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June 10, 2021
Sunshine by ozziebirons
This piece had me at "Liquid diamonds" from a beautiful opening to close. 
Featured by Evangeline40003
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Liquid diamonds
Facets afire with life
Poured out as a blessing for all
Cinquain - it is a very sunny morn
© 2021 ozziebirons
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Beautiful work! Just Beautiful!!! :love: Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
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Hi LindArtz - thanks - to be honest though, I had to look up what a DD was. Could you shed any light on Llama badges - when I receive one, I have the option to "give back" - is giving back rude? Or is it saying thanks - here is one for you as well?

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Hi @ozziebirons ! And yes, that's pretty much it, regarding llama badges. :) Of course, you are not obligated to give one back though, ever, but it's nice to do I think, if someone is giving you one.

And here's a bit more info on what a DD is; and how you can go about suggesting one yourself, if you like. :)


A DD is special recognition DeviantArt awards daily, to a few carefully selected members whom they feel their artwork should be brought to the attention of the community at large. It's a very high (and coveted) honor. ! ^^ Chosen deviations stay 'featured' for an entire 24 hours, and additionally, receive a permanent ribbon of recognition on the chosen artwork for all to see stating it is a Daily Deviation.

Did you know that anyone can suggest a daily deviation? If you see a wonderful work - or gallery, which you feel worthy, and that you think others might enjoy as well, just make your suggestion to the appropriate CV (community volunteer), shown in the link below, who handles it. Additionally, one can suggest one's own work to be featured. In fact, DeviantArt encourages that we do so; for who better than one's self, to promote one's own artwork? And many self suggestions have indeed been selected!

Click the link below if you are interested and read all the rules; scroll down and choose the appropriate volunteer whose position matches the genre of art you wish to suggest.

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An under stand able

An reach able

Un love able

An cry able

An laugh able

An talk able

An work able

An sick able

An out able

An home able

An sky --------> hole -----> light ✓✓

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