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Light and Shadow Elves put forward by :iconediephoenix: should be submitted to the main galleries not 'Other Pointy Ear Races' as they are elven in origin. For more information on these new elven races SEE HERE

It's great to see that so many of you have taken our pointy ear folk to your hearts and that you are developing your own races. Tis a beautiful thing to see in action :happybounce:  

Please continue to send in your races to be added to our accepted species list . Simply drop me a :note: and I will get them added for you. Don't forget to provide the all important back story ;)

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Group Charter & Submission Guidelines

This group is for P.E.A.S. (Pointy Ears Appreciation Society) everywhere. You know who you are :D


Donation Pool:

We are hoping to make this group into a Super Group. Please give as much or as little as you can afford below to allow us to take this group to the next level. So we can give you good people the best experience possible :woohoo:

300 of 4,796 DA points are needed…

Thank you :hug:


Are you nuts about elves... doolally about drow... then your in the right place :woohoo:

Please feel free to post the following elven (and elf-like) races here:

:bulletyellow: Elves, Light Elves and Shadow Elves

:bulletyellow: Half Elves (i.e. half human)

:bulletyellow: Blood Elves

:bulletyellow: Drow

:bulletyellow: Fairies (With elven feat) Post in 'Other Pointy Ear Races'

:bulletyellow: Naga (With elven feat) Post in 'Other Pointy Ear Races'

:bulletyellow: Vampires (With elven feat) 'Other Pointy Ear Races'

:bulletyellow: Cyborgs (With elven feat) Post in 'Other Pointy Ear Races'

:bulletyellow: Sylvians (An elf-like race) 'Other Pointy Ear Races'

:bulletyellow: Causvians (A half elf-like race) 'Other Pointy Ear Races'

Note: Others galleries can be added upon request :)



We do not permit any form of nasty or rude behaviour towards our staff or members. Trolling is totally prohibited. Your comments and/ or image submissions should always comply with DeviantArt's own code of practice and etiquette policy. Persons found to violate the said policies will be banned and reported to DeviantArt for their conduct.

Gallery Submission Guidelines:

1) This group accepts both 3D and 2D imagery of elves (and elf-like races) of all types. In order to post here your image must contain at least one visible elven (and elf-like) ear. If for any reason you are unable to display the one elven ear you will need to include a write up of your characters origins to explain.

2) All submitted artworks must be of the highest standard possible and your very best work, and be deemed complete so far as the individual artist is concerned. We do not accept any works-in-progress images. That said we do accept step-by-step images that show a workflow or tutorial pictorially.

3) Only non adult images are allowed. Tasteful nudity is permitted. This is at the discretion of our staff. WE DO NOT ACCEPT IMAGES HERE THAT DEPICT UNDER AGED ELVES OR THAT USE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING 3D MESHES: HIRO 3/4, DAVID 3 (IF MADE TO LOOK LIKE A CHILD), LUKE OR THE MILLENNIUM BABY/3.

4) At present we are not limiting the number of daily submissions. Though this may be revised in the future.

5) How do I get my image into the 'Featured Gallery'. Our group staff will vote on a Sunday which images (One from each category) will be featured for the next seven days. The image is changed every Monday. So make those ears really perky and you too could be a featured artist next week.

Literature Submission Guidelines:

1) This is the only folder that is moderated. Due to us having to read through them. To ensure that the stores actually are elven (and elf-like) in nature.

2) As with our 'Gallery Submission Guidelines' we do not accept stories that are just plain pornographic. The story must have a balance between story and any intimate scenes, they must be justifiable. In other words the story can not be just a sex fest.

Both our charter and submission guidelines are subject to change without prior notification. So please ensure you are fully aware of them at all times.


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