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Let's Dance Into The Fall

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This is beautiful.
Dis is graphics... But highly exceptional and inspiring...
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im making a flyer that is simmular to this for a class project.
dod you mind?
V1sualPoetry's avatar
which software was used? 3ds? c4d? etc..
kwei-kofi's avatar
very inspiring
yourischapendonk1993's avatar
what progam did you use?
yellowfeather20's avatar
hey this is waaaayyyy too cool! :D how to do this?
Mimix-art's avatar
bonjour de Paris France
devender191's avatar
very nice effect !
mrcaffo's avatar
this is sick! Love it!
blueDragooon's avatar
Gefällt mir sehr gut, wurde der 3D Text in Cinema estellt und der Rest in PS?
yvedria's avatar
kickass dude....great artwork 2 thumb
mozasones's avatar
great!didi u using Illustrator only?
mrkite12's avatar
tight. i like it.
wly201's avatar
Wow cool special
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rodrigozenteno's avatar
very well done, nice colors and comp!
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Very tight and slick work here.
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which program did u used? I am looking for some Mac programs.. any advice? :)
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