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Female Armor Rhetoric BINGO (PDF)



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A week after successfully publishing the Female Armor Bingo, I present to you its spin-off: Female Armor Rhetoric Bingo!
Female Armor BINGO (dowloadable PDF) by OzzieScribbler Female Armor Rhetoric BINGO (PDF) by OzzieScribbler

This card refers to the defenses/apologia that’s used against the critique of skimpy female warrior outfits.
I did my best to collect the most pervasive arguments used to justify bikini armors and similar costumes.

When using the bingo card, PLEASE stick to the Rules and Terms:

These cards are intended only for personal use. If you wish to use them commercially or incorporate them or a derivative product into a commercial product - please contact Ozzie Scribbler on Tumblr or DeviantArt.

You’re free to use the Female Armor Bingo and the Rhertoric Edition card to critique, snark, assess or judge any commercial creative works intended for mainstream consumption. However, please assure you do not alter them in any way that obscures or removes credit from the original creators.

If you share your marked up bingo cards on Tumblr we encourage you to tag them with “female armor bingo” so that we can find them.

Blank Female Armor Bingo cards are NOT public domain or have Creative Commons license.

Do not distribute blank bingo cards by starting a new post, emailing them out, rehosting them or otherwise setting them up in a location away from Bikini Armor Battle Damage.  If you wish to share them with other people please use thumbnails and links to the cards at either Bikini Armor Battle Damage on Tumblr (Rhetoric Edition) or Ozzie Scribbler (Rhetoric Edition) on DeviantArt.

Very special thanks to ami-angelwings of eschergirls fame for suggesting back in 2013 to make two bingo cards (original unpublished version was a mix of the tropes and arguments defending them).

Designed in CorelDraw by yours truly

As with the original bingo card, special thanks to the people who helped me to come up with square contents and revisions: Ami from eschergirls, Tica from @repair-her-armor, psdo of costumecommunityservice, Ryan ‘Jabberwock’ C. and my friends who didn’t want to be credited by name!

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Also all of these responses are purely rational responses to ugly feminist's insanity. Plus I would argue that women prefer sexualized character designs as well. It is why games like New World with covered up masculinized women have a low to nonexistant female player base where as games like Final Fantasy have a huge female player base and they design their characters as default Venuses wearing bikini armor. Women even like to strut in that game in places like Limsa Lominsa wearing bikini armor.

Again while I loathe Rush Limbaugh and I hate all Conservative Christians he was right that feminism is essentially a movement to grant ugly and undesirable women access to the mainstream of society. I would also add that it is created by ugly women to eradicate sexualized women who look better than them from all levels of society. As feminists are pretty much Diana Moon Glampers from Harrison Bergeron IE desiring to eradicate all sexualized women that look better than them.

Bottom line sexualized women and men sell because most women desire to be sexualized Amazons in sexy bikini armor like men want to be sexualized Barbarians in fur speedos.