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Fender Jag-Stang v2

All new and improved.. :-) (Smile)
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pretty sweet.... but wheres the pick up switches? hehe
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mmm pretty. lovely work
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Ohh! I would kill for one of those. You should do a Gibson Les Paul, like BB. King's Lucille - I dunno if you've done others, I'll just go check out your gallery :]
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I love you dude! Jag-Stangs ROCK! And so did the great guy who designed it in the first place! May God rest his sexy soul! He was the Dude of all Dudes! The greatest Whatever Dude to walk the face of the Earth! And had the greatest band to ever exist! :nirvana:

Love the pic! You must have spent like, AGES on it for it to look that good! Its practically like a PHOTO! Do a left-handed red one!!
I'm adding this to my faves!
Sweet life!
PS. NIRVANA ROCK!!! :nirvana:
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A little Beauty ! I think you would like the Danelectro Guitar !
I'm sure Ozzy would make a fest with this guitar ! :) (Smile)
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fuck yeah.. thats absolute brilliance Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
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jagstang is my fav. guitar!

this goes in my favs!!!!

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awesome work! +favs
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Awesome modelled!!
Im very impressed with this guitar :) (Smile)
I like play electric guitar, and this seem real :O (Eek)
Very good job, regards
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very good.. but if you have the mesh, then you have the power.... and why only 800*600?.. plz more big.. ;) (Wink)
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OH MY GOD MAN, THAT'S GREAT, LOVED LOVED. why don't you make one in black with some stickers????? :D (Big Grin)
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Very realistic. :) (Smile)
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dude that is insane! sweeet! what's next? a telestrator?
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I've got to do a blink test, but I think I like the old one (current wallpaper actually) better.
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omg. i don't think the real things even look as well as this does! and those are one of my fav. guitars!
*insert nifty quote here*
[ 4 x 6 ]
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this is soooooo sweet, good job :) (Smile)

the only thing i want to point out: the outer edge of the body of the guitar (the side that faces left) seems somehow weird ... too shiny i think
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holy shit, this is going in the favorites, superb work mate! its personal with axes.
‾‾‾&#8 254;‾‾‾
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Great, like a photography!!!
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DOOD..oh my god. you sure thats not a foto? AAAAAH
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This is very awesome, (wish it coulda been a real guitar, like a wine red Gibson SG :-) (Smile) ) I tried this once in lightwave, jus didnt have the tallent to pull it off, nice job! Looks incredibly realistic.
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How awesome is this!

Great work mate, you should be proud
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