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Female Armor BINGO ver. 1.1 (dowloadable PDF)

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Edit 1 March 2015: Bingo got an update! Now the main file is version 1.1!
Version 1.0 is still available here in scraps.
The PDF file contains both version 1.1 and 1.0 (second page).
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As a special present for my Bikini Armor Battle Damage blog's first anniversary, I present to you: Female Armor BINGO!

Use as a reference to quantify how ridiculous a female armor is.

For the record: the game refers to the context of wearing skimpy "armors" for battle (any other context, like cosplay, is excluded).

When using the bingo card, PLEASE stick to the Rules and Terms. Here's an excerpt from the rules:

These cards are intended only for personal use. If you wish to use them commercially or incorporate them or a derivative product into a commercial product - please contact Ozzie Scribbler on Tumblr or DeviantArt.

You’re free to use the Female Armor Bingo and the Rhertoric Edition card to critique, snark, assess or judge any commercial creative works intended for mainstream consumption. However, please assure you do not alter them in any way that obscures or removes credit from the original creators.

If you share your marked up bingo cards on Tumblr we encourage you to tag them with “female armor bingo” so that we can find them.

Blank Female Armor Bingo cards are NOT public domain or have Creative Commons license.

Do not distribute blank bingo cards by starting a new post, emailing them out, rehosting them or otherwise setting them up in a location away from Bikini Armor Battle Damage.  If you wish to share them with other people please use thumbnails and links to the cards at either Bikini Armor Battle Damage on Tumblr (Rhetoric Edition) or Ozzie Scribbler (Rhetoric Edition) on DeviantArt.

And now the game has a spinoff: Female Armor Rhetoric BINGO!
Female Armor BINGO (dowloadable PDF) by OzzieScribbler Female Armor Rhetoric BINGO (PDF) by OzzieScribbler

Note: Version 1.0 still available in scraps:
Female Armor BINGO ver. 1.0 by OzzieScribbler 

Designed in CorelDraw by yours truly

Special thanks to everyone who agreed to consult me in creating this game! Ami from eschergirls, Tica from repair-her-armorRyan ‘Jabberwock’ C., Jenny Islander and many of my friends who want to remain unnamed. Your revisions were a big help!

© 2014 - 2021 OzzieScribbler
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Weird-Bug's avatar

I showed this to my partner, who mused "weinerplate." I'm strongly encouraging him to follow through with an illustration.

FireOphan's avatar

I first heard about your... ahem, interesting bingo from Kiwi Farms.

bunny75's avatar
Is it possible to create armor which checks every box in one go?
TamaraADuncan's avatar

stop making me want to try.

Borghen's avatar
Tv Tropes took me here.
Articuno32's avatar
Well, I'm glad I'm not alone when I hate on bikini armours.

Might wanna check this out:…
It makes a load of sense.
Loanet's avatar
It's almost hilarious to look at the lack of imagination in the outfits of Mortal Kombat females. Do they ALL have to have bikinis and tiny thongs? It's all about Tee and Ay, and getting away with as much (or as little!) as possible, to the point where the next step is probably using three one-pound coins and some glue to dress them. In comparison a lot more thought goes into male design. Even Sonya Blade has become increasingly scantily clad and she's meant to be a Special Agent, not one of Shao Khan's whores.

Did I say hilarious? I meant depressing.
Hro-Talak2's avatar
I would like to provide you with that Mortal Kombat females, starting with 'Mortal Kombat X' in 2015, have started wearing more conservative attire. This is due to NetherRealm Studios decision for their games This change even applies to Sareena and Mileena, both who wore revealing before (Fun fact: Sareen's first appearance made Mileena loom conservative). Go to the Mortal Kombat Wike and type any female Character's name with "/Gallery" immediately after (no spaces). The female characters that support my evidence are: Kitana, Mileena, Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs Frost, Sareena, Skarlet, Jade, Tanya. Cetrion and Kronika make their debut in 'Mortal Kombat 11' in 2019.
Hro-Talak2's avatar
Have you not seen there alternate costumes, or their leotards from MK3?
Loanet's avatar

Heh... Did you read the article about MK11 Fanboys? They're complaining that Sonya Blade is looking kind of 'plain'. Apparently she looks like a transexual now and they're blaming feminism for her wearing clothes that don't look like they've been attacked by a fashion-conscious cheese-grater. She looks pretty fine for somebody who's 51.

Isn't the idea of MK that you can split your enemie's head into three pieces and remove all their blood from their bodies, not that the women have DDs complimented with gaping boobwindows?

Of course not all guys are gonna be boob-driven 15-year-old creeps pretending to be 18, most are in it for the sadistic violence and fountains of blood. The writer's clearly giving us the 'cream of the crop'.

But this is why ACTUAL feminists can't have nice things. Also because of SJW thinking equality means dragging other people down, and then calling themselves feminists.

Hro-Talak2's avatar

I read it, but do you appreciate the female characters’ outfits for both MKX and MK11? And what about some of their alternate outfits from previous games? (I.e.: Frost’s primary costume from “Armageddon”.) Check the Mortal Kombat Wiki for examples.

dsfisher's avatar
I'd argue that sharp ornamental pieces are not unique to bikini armor, most fantasy armorers use it
OzzieScribbler's avatar
So is lack of helmet. 
Not all squares on this bingo are supposed to be exclusive to bikini armor, but their absurdity and impracticality is always more prominent on a scantily clad lady than reasonably armored dude.

And the square you're referring to says specifically "Sharp ornamental edges that can pierce skin.", as in the wearer's skin. We're not talking about any ridiculously pointy armor (like, say, Sauron's in the movies), we're talking about "armor" that's spiky and shows a lot of bare flesh vulnerable to those spikes.
dsfisher's avatar
completely agree
Scrap-Lord's avatar
Whats wrong with boobplate ?
dsfisher's avatar
It directs any incoming blows towards the center of the chest
Scrap-Lord's avatar
"any" is a bit of a stretch since boob plate is round so has the same chance of glancing off to the side as it is to the chest.
unless you're aiming vertically right between her tits its about as much of a problem as on any chestpiece
dsfisher's avatar
No, other chest plate designs help avoid this, but boob plate not only increases the odds of an enemy hit, but also makes the armor more likely to be pierced
Scrap-Lord's avatar
other designs avoid what exactly ?
being hit ?
Scrap-Lord's avatar
I know how armor looks like, and if you want to frank. you can say the same thing about the belly fold on the second example you've given me.
By no means I disagree with you.
But when it comes to fictional "female" armor I'd rather be covered entirely in bookplates over, the standard issue greves pauldrons and metal bikini.
dsfisher's avatar
Yes but boobplate is still far, far inferior to quote unquote normal armor
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EcofriendlyNotebook's avatar
Having 'fashionable' armory for women seems to be unrealistic 
like, thongs, underboob and more skin/skimpy can be vulnerable for battle. If you see a character who made a BINGO  there, 101% she wouldn't survive but if she did, it's probably her powers or complete luck

tbh, for how many characters I have seen with skimpy armor would made a lot of BINGOs
Son-Neko's avatar
So Many Bingos, I can't lose!
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