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Moonlite Paul Bearer

Another of my work of Paul Bearer, under moonlight.
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Without doubt or question, the greatest manager ever! This picture is awesome and eerie at the same time. In #18 of the Plots-n-Tombstones (PNT) Newsletter June 1999 I had done a series of illustrations of UT, Kane, & Uncle Paul dressed in priestly robes and this picture made me think of it.
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Hey, We can be friends (if you have friendster: No doubt I loved Bill from his first day, even though he kicked my ass out of his forum for being too fanatic of him. I still loved Paul Bearer and Bill Moody no matter what, thanks for the acknowledgments, really appreciate it.
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Did he really? Perhaps you were a tad too suffocating maybe? I dunno. I’m guessing, as Bill is often very generous and admiring of his fans that it seems odd for him to do that. You’re best bet is to keep in mind that he is really just a normal man with a family and a life and to try your best to separate the two realms. He hasn’t had his messageboard in many years now so what you might do is write an email of apology and just say that you were there when he had the messageboard on his site, that you think things got out of control, and may have given the wrong impression somehow, and that you’re sorry if it did. Then just leave it as that. It would give you some peace of mind if nothing else.

Mmm.. Not friendster, but I do have yahoo messenger. You can reach me at ‘’ if you’d like.
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Shinjuchan, thanks

I really really love Paul, I will asked for his forgiveness some time later.

Paul Bearer, however, a dear one who revived my love to draw the second after Batman's Penguin...
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Yeah. Just remember what I said. He’s just a normal man who just happend to have a really awesome job sometimes. He’s quite fond of his fans just as long as you’re level with him. ^^
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A fine tribute to the manager of the greatest wrestler in the world! It suits him.
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Hello Kerjanya Fijitinea, Thank you for uracknowledgements. Looking forward to know you personally.

Please visit my Friendster page and be in my friend list too!!


Thank you,
your fellow art-friend,

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