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Ch6: The last farewell and a revelation!

"Thank you my horrors!" Ryan called to the wind. "Thomas, now is the time!"
The skies grew blood red, thunder struck through, and lightening pierced the ground at unsuspecting locations; the Armageddon was coming and we have to stop it!

"Oh shoot!" Tracey and Logan gaped in horror.
Nick and Spider-man had no comments. There were hundreds of them, and the horrors were in the front! We were all being blown around by the gaining winds and we were exhausted.
"Fresh forces! Meet my friends and your worst Nightmares! This is what you may face in the days of my rein if I don't kill you all first!" Ryan howled as he commanded the forces to line in front of his bodyguards.
"Let’s get readdddyy to Rumble!!" Batista was fired up, trying to get us fired up as well, cause the bad boys were coming!
"Spring-Ford! Charrrrrgggeee!" Billy roared running blade in hand.
Logan, Drew, Batista, Undertaker, and Collusus followed.
I peered back at the crowd worried for them. "Taylor don’t worry about us kiddo, we will hold the line, get to Thomas, free him and end this task!" Mr.Siggins and Mr.Reigner yelled over the gathering storm and armies charging noise.

I nodded and headed in the direction of our forces.
"Uh 8 foot Razzore demon at your 12!" Tracey yelped pointing towards a spinning bladed hand demon coming our way!
“I got him!" I whipped my chain around him and latched it onto his sharp armor. He roared and flung my away!
“Alright tough guy, you want demons I’ll give ya a demon!" I summoned the Rider as I grabbed the steel chain once again.
I other enemies were close to our line! We had to get a miracle! I continued to play tug of war with blades here.
"Come here!" The Rider hissed.
I pulled even harder, "get over here!"ed.
"You’re really ticking me off man, and that's not a good idea!" The Rider growl
"No! Fine ok......I giiiivvveeee!" I spun the chain around taking care of him and the front line of demons!
There was one of our many miracles today.

"Well that certainly puts a wedge in their forces. Remind me to never tick you off Rider." Logan chuckled.
"Sure" I transformed back and was about to draw my sword to run into combat until I heard yelps of horror ring in my ears from the crowd!
"HAHAHA!" Freddie's spirit was trying to possess someone from the crowd!
"Oh shoot!" I bolted in their direction, ignoring my injured leg when it tripped me up occasionally on the rough terrain.
"YES!" Freddie sounded accomplished as Ryan laughed demonically obviously observing what was happening to us thanks to his horrors, and he did not seem to worried about the rest of us trying to fend off his demon army.

    "Oh nooooooo!" it was Genes voice.
Freddie has taken over Gene, but not without Gene putting forth a fight!
"Hey charcoal face let my role model go! Why not face us all like a man?" I approached as the audience parted so that we were in the center of a half circle of onlookers.
"Hmmm you kids are in no position to demand us horrors. We are just scratching the surface of the powers we hold!" Freddie started to pace in circles, I followed for now.
He scowled as Gene's eye color returned to normal, he was fighting for control!
"Gah, humans-" Then Freddie also possessed Nick too!
"Yes, we can split our spirits into as many pieces as we desire, I thought I would clarify due to the dumbfounded looks upon all of your faces"
Freddie grabbed a sword and lunged at my friends! I reacted and defended with my blade. He advanced in my direction soon after ,and swiped me in the shoulder. I attempted to strike him but he dodged the blade and took a shot at my knees!
"Urrrga!" I sort of yelped as the band members tried to surround our possessed pals.
I dropped to the earth. I looked around at my friends wondering how we would save them from Freddie without harming them.
Freddie continued his torment of us, starting with the one on the ground.
"So you idolize them?" he pointed at my role models such as family, friends, or famous people among the crowd.
"Yea you got a problem with that Freddie?"
"They all inspire me in their own ways to be the best I can be, to never give up when the going gets tough. All of which I will use to beat you and get everyone out of this safely"
He took his blade and stabbed me straight through the leg! He signaled to Ryan, who stopped his demon forces so they all could watch the main event, us! The rest of our heroes rushed to our aid but stopped in their tracks thanks to Nick, they could only join the crowd to watch how this all pans out.
"Nick snap out of it!" Drew was handling Nick as he launched his chain at her, and they connected in a brawl. Drew was losing because she did not want to hurt him, we had to think of something, and think fast!

"Dang this just gets harder and harder!" Tracey pointed out.
Everyone nodded in agreement. The rest of KISS tried to help their friend break free.
"Let Gene and Nick go Fred" Paul asked.
"Never!" Freddie's voice snarled as he caught me as I tried to crawl away from him! "Not so fast young one, I'm not done here, I'm fighting for controls so I might as well make it count!"
He proceeded to punch me in the ribs. It was getting harder and harder to breathe as he collapsed my ribs. Undertaker, Batista, and Sting grabbed Gene to stop the onslaught. I could hardly see those around me as I rolled on the tattered grass in pain, I was staining the ground blood red as Drew was dropped right next to me, Freddie was winning!
Undertaker drug us over to the crowd but Freddie was not done, he grabbed my leg and started a game of tug-of-war with me.
"Let us all go Fred you are making it worse for you!" Dave tried helping Undertaker.
"No your her role models, and you all shall fail just like her!"
Nick took a cheap kick at my exposed ribs and threw Drew on top of me, he was going to continue until Mr.Siggins and Mr.Reigner grabbed his arms and restrained him.
"Freddie how about you pick on someone your own size for a change?" my principals stood up to him. Freddie is a little shorter than the taller Mr.Siggins ,but hey, you get the point.
"Foolish mortals! The horrors have all the cards."
My uncle Dominic lost it, he wanted in on the action, he wanted to help! He shoved his way through to Nick and flew at our possessed friend; he tackled him to the ground and used Nick’s chain against him! Freddie reacted and socked my role models in the jaw, which was the last straw for me as I flailed free from his grip and I let Undertaker spin me onto his shoulders as I jumped off them soon after taking Freddie/Gene down! We both exchanged blows on the ground kicking up dirt in the process, the crowd was cheering me on yet they were also keeping an eye on Ryan and his frozen forces, why was he just watching?

   I was just trying to keep Gene down ,and I was trying to use my Rider powers to pull Freddie’s spirit out of my role model. One thing I did learn however was that Gene did have a mean left hook, when aimed right, but I could tell 'The Demon' was trying to help me weaken Freddie from the inside! Freddie grabbed his black blade and stabbed me in the ribs!
"Taylor, I'm so sorry!" Gene's real voice came out.
"Grrrr It's ok......" I slammed my fists on the ground out of pain.
Undertaker advanced but Freddie kept everyone at bay with that poison blade.
"The phenomenal Phenom! I would be sorry to have her as a fan!" Freddie addressed all my role models.

Megadeth, Alice, and Ozzy moved in too, even through the agony I smiled to see that we all would risk our lives for one another.
"Have...some respect...for my role models!" I stammered, spitting out blood and attempting to stand.
"Hahahaha simple minded middleschooler!" he put me in an arm bar.
I growled as I used my free hand to try to free me! I transformed that hand into the Riders and I put it in Genes face, then I summoned Freddie’s spirit loose- but he was fighting my pull! Nick struggled against the weight of my uncle as the rest of my friends flooded over to us!
"Hmmmmm I'm not done with Gene, but I cannot have Nick too, see ya's soon kids!" Gene's real voice and eyes faltered through in a last ditch effort but Freddie took him away, disappearing somewhere! I flopped onto the ground, eating dirt because of it.
"Gene!" we all cried.
To my dismay tears started down my grimy face as I struggled to stand on one good leg only to fall again. Drew came over and hugged me as everyone else joined us.
"Don't worry Taylor, we will get him back, after this task we will find him." Dave and Ozzy and Paul promised.
Eric, John, Undertaker, and Batista wrapped up my leg and Drew’s arm. Mr.Siggins and Mr.Reigner supported me on their shoulders as we all stood to try to catch our breath.
"Task after task, this is Ryan’s plan" Tia said.
"What to drive us insane?" Tracey screeched.
"Basically" Iron Man answered gravely.

"Ryan! Get you puny butt over here this minute and face us like a MAN!" Tracey roared in his direction, she was losing her cool every minute.
"Blondie you will be the next to fall" Ryan sneered.
"Tracey was ready to charge at him like a bull seeing red but Undertaker, John Cena, and Batista restrained her.
'Let me at 'em, let me at em!" she failed and tried to run but they had her shirt caught!
"Okay it’s our turn to fight back!" Logan told us.
Our group of fighters nodded as the rest of the 'second frontline' stood in front of the crowd. Our Hellcycles were called as Ryan ordered a charge seeing as we were getting a second wind.
"My turn!" I stared determined at my target- Ryan!
I flared the throttle to life and sped towards the enemy forces! I was going to get Thomas back and help my friends get to the next task and get out of this alive! This was going to be my first try, I was drawing nearer so I jumped up onto the handle bars and regained my balance upon them. I drew my gun and Ozzy sword and was driven through a crowd of awestruck demons! I slashed and shot blazing bullets upon their heads until Ryan last elemental angel of Wind tripped my ride up sending me flying headfirst a few 30 feet or so, a little short of Ryan!


"Foolish girl you've failed again!" he laughed at my mud and blood smeared face.
The wind angel hurled my body into the air- his domain.
"Back to square one!" with a powerful breath he sent me crashing into my pals whom tried to catch me.
"Ugh, demons!"
"Nice try kid" Logan said.
"I think I'll stay down here for a minute to you know catch my breath" I told John Force when he offered me a hand up, so he sat next to me instead offering me words of confidence.
Looks like it's time to bring out my last weapon" Ozzy came forward with two crosses.
"These are resurrecting crosses; however they carry a little bit of everyone’s soul. Thanks to all of us going down to the Pit, usually mortals are not allowed back o the surface but when you and Drew gave up some of your souls you allowed us to be protected. These will give each of you more advanced Rider powers, thanks to all of the heart and soul in them from all of us-your friends and even your role models and family Taylor.
Drew’s and my eyes grew wide in admiration as we put on the crosses, they suddenly glowed gold and we both seemed to have more confidence!
"So if you two die, a little of us all dies with you"
"Thank you all so much, this will be the key to ending this task and ending Ryan's whole plot!" we both smiled.
"No thank you" echoed throughout all the smiling crowd.
"Okay now that all the pleasures are done let us get down to business" Logan said.
Cheers filled the air, we were back in this!
"Yo Collosus, how's yer throwin’ arm?"
"Good Logan, I guess, why?"
"Iron man, yours too?"
"Sure I assume."
"Drew, Taylor let Tony launch you two out there and you two use your crosses and a 'Hellraiser" to handle that angel and all those demons"
"Colossus will you launch me after the area is blasted and I’ll get Ryan away from Thomas, then Taylor you can go in and get yer friend" Logan told us the plan and we all agreed. The rest of the crowd stayed back to wait apprehensively and as a plan B in case something went dead wrong with our last ditch effort in this task. We all had to give 110% this is it!

Tony stepped forward, "Ready?"
"Yep, both Drew and I answered as he picked us up.
Within seconds we were flying high again! We were high altitude as I transformed into the Rider and gathered all my energy. Drew had the Wind angel trapped by her stare as I summoned 'Hellraiser' once again! Ryan's forces were ordered by Jordyn to attack, which to this day I am not too sure why.

"Ok, they are charging now, LAUNCH me!" Logan roared claws drawn as Colossus hurtled him like a bullet in Ryan's direction!
Through the fire and flames Logan landed just short of the black hearted ones location! He laughed demonically, his eyes turning to ice and the ground rattled with his rage!
"Oh shoot!" Drew and I slammed onto the ground, winded and slow to react.
"Feeble minded fool! How dare you try to attack me, I am in CONTROL!"
He snapped his fingers and the winds picked up. Thunder rattled the Earth and the skies grew blood red once again, this time it did not seem too good! The winds blew at tornado speeds and shoved me and Drew face down in the mud. The audience yelped in fear as some fell from being blown over.
"Oh no!" Drew screamed turning to see the demons turn to shards of rock that joined with the winds to create cutting weapons!
"Thomas please! STOP!" I gulped through dirt as I crawled towards the pile of cars he was standing upon.
Rock shards we cutting my arms, legs and face as I saw Drew get safe under cover.


The storm was destroying everything within its wake! I dug my hands deep into the mud to try to help me get to a walking position. Only to be blown into a car.
"Taylor! Drew!" The crowd called in horror. The forcefield only protected them so much!
I started to crawl to Thomas' form, I knew that I only had one choice in order for him to be able to rest. The winds blared past my ears deafening me until I only had tunnel vision. My Wolverine powers led me to heal a bit from the cuts the disinagrating winds produced. Everyone had to be saved so I pulled myself up to my feet and trudged to the pile of rubble he was standing on.
"Thomas Banks!" I pleaded as rain drenched us but could not seem to quench the flames.
As I trekked closer more power surged at me and shoved me back, but I dug my heels in!
"Grrrrr...Thomas break away from Ryan’s control!" I yelled shaking.
My friends stared in awe, everything seemed to move as if in slow-motion. One power surge stopped my tracks and made me falter a little but I was now face to face with him. This was something I haven't done for five years.
"Thomas" I said.
"You will die for them?" the evil hissed.
"Yes, but for you too, you and all those people I care for; the world" I stuttered.
Fire started to pick up and the licking flames came threateningly near the audience, this has been a horror show for sure!
Thomas broke through my thoughts, "Taylor, help me! Do it!"
"I'm so sorry, can you ever forgive me? For that fateful day on August 21st when I wasn’t there, I could have maybe saved you from dying somehow! But I am helpless, just like now!" I cried.
"It's ok, it was my time, and I was needed in heaven even though it was not easy by any means. I always watch over you, and you have found a few guardian angels in your family, friends, role models- teachers and principals. Like them, I am so proud of you, my friend."
"That's all I have ever wanted in life, was to hear that my role models and family were proud of me, and I’ve got that, which makes my heart soar."
"You have been given a second chance after the issues you had when you were born and still live with today. And I will not let you all die now, not as long as I can guard the light; you guys are going to win this Nightmare! My best friend!"
"Thank you" tears started staining my bloodstained face.
"No thank you, you’ve learned to be so respectful. I should thank your family and teachers and principals for that"
" I owe them all so much."
"Just keep doing what you are doing and never give up. That never was you, my friend you are a fighter and part of me lives through you and your memory, so even though I died before my life got started ,per say, I’m living through you and your memories. Now’s the time, I’m ready to go back." the evil was trying to take back control.
"I’m sorry for what the evil has caused"
I grabbed him for one last hug and the last time I saw him alive because I summoned my claws and set him free from the vile spirit of Ryan possessing him. He was dead but saved.
"Noooooo!" I cried.
One final power surge sent Thomas' body and I flying. We crashed into a pile of demolished cars behind the crowd and his body landed ahead of me. The audience was crying, and some were speechless, even my uncle and Tracey! I crawled slowly and painfully to his body, and with every movement pain surged through my body and heart. Memories of him flooded my mind and made me cry even more. I finally reached his body after what seemed to be an eternity even though it was only mere minutes.

"Taylor" the crowd, my friends all approached us.
"Come on be okay!" Dave and Paul both pleaded what was on everyone’s mind.
I felt some people lightly lift me.


I peered through blood, sweat, and tears to see Alice, Ozzy, Sharon, all my teachers, Drew, Billy, Tyler, KISS, Megadeth, the wrestlers, John Force, the heroes, and all of my other friends or role models surround us. Through the choking smoke billowing from the dying flames Thomas' body disappeared, I hope he would not be used anymore he deserved to rest. Mr.Siggins and Mr.Reigner sat me up to a vertical base.
"Taylor, I know it must hurt immensely right now but know we are all here for each other" Paul, Dave, and Howie all said.
I started shaking as my principals put their arms over my shoulders to try to calm me.
"They are going to pay for all of this" Drew vowed as she hugged me.
"Yeah you are right, Drew" I said, finally gathering myself to a somewhat normal composure.
Everyone’s eyes showed full of grief and pain.
"Right, um, now what?" Tracey piped up.
Just then her question was answered as I was pulled by a force that separated me from my friends! Everything went black as stars glittered in the now calm sky. I rose wondering if this was real or just another horror trick? I had to get back to my friends, to get past the next task! I had to get Gene back! Headstones stood all around at different angles. They were all surrounded by a bluish haze.
"My friend", I turned to see a starry form of Thomas!
"Thomas? Or another twist of my imagination?" I was wary.
"hmmm, no it's me for real." He smiled his classic smile.
"I thought I would never see you again after that confrontation a little while back there."
" I know, but I'm here to say you all are doing great. But you all have to win and save the world no matter what the cost," he warned.
Suddenly, then he vanished!

"Thomas!" I hollered getting nervous.
My surroundings were growing darker as if they were going to engulf me!
"Urg, not again, this is becoming a bad habit" I started pacing wondering how I was going to get out of this abyss!
"Ha Ha Ha Ha.....foolish child!" Freddie's voice echoed.
"What did you do?" I echoed back.



A zoomed in view of his face appeared where the sky was supposed to be!
"Really? This view is not what I wanted to see after all of this!" I was trying to add humor to this tension.
"Very comical twerp. I am ordering you to ride to the cemetery and get the contract of black souls. Then bring it back here and relinquish it to me!" he demanded.
"No we won't ride for you! Get someone else to be your slaves." I retorted.
"Well, you both are under the contract of the Gallows ,remember?" he reminded me.
"Still, we are not dumb. You will get the contract and then gain more power to destroy us all, won't you?" I inquired.
"So you just don't get Honor roll for attending school, you actually do think" he sneered and teased.
He disappeared into a black hole, he said what he had to say. But he showed visions of my past of when Thomas died, my parents arguing, and my dealing with physical therapy. All of the visions were things I tried so hard to forget as I looked away. Too late, it was in my mind causing me to shake in mental pain. I yelled in horror trying to cover my face as I started to cry again. I was slowly breaking down, hearing and reliving everything Freddie strategically chose- my horrors. I was trying to picture happy thoughts; my role models, friends, and family but I was curled into a ball, horrified. Suddenly everything was gone and everyone was gaping in astonishment at what they had witnessed and what they saw of me now, I did not look like a hero anymore no matter how hard I tried to gather myself to help them again! Everyone circled me; Dave and a few of my teachers sat me up and calmed me down.
"Drew..Nick...Undertaker ride to.....the" I stuttered but was cut off.
"The Cemetery" they all finished.
"Yeah" I sighed.


Drew, Nick, and I whistled to summon our rides. They sped up to our sides as we stood next to them gathering our weapons. I whipped my chain around my shoulder and torso diagonally, I also put my Ozzy blade and shotgun under it so they stayed still. Drew got her sword and daggers from the ground. We mounted our bikes as the forcefield grew stronger to be able to allow the audience to follow as usual.

"Let's ride!" I yelled starting my bike and transforming into the Soul Rider.
Drew and Nick followed suit. Undertaker mounted his bike, he was going to ride alongside of us. We nodded to him, our empty eye sockets could not show how much we were grateful for our friends help! We all sped off to the town cemetery down the street. We all arrived in mere minutes and trudged to the mausoleum. The location seemed vacant as well as deserted but everyone noticed the faint sound of rustling leaves as we turned around to investigate we saw a black figure coming toward us!
Now seeing something like that in a dark cemetery put every person on edge, yet we were all ready to fight if this was another task to overcome. However the figure put up his hands as if in a sign of peace as we saw who it was, Caretaker! A sigh of relief passed through our crowd.
"Welcome, ya'll to my homestead" he smiled.
"Thank you Caretaker"
"What can I do for you guys?" he continued curious.
"Caretaker, we need the contract of Black Souls" Drew answered as we transformed back to human.
He did not answer too quickly.
"Where is it? We cannot end this Nightmare without it" I pleaded for him to assist us.
Just then Drew grabbed the shovel from his rough hands.
"We will just have to dig this whole place up ourselves to find it then" she rushed.
He stopped her before she progressed any further, "It's not out there kids." As he took the shovel back and broke it in half to reveal the contract inside!
I stuck my hand out to grab it but he pulled it away to my dismay.
"The contract of Black Souls will bring the end to all of Earth" he warned.
"You have to trust us, to win" I replied.
"Why is that exactly?"
"He may have our souls under a deal but he can't take away our hearts" this was my last try to persuade, if this did not work we were doomed!
"Well said kiddo" my principals agreed.
Caretaker seemed convinced that we would take care of the contract he guarded from the Devil for his whole life and he handed that trust over to me.

When Drew and I grabbed it pain shot through our arms. I took out my Ozzy 'Black Rain'CD and put it in the book and closed the lid. Drew smiled understanding why I did that.
"Why'd you do that?" Caretaker questioned.
"To protect it" was my reply.

"Well, the school is a ride from here; we had better get a move on to meet yer next task" he said.
"We?" all of us sanding around him said at once.
He nodded, whistled for his ride as a horse appeared. Then he transformed into the Rider!
"Well, wasn't expecting that one!" Mr.Hillegas commented.
He chuckled, "I have one last ride to take care of."
"Well, can he keep up?" Tracey asked the horse for some odd reason.
It transformed into a fiery steed as it kicked up dirt! Tracey nearly jumped out of her skin in terror.
"Then, let's ride" Drew yelled as we transformed and roared our Hellcycles to life!


What a sight it was to see three Riders upon flaming cycles, one on a horse, and the Undertaker on his sleek black Harley with a forcefielded crowd following us to a school! The skies were crimson red, lightning and thunder crashed overhead. We all finally arrived in the school's front parking lot. The Rider turned human as Caretaker turned to face us.
"Stick to the shadows they will be your best asset to use the Rider and speed" he told Tyler, Billy, Drew, all the heroes, and I to do.
"Aren't you coming with?" Drew questioned.
"No, this is my last ride because I only one chance to redeem myself for the world and I saved it for this occasion."
The mood grew more somber at the thought of losing another friend.
"Now I can only hope that heaven can see me to be a honorable man, see me fit to let my soul rest, after all my years of guarding that terror of a contract. I know I have made bad choices but I hope this'll change it all. You guys will beat those horrors and win, I know it!"
"Thanks" I smiled.
"No thank you little one, for showing me that anyone can change for the greater good." he ruffled my already messed up hair, smiling.
"Oh yeah, 'Taker watch your friends here well for me"
"Will do!" Undertaker said putting his arms over me and Drew.
"Ozzy, stay crazy" Ozzy nodded.
"KISS you'll get Gene back, he's fighting hem as we speak I'm sure. Megadeth and Alice keep rockin'. John keep racing and Howie keep up the awesome work"
"We will, we promise" they all promised.
"One last thing", he turned to my teachers and principals. "Keep teaching these kids to never give up, you've got my respect" he shook hands with all of them.
"Thank you sir" Mr.Siggins and Mr.Reigner said farewells, "We will."

Caretaker nodded satisfied that he left the future in good hands. He mounted his horse and rode away into the darkness.
"Rest.In.Peace" I said.
A new light of determination glowed in everyone's tired eyes. We all entered the 7th grade center and ran into Freddie and his rag tag gang of horrors.
"Give us the contract now kid" he demanded.
"We don't have it" Tia lied.
"Yes we do, it's in Taylor's Ozzy CD!" Tracey called from next to Tia accidentally.
The look on her face was one of pure terror at what she realized she had done as we all held our breath!
"Oh,then we'll get it from you one way or another" Freddie smirked vanishing with the rest of his gang.

"Sorry" Tracey apologized very embarrassed.
"That's okay, we'll set traps and protect our house!" I hugged my sister.
"Who's with us? Let's run those horrors back down to the Pit!" Drew asked everyone present.
The whole audience cheered in agreement!


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I've been drawing since kindergarten and hope to become an art teacher as well as an author. Writing a book series now (The worlds Heroes) hope to get it published some day :)

Favourite genre of music: Metal/ Old school /Rock
Favourite style of art: Ink, pencil, some painting
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Yu-gi-oh, pokemon, avatar, ghost rider, the crow
Personal Quote: "Welcome to Primetime!"



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