like sinning--

Personal Information:

Name: Hitomu Yumeko [ Yumeko Hitomu ]
        ◇ 仁武 佑芽子
Nicknames: Meko, Yume
Hero Alias: Yume-chan
        ◇ uncreative alias which actually had been allowed by Midnight. Nothing wrong with being original, right?
Birthday: 5/10
        ◇ May 10th
Age: 15 ( First appearance, current )
Gender: Female
Height: 148 cm
        ◇ 4'10 ft
Weight: 54 kg
Hair color: reddish brown
Eye color: pale purple
Blood type: O
Quirk: Dream Creation
Status: Alive
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Occupation: Student
Affiliation: UA [Yuuei]
Team(s): (N/A) / Undecided
CV: ???

Yumeko Hitomu ( 仁武 佑芽子 Hitomu Yumeko ) is a student of U.A.'s class 1-A, training to become a Pro Hero. She is also a fan character of the series My Hero Academia.

Yumeko is a rather chubby girl with a petite stature. She has pale purple eyes and soft brown hair braided to each side, while the bottom of her hair curls in both directions. She also has fair skin and rosy cheeks. Nothing really stands out in her overall looks, some can say she looks a bit plain.

In Yuuei, she wears the usual uniform. The uniform consists of a grey blazer, a cute blue green high waist skirt, a pure white blouse underneath, and a cute red tie that has a small yellow button on it. She also wears dark grey stockings, which are unfortunately tight. It ended up squishing a bit of fat on her thighs, looking like round mochis. She also wears a pair of brown loafers on her feet.

Her hero costume consists of a pure white and dark violet bodysuit, with a pink butterfly just on her chest. Her sleeves reach justat her elbows, and in her wrists are pink bracelets. She also wears boots that reach her knees that has two pink linings on top, and bright yellow soles at the bottom. Yumeko wears a pink ribbon collar that has a matching butterfly, and a yellow ribbon around her neck. Lastly, she also has a brown leg bag that matches with her hair wrapped around her left thigh.

Yumeko is, as expected, a cheery girl with a bright demeanour. She gets easily curious over the littlest of things, as shown when she first saw Midoriya Izuku, she practically interviewed him with how many questions she threw at him. Because of her curious attitude, she can hold up conversations well, even with those who do not wish to speak with her, which eventually led her to being rather talkative. But she doesn't really want to bother anyone if her presence is unwanted. She is usually level-headed, staying calm even in big situations that could possibly end her life. Though many do not see it, she actually is inwardly panicking. She is described to be the "curious Alice" of class 1-A because of her questions and her curiosity leading to mishap in the end, much like Alice had done in the famous childhood fairytale, Alice in wonderland.

Surprisingly, Yumeko is stingy when it comes to money, as she's shown saying she doesn't earn much, she doesn't buy materials or objects she can simply create with her quirk. She can also be blunt and excessively honest, always pointing out flaws the moment her eyes lay on them. Be it from physical appearance, or from actions, either way she points it out whether anyone liked it or not. She is also shown to be attracted to cute stuff, and sweets. 

As shown in her first appearance, she talks casually to people she doesn't fully know well, even talking to reporters from the press naturally as if they were close friends, before getting pulled away. She is described as friendly and easy to get along with, but when they leave a bad impression on her, she gives them a colder demeanor. Yumeko is also shown to be oblivious of feeling anger toward herself, especially when she unintentionally provokes Bakugou Katsuki, which happens almost everyday. She doesn't exactly like it when she doesn't get what she wants, making her described as somehow "spoiled" by Katsuki.

Yumeko is bad at cooking ( atleast, she says she doesn't know how, growing up with doting parents who always had cooked for her numerous times ), but surprisingly knows how to make small sweet mochis.

Quirk and Abilites:

Dream Creation (夢の創造 yume no sōzō): Her quirk allows her to create small organisms, such as butterflies, or objects of her liking. They can either explode, heal or simply just exist. They never last too long, she can always make them disappear with a snap of her fingers. If they stay too long, she's risking her energy. Using her quirk drains her energy pretty quick, so it would be hard to keep her creations while being tired. As she is tired, she can collapse in anytime and any moment, if she overexerts herself continously, she would be asleep for a long time, which can also be considered as coma. She can also make big creations such as a duplicate of herself, and animals, but it takes too much energy, so she doesn't do it.

     ◇ Butter-flurry (蝶の羽ばたき Chō no habataki)A flurry of butterflies emits from her form, Yumeko can decide if they can be used for offence, defence, or support to others. She can make the flurry form a shield, or a gun that shoots explosive butterflies. The flurry of butterflies can also approach the enemy quickly, and explode in their face as a distraction. This, however, gives her a major migraine and silent prayers for her not to pass out in exhaustion.
     ◇ Dream Homerun (夢のホームラン Yume no hōmuran): Yumeko creates a large light pink bat and easily hits her enemies away. Additionally, once her bat makes contact with an enemy, the surface explodes with butterflies, all of which will soon explode as well. This is one of the basic moves that she uses, as seen at the Entrance Exams. But, unfortunately, it takes alot of energy.
     ◇ Sleep Hammer (睡眠ハンマー Suimin hanmā): Yumeko summons a moderately big hammer that can knock her opponents out with a big slam. She usually uses this move when she doesn't want to waste her energy, seeing as this doesn't take much.
     ◇ Cloud-nine (クラウド9 Kura udo 9): Yumeko creates a group of clouds that brings her up to the air, thus the name. This was first used during the Obstacle Race in the Sports Festival.

Perceptiveness: Yumeko can see little patterns or fighting styles when observing. Because of this, she happens to be good at predicting the next move of her foe. However, when her opponent does not have a style of any kind, she gets confused and off-track, trying to guess what they're going to do next.

Knowledge: The constant questions did pay off, after all. She is quite smart and she isn't afraid to ask questions regarding topics that baffle her. It led her to being one of the smart-asses in class. However, her knowledge is only limited as academic intellect. She does not have a strategic mind, and depends on others on making plans.

Power: ■■■■■ 5/5 A
Speed: ■■□□□ 2/5 D
Technique: ■■■□□ 3/5 C
Intelligence: ■■■■□ 4/5 B
Cooperativeness: ■■■■□ 4/5 B


 Yume Bodysuit: Yumeko's bodysuit is so that her body can move freely, and make her not feel heavy weight. Almost as if she didn't weigh alot. It's made of light weight cloth which is also resistant to explosives from exploding butterflies she can summon.

Yume ribbon: The ribbon wrapped around her neck is to ease neck pains that will eventually lead to headaches. The butterfly is a compartment that either cools or heats up when she feels the pain, all she has to do is activate it by pressing on it.
Yume bracelets: The pink bracelets around her wrists acts like an electric shock collar, only on the wrists. If she happens to be woozy or sleepy, receives a small shock from the bracelets.
Yume boots: strong and sturdy white boots that are easy to clean! (What a bonus!) The golden soles have small, but accessible holes for her to slip small creations down without anyone noticing.
▪Yume bag: A small leg bag placed on her left thigh, it contains small tablets that contain aspirin, band-aids, a small roll of bandages, and a small disinfectant alcohol spray.

( ^ Her equipment is a mess and confusing lmao )



Sakkaku Hitomu
( Father )

◈ Yumeko loves him very much. She looks up to him, and admires how he is strong and brave. She always tries to spend more time with him as he gets older. Everyday after classes, she is shown to be always at the phone, calling him with a bright smile, and reporting whatever happened in class, negative or positive. He is always seen to be spoiling her, but since Katsuki pointed out that she was a spoiled brat, she always refused anything that was too good for her, she would only take it once she does something that deserves an award.

Amai Hitomu ( Mother )

◈ Much like her father, she loves her very much. Yumeko always receives well-made bento lunches from her, and she endlessly sees her mother's messages in each one she makes. The lunches are always filled with love, and it never fails to make Yumeko call her mother in the middle of eating, telling her what she thought of the meal wholeheartedly, even if her mouth is full.

Class 1-A

Izuku Midoriya

◈ He is Yumeko's best friend, and she endlessly calls him a pure soul. She gets grumpy when someone gets too close to him, as seen when she saw how Mei Hatsume went all over him. Their relationship is more of a brother-sister one, and surprisingly, he played a good part on being a good brother, for the most part. She hopelessly protects him, but whatever kind of protection she gives is deemed useless, since Izuku will stop at nothing until he was sure those he cared for are safe. Unfortunately, he is the main victim of Yumeko's consistent questions.

Shoto Todoroki

◈ During their time at the USJ, she ended up at the landslide area with him. Ofcourse, she tries to befriend him, and talk to him, but their conversations always end up being one-sided. She thinks he is very "cool", and admires him alot. She wants to be like him, and always tries to be as strong as he can be, until he finally awknowledges her as his friend and opponent, like how he awknowldged Izuku. 

Her respect for him was over the highest building of the world, but when she realized that she might have been following him around like a lost puppy, she tried to avoid him. During the Sports Festival, she was not approaching him at all, which was questioned by a worried Ochaco Uraraka. She only told her that she felt bad for following him around, as her presence felt unwanted. But nonetheless, she still admires him, and she even congratulated him for winning second once the festival came to a close. Shockingly, she got a smile in return. In the end, she still tries to get closer to him, and to her surprise, he ends up trying to get closer to her as well.

Ochaco Uraraka

◈ The two are the cute duo that blinds everyone with bright smiles. They endlessly care for one another. This was shown when Yumeko showed genuine concern for her at her loss against Katsuki. Although the concern was returned when she lost against the same guy. Yumeko is also seen sharing her mom's (or her own) homemade mochis with Ochaco during lunch hours, taking note that she knows that Ochaco likes Japanese foods, especially mochis.

Tenya Iida

◈ Yumeko considers the guy a "cool" friend. She thinks of him to be a deserving guy, and trusts him to the point of voting for him as class representative during the class election. She didn't stop being thankful towards him, thanking him for calling the authorities during the incident of the USJ before things got messy. She also showed concern for him when he left the Sports Festival for urgent family matters. 

Although, she thinks his hand gestures and stiff reactions are rather funny. 

Momo Yaoyorozu

◈ There is no doubt that her quirk can be comparable to her own. Two creation quirks, that brought together two lovely females. But seeing Momo's strength, intelligence, she began doubting herself, how she did everything so gracefully, even in dire situations. Her skills are uncomparable to Momo's, which eventually made her avoid her. She tends to pout in Momo's direction, showing her slight dislike towards her. Her pompous-sounding comment at the apprehension test ruse made her have a bad impression on her.

Katsuki Bakugou

◈ Yumeko unintentionally provokes him by pointing out flaws in his actions, making him dislike her greatly. She also claims that he wouldn't be the "Number one" because he hasn't done anything to prove that he is worthy of such title yet. Yet despite his aggressive (yet improving) attitude, she can't help but poke him for fun, his outbursts are described to be "funny" and "entertaining". He happens to be the second main victim of her endless amount of questions. 

On the other hand, he thinks she's plain annoying, personality-wise. Although her presence is more than welcome when there are battles, as he sees her as a strong female, whom can improve in endurance and become better... strength-wise. Overall, in his eyes, he still sees her as an annoying side character whom he calls "Butterfly Bitch" with no intention of changing that given name. Since she hangs around with "Deku", he tends to glare in her direction.

[ TBA ] ( if you want your oc to befriend her, just ask! :3 )


▪Her name, 仁武 ( Hitomu ), literally means "one dream", and the name itself is masculine. Her hero name, 夢 ( Yume ) means "dream".
         ▪Her first name, 佑芽子 ( Yumeko ), means "dream child".
▪ She loves dango and mochi, to the point of learning how to make mochis, and is currently still learning how to make dango.
▪ She has a liking towards butterflies, thus the reason why she summons them most of the time, whilst she could also make bees and other insects, and possibly some small creatures like bunnies.
▪ cockroaches are literally the only things that make her scream and scared, otherwise she had seen something more horrifying than those nasty bugs.
▪ Her birthplace is Kanagawa Prefecture, since I have been there myself, and it's really nice there.
▪ She likes watching the sky, and looking at Mt. Fuji out the window of her home. She also likes doodling small drawings of her friends.

"Why are you so brave? Can you teach me how to be like you? I'm curious, how do you do it?"
Yumeko to Izuku, in "Curious Alice".

OH GOD //hides face//
I DID ALOT OF RESEARCH AND MADE SURE NO OTHER FCs HAD THE SAME QUIRK ( to be original c: ) THE NAME IS SUCH HARD WORK. Andmakingfakescenarioshnnnghifeellikeisinnedsobad--

Anybody confused on her personality? Cause i am too Clapclap 
I just had to make her dislike someone, Im so sorry Momo TAT I also made her like Shoto so that things wont be weird with my self-insert ships //crai but seriously, this oc is like me so its basically just changing minor stuff from myself

I hope you like her though... hehe squee♡♡  

Character template (c) dre-uhh
Character (c) P-inko 
BNHA (c) Kohei Horikoshi
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