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By P-Chan93
EDIT: please redownload her if you downloaded her before...i fixed some glitches

VIDEO:… (if you want to see her in action+her voice and so XD)

sooo yeah im still surprised that there isnt "original" model for seriously,shes beautiful,not to young not to old just perfect,i love her
so here goes new better model for her

when you use her credit P-Chan93 and DarkAngelAlhena since i used some parts from her clara cause its almost impossible to find nice shirt that you can put for download xD

and also big thank you to PikaDude and SannePyon for helping me fix the arms and the top and to TotodileDash for helping me with textures,i suck at textures xD
credits for the parts are in the model and video,enjoy
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Gmod port please

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When I see this model *gir crying voice * "I...I love you."
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Awesome, she is beautiful <3
CrossSCV's avatar
Is it ok to recolor her?
P-Chan93's avatar
sure,if she stays as clara
CrossSCV's avatar
Does it have to be Clara or can it be a character base on Clara, like how Akaito is base on Kaito?
P-Chan93's avatar
can be based too
CrossSCV's avatar
honeylen's avatar
don't speak Spanish got clara for $70 let's see how this goes thank you for the model
P-Chan93's avatar
oh you gonna try making some songs with her? neat,good luck
also theres updated version of her
honeylen's avatar
i used her for back up on my oliver tailor shop song the one luka sings
CantarellaHelena's avatar
Clara YAY! ¡Gracias!
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awesome model c:
P-Chan93's avatar
oh? thanks .w.
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I'm also having issues with the model. Her hair is gray no matter what I do in PMDeditor. (For some reason it shows up fine in PMDeditor but not in MMD) I don't really understand what the other person did to fix it, but I downloaded the models from your comments and the same thing happened. Halp?
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eh? seriously?! works fine with me oAo

did you tried to rename the texture and then rename it in the pmd also?
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Yep. I renamed it in both. And like I said, it looks fine in PMDediter, but not in MMD. It's really weird... And disappointing, because otherwise the model is fantastic. ):

Oh well, I guess I'll have to go without the texture and change her hair color or something.
P-Chan93's avatar
what type of MMD you have? this tends to happen when you have old version od MMD

try download the latest one?
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Sorry but no problem in the texture of the hair is gray and dark brown.
Take a picture here.

P-Chan93's avatar
really? weird
try this? [link]
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Nag, no nothing. Is it my MMD? Maybe because I have the versión; "7.41", which is the last one left?
I have an idea. Why not get the downloads to see if the download version is good really?
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